Friday, January 4, 2013

A Kinky Afternoon

In my last post I mentioned that I was one post away from my 200th post and wanted to do something a little special to celebrate it. A follower mentioned listing off some of my all time favorite posts and I wasn't sure if they meant from my blog, or other blogs, but I'm going to do both. 

More of that later though, as I have other fun things for this post as well!

Master and I have the house to ourselves today, so we took the time to have a little bit of fun. We decided to have our fun in the living room for a change, despite me not feeling too comfortable with that. We both undressed and Master positioned me on the coffee table so that I was on all fours and my ass was sticking up in the air. Master had brought the kink bag back into the house so it was already sitting there waiting for the items inside to be put to use.

Master had set out one of my plugs, the body wand, four zip ties, my purple wrist cuffs, the camera, lube, the red ball gag, rope, and (strangely enough) the N64 console and controllers. Not going to lie, I was a little confused and thrown off by the console, but Master always has a plan and He explained to me what He had in mind.

At first, I didn't quite understand His intentions, but as always I am willing to try something new. Master walked over to the table where everything was set out and grabbed the plug and the lube. He stood behind me and after lubing up the plug slowly inserted it into my ass. It was a tight fit at first, but as always my body adjusted and I barely noticed it was in there. 

Next, Master took the ball gag and shoved it into my mouth and tightened it so that it couldn't fall out. I immediately felt my saliva starting to pool behind the ball and I felt my senses dulling. The feeling of being stuffed in almost every hole is highly appealing to me, and causes my mind to get fuzzy. Following this was Master putting the zip ties around my wrists and ankles in a way that bound them together so that mobility was a tad difficult for me.

The rest seems a little silly, but Master wrapped the cords of the controllers around my wrists and feet so that it was even harder to move and balanced the controller around my ankles on my feet. He ordered me to stay still so it wouldn't fall off, and that is when I heard the distinct sound of the shutter on my camera. I'm not sure why, but every time He starts taking photos of me, I always get more turned on. I know He's watching me through the camera and He's scanning my body with it. Making love to me with only His eyes and silently claiming His property all over again.

He walked around me, taking photo's at His will and occasionally grinning at me as I looked at Him, unable to speak a word due to the gag in my mouth. Once He was finished taking pictures He fell completely silent. I should have known He was up to something, but it didn't register in my mind. My brain was cloudy from what little attention I had already received and cognitive thought processes were beyond me at this point. 

With no warning I felt something big and round up against my cunt. Before I could even process what it might have been, there was a click and then the strong vibrations began. Master had the body wand pressed against my cunt where my clit was and was rubbing it up and down. Immediately my hips started moving and I was involuntarily grinding up against it as small moans escaped past the ball gag. 

I could hear what sounded like Master slightly laugh and then He fell quiet again. This continued for a few minutes before He turned it off and took the bindings off my ankles and wrists. He replaced the zip ties with my purple cuffs on my wrists and ordered me onto the floor. He had me press my face against the floor and pull my arms beneath me so that my hands were sticking out between my legs, my ass in the air, and my only bit of support was on my shoulders and my face. 

He tied the rope through the D-rings on my cuffs and tied the body wand to it as well. He turned the wand back on and lifted the rope so that the wand was now pressed against my cunt again, and my arms were being pulled further down beneath me, causing me to be pushed more into the floor. Sadly I couldn't withstand this position for very long, but it was fun to finally try it, and I believe we will be attempting this more often in the future.

After untying me, Master had me get back on the table on all fours so He start beating my ass with the crop. Each time the crop landed on one of my cheeks, I could feel the vibrations hit the plug in my ass and I could feel it vibrate within me. It was an odd feeling, but one I highly enjoyed. As I was taking a beating, I noticed the drool pouring out from around the gag and I could feel myself getting extremely wet from all the excitement. 

Master brought the wand back up to my cunt and turned it on full blast, sending vibrations throughout my cunt and traveling all the way to my thighs. I squirmed beneath Him, trying to move away, but He firmly pressed His hand against the small of my back and held me still. He rubbed it hard against my clit until I felt near orgasm and stopped. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head up so I could look at Him.

"You love being my personal slut. Don't you?"

I nodded my head and muffled a "Mhmm" to Him.

"You love pleasing me and serving me, don't you? You just love being my little bitch, and you love it when I degrade you. You love it when I use you like the fuck toy you are, don't you?"

I nodded my head again.

"You love my cock and if it weren't for that ball gag I bet you'd have it in your mouth, sucking on it and pleasing me as best you could. Wouldn't you, slut?"

I eagerly nodded my head, all the while staring at Master's erect cock that was only inches away from my face. I honestly have not wanted to suck on His cock as bad as what I did in that moment. The mere fact that He was teasing me and torturing me, not allowing me His cock was sending my cravings for Him ablaze. 

