Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Toy and More

Master is keeping me busy today with topics to write, and honestly I'm enjoying it. (Sorry if I blow up everyone's feed!)

I have three things to cover in this post.

1: "What is your favorite toy?"

2: "What toy would you like in the future?"

3: "What is one experience you'd like to have that you have not yet had?"

Alright! So lets of course start with numero uno (That's "number one" in Spanish). =P

What is your favorite toy?

Out of the collection of toys I have so far, I'd have to say that my most loved toy at this point would be a tie between my glass dildo, and the cane that was a gift to us from Angel and Panda.

This thing is not only beautiful but it blows my mind it the most awesome ways possible. It's the sturdiest toy I think I will ever own, and the sensations are off the charts. I seriously recommend this to anyone, man or woman. The rounded ridges are smooth and it really helps to get things heated up in the bed room. It's a bit versatile too, as you can use it cold or warm by simply placing it in the freezer, or letting it sit in warm water for a while. (I prefer cold as it gets endorphin's rushing through me better due to the sensation).  

The bamboo cane, however, is a different story in and of itself. I love pain to a somewhat high degree, even if it's making me cry. This thing can and DOES make me cry, and I love it. I get basically two-in-one with this and really it's not a toy, it's more used as punishment, but there have been times we have used this for play time. The stinging sensation I get when hit with this is pretty intense if swung right and hard enough. Plus it leaves really pretty red marks too. (Yes, that is my bottom on my fl profile). 

This jewel was actually hand crafted by our friend Panda, and was given as a gift. Pretty damn awesome of a gift if I say so myself. =)

 What toy would you like in the future?

This one I've had to pause to think on for a little bit, cause I typically act on impulse when it comes to buying toys. I see it, I want it. I have been lusting over this item for a couple of years now, though... The Hitachi Wand! I have a few friends who have one, and I've heard nothing but good reviews on the item. I know, I know. It's meant for massages, but really, you're reading a kinky girl's blog. Of course I'm going to use it for other reasons. Haha If only I could get my hands on one of these. I should really save up the money. It's not that expensive.... >.>

What is one experience you'd like to have that you have not yet had?

Okay.. this one is fairly easy, and it involves the item listed above! What I would REALLY love is to pretty much have my very own scene that is some-what similar to some scenes on where girls are tortured and fucked silly. Yes people, this is going to get graphic.

Basically the scene goes like this: I'm tied to a table of some sort with rope that is spreading my legs far apart for easy access. My arms are also tied down, so there is literally no way for me to resist. A gag in my mouth would also be nice. I'd like for it to start off with a little bit of wax play, in which hot wax is poured all over my body, including my cunt (not tried that yet) and I'm sent into a squirming fit of pleasure. 

After a nice pile of wax has built up on my body, next comes the really fun part in which the Hitachi wand is brought out and placed against my cunt at it's highest setting. Now would probably be the best time to take advantage of my hyper-sensitive pierced nipples and pinch them hard and pull and what-not. Being slapped on the face a little bit here and there, and being told things like "You're a filthy slut, aren't you?" would also be highly appreciated. (Degradation is pretty nice, if you're into that sort of thing).

What would be nice is if I were completely denied of being fucked by Master's cock. It's the number one goal I have when getting involved with Master, sexually, and I know if I were denied it completely, even not allowed to suck on it, it would probably drive me nuts. No.. not, probably. It WOULD drive me nuts. Being forced to orgasm over and over, relentlessly till I passed out from exhaustion, all the while being smacked around and hit with a whip or stingy flogger of a sort.

Yeah. yeah that would be very nice... *happy smile*

Sounds like it may be somewhat on the intense side for me, if done properly. Which I would very much adore. (Hey Master.. I know you read my posts. HINT!!! HINT~!!!!! I love you).

So yeah, that about sums it all up for me on this. ^.^ 

What all would you like to experience that you haven't experienced yet? 



  1. A lot of the things that I'd like to, but haven't, experienced fall under the category of "roleplay" or "really rough" play...

    What's mostly been on my mind recently, though, was something I saw in a porn the other day...

    I really love to struggle and be treated harshly..In the movie, the girl kept trying to struggle or fight or get away, and the guy kept throwing her down on the mattress in the middle of the room. He gagged her with her own panties, dragged her by her hair, and continued to fight and struggle with her until she tired herself out and couldn't resist anymore...

    I'd love to do something like that, and I'm hoping I'll get a chance while we have no neighbors...^_^

  2. That.. sounds hot. Master and I have actually done something KIND of like that before, but not that extreme. He eventually got nice and let me have a slight advantage. XD

    Seriously, that is hot... Hopefully you'll get to try it, and I'm sure you'll have fun. ^.^ Best wishes!