Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend has been nothing short of incredible. I'm not even sure where exactly I can start... I guess this all began Saturday afternoon while we were at Carter Caves exploring the X Cave with a tour guide and a group of people. At the beginning of the tour we were kind of in a corner where our backs where against the cave wall when suddenly I felt a familiar hand grasping my ass and squeezing it tight. I knew it was Master, and though and I wanted to sway my hips and move myself against him, I stayed straight faced and acted as if nothing was going on so no one would notice.

Later on in the tour, I knew what was going to happen. At some point during a cave tour, the guide turns out all of the light and in knowing that, I knew Master was going to take full advantage of the situation. Sure enough when the tour guide mentioned he was about to turn off the lights, Master leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Move your arms to your side. I'm going grope you so much. You need to stand still and not make any noise. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master." I quietly whispered back to Him.

As soon as the lights went off I felt His hands all over me. Grasping my ass and breasts. I felt him lean in and gently bite on my collar bone. It took every bit of energy to not moan out in pleasure. Before I knew it the moment was over and the lights were back on again. It was a nice little treat to experience, but little did I know that that was just an appetizer for the main course we were about to experience as soon as we would get home...

Upon arriving back at Master's place, not a whole lot was going on. There was some minor groping going on between us on the car ride home, but nothing too terribly serious. We had a small dinner and after our stomachs settled we moved up to His room where it was quiet and calm. I had turned on the Pandora app on Masters phone and we started listening to the music while lying next to each other on the bed. 

I was so relaxed that we finally had a quiet moment with one another. I leaned in for a kiss and pulled Master close to me. His lips were so soft, like they always are, and our kisses went from soft and teasing to hard and passionate ones. Master had climbed on top of me and was holding me down as we kissed. I'm not sure when, but at some point His shirt came off and mine was being pushed up and over my breasts. 

I stopped Master and looked into His eyes "Master... I really do want to have sex with you, but can we please just keep it simple right now? I've missed your touch so much and I need that right now."

"Sure thing, Anastassia."

Master rolled over onto His back as I climbed up between His legs, kissing his stomach tenderly, trailing my lips from His stomach to His chest. I slowly made my way up till I was straddling Him, feeling His hard cock through our jeans pressed against my cunt.

Low moans escaped His throat as I showered Him with kisses. I vaguely remember hearing music at the time, as all that mattered in the moment was Him and myself. I felt my inhibitions fade as we continued our kissing and touching. At some point I was pinned on my back beneath Him and He started biting on my collar bone. With my nails digging into His back, I felt something in Master change. 

Something seemed different....

The energy between us was so charged and strong, I felt as if we were both about to explode. Master lifted Himself off of me and looked me directly in the eyes. In that moment, I knew something inside Him had triggered. A deeper, darker side of Him that I had always hoped I would some day see. I saw nothing but pure lust and desire in His eyes. A look that was haunting to me and sent shivers throughout my entire being. In that moment... if there was any shred of doubt, I knew I was His and His only.

"Anastassia... I need you. I need to be inside of you. I need to take you here and now. I feel like if we don't stop this, I won't be able to control myself."

I remained silent, pulling Him back down to me to kiss Him more. Grinding my body against His, aching for more of this attention I have craved for so long. He kissed me hard and immediately started biting me again. Biting into my neck till it actually hurt and I thought He would break the skin.

"Show me, Master." I pleaded through the tears now welling up in my eyes. "Show me this side of you. Give me your all."

"I'm afraid I might hurt you...."

As if to say 'I don't care' I pulled Him back to me and kissed Him some more, dragging my nails down His back and scratching Him up. He responded with more biting and in one quick motion was literally ripping my pants off of me. I struggled to keep them on, but my strength was no match to His as He pulled them over my knees and placed my legs on His shoulders. 

His eyes were dark and almost menacing and the Master I once knew who always put my needs and desires first was long gone. All that was left was His wants and needs. He wanted to take me, possibly even hurt me in the process. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting off on it either.

I felt His fingers gently glide over the lips of cunt, just on top, coaxing my hips to move so that His fingers would be inserted in me. He kept His hand steady, however, so that wouldn't happen. His face gleaming with a devilish smile as He teased me between my legs. Gradually He slipped a finger inside of me all the way to His knuckle. Then a second finger. He pumped His fingers in and out of me as fast as He could go, bringing more tears to my eyes. It was overwhelming, the energy between us, and what He was doing to me.

Quickly, He took His fingers away and got off the bed. "Get up." He half growled at me. Willing to obey His every command, I did. I stood up in front of Him with the bed behind me. He leaned His face in, inching closer and closer till our lips barely touched, when suddenly He grabbed a fistful of my hair and gripped it hard, quickly turning me to face the bed and forcing my face against the sheets. He was pressing me down as hard as He could.

"I must have you now, my slut." He growled into my ear, "I don't care if it hurts you, and I don't care if you're not ready. I'm going to fuck you because I can." And with that I felt His cock ram deep into my cunt, setting me ablaze as I stifled a whimper. He thrust His hips as hard and as fast as He could into me, all the while holding me down by my head. He pulled Himself out of me and faced me toward Him again.

"On your knees. Suck on it." He motioned to His cock, soaked in my juices. Eagerly, I dropped to my knees and took all of Him into my mouth. It was strange. Usually I never like how I taste, but that night? I loved it. I reveled in the fact that this was happening and that He was forcing me to suck His cock while covered in my own fluids. It tasted heavenly to me.

I let His cock out of my mouth only for a moment to speak "I love the way I taste on you, Sir."

"Good, now get back to work." He said as He shoved His cock deep into my throat, holding my head there. I did my best not to gag on Him. After much tender sucking and licking on His cock, He forced me back onto the bed, holding me down again as He started to fuck me again with all of His might from behind. All the while of doing this, He was biting my back and shoulders, and scratching my back in the midst. My whole body was under His spell and I wasn't about to let that slip away.

I moaned into the sheets and gripped the bed as He pushed Himself deep into me and came inside of me, filling me up with His cum. It seemed like an eternity as we kept our positions with me bent over the bed and Him inside of me. Slowly, He pulled Himself out of me and bit me one last time before letting me stand back up. I was certain I would have bruises after everything that had just happened, but sadly I do not.

I'm not quite sure what happened that night between us. It's hard to really describe how He seemed so different. It was like He had turned into some sort of animal and His primal instincts took over. Whatever the case, it was something we both needed and I think it will have a lasting impression