"Well that's just too bad." *Smack* His hand came crashing down on my ass with a hard blow that lurched me forward. And then another smack, and another. I have no idea how many times He spanked my ass. All I knew was that I was in a complete daze and I wanted His cock.

"I have been pleasing you all this time, but now I think it's my turn. Don't you?"

He slowly pulled the plug out of me and set it to the side. He took the gag out of my mouth and ordered me back onto the floor. Master positioned Himself between my legs and pushed Himself deep into me. There was no pain, only that distinct fullness of having His cock in me. 

As He fucked His personal hole, He never once took His eyes off of me. Watching every expression that ran across my face, staring into me eyes as He made me cum for Him. He watched every little bit of me as He took me and made me His cum whore all over again. 

It was almost chilling to the bone to see Him locked onto me so well. Not once letting me leave His gaze. I could feel His dominance pouring out of Him and taking control of me. I only wish moments like this wouldn't end as fast as they do.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and fast heart rates trying to cool down, He helped me off of the floor and we went about our usual business of cleaning ourselves up and the "mess" we've made around us. As I was cleaning the toys we used, I couldn't help but smile to myself. We hardly get to have days like this, but when we do, it's always something amazing and unforgettable. 

But this experience isn't the only thing I have in store for you all today. As requested by a follower, I'm going to list off my all time favorite posts. 5 of my very own posts, and 5 blogs I follow. These are in no particular order, just as they come to my mind. 

If I don't post your blog, do not take it personal. I have a ton of blogs I read and it's hard for me to remember all of them. Besides, I will be starting my own "Follow Friday" posts so there is a chance that if yours is not posted in this one, then it will be posted in a future post of mine.

I hope you enjoy these posts and blogs as much as I do. ♥

My Top 5 Favorite Posts From My Blog

Submission Is Not Negative - This one is a personal favorite because I voice in my own words why I feel that my submission towards Master is not something that should be considered negative. I have heard to many times in the past of people putting me down, or others, because of their relationship and lifestyle choices. This was my way of taking a stand.

Anal Training Begins - I think this is a personal favorite because Master and I finally commit to the long talked about anal training we have both been wanting to experience. Plus, I feel like this is a pretty hot post and it deserves a little extra attention. ;D

Evolution - This one is definitely a big favorite of mine as I talk about how I feel my submission deepening for Master and I learn that it is okay to submit my whole being to Him. Submitting has never been an easy thing for me, and it is something I have struggled with off and on in our relationship. To know that I have become more comfortable with that aspect of my life really made a difference in me.

Facing My Fears - In this particular post, I face what would seem like a silly fear to others. My fear of the dark. In this I briefly mention my fear of abandonment as well and this definitely carries over into my fear of the dark. Master helps me work through what was a psychologically frightening experience for me, and it gives me a little more confidence in myself and my relationship with Master.

Positive Reinforcement  - This post is about how I was assigned a simple task from Master and how His compliments and positive attitude towards me and how I completed my task really set forth a more positive version of me. I have always been a person who's love language consists of Words of Affirmation, so to get a little praise now and then means more to me than I can explain.

My Top 5 Favorite Blogs I Follow

Master Dream's precious treasure - She is by far one of the most blunt and open people I know and follow. She never seems to be hesitant to answer a question and she definitely has an interesting personality. There is never a dull moment when reading her blog. 

Fondlers Anonymous - I've only recently started following her blog, but I absolutely love the experiences she shares. She has some amazingly hot posts on her blog. I definitely recommend checking her out.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife - She's another one that I haven't been following for too long, but I really love what she has to say about sex. She seems very sex positive and is very open with herself and others. She also has a "Follow Friday" that she is really great about keeping up with and shares lots of other great blogs that one could check out.

Exploring Surrender  - This girl has writing talent, in my opinion. The way she speaks her mind is easy to relate and she has great description in what she writes. She's also another fellow member of Cock Worshipping Subs and it's pretty fun to read her take on cock sucking. 

Owned, Collared, Loved - Last, but certainly not least, is my best friend's blog. (I'd be silly to leave her off this list). This girl is one tough cookie and overcome more obstacles in her life than anyone else I can think of. It's always fun to watch her grow more and more with each post and she is definitely a beautiful soul to behold. I know most of my followers probably already read her blog, but if by chance you don't, you really should check her out and see what she has to offer. Plus she posts some pretty sexy pictures. Just saying. ;D

So this is it! My big 200th post! I hope you all have enjoyed this and I hope I have introduced you all to blogs that you will come to enjoy as much as I do. Thank you to everyone for your support and have a nice weekend!



  1. Oh what a lovely scene report! To have so much time just to play.... mmmm.

    And awesome photos, too! (brave, lovely girl)

    Thank you for the incredible compliments, too!

    1. Thank you! And it was my pleasure. ^.^

  2. Sounds like a great day! Ill check out the blogs too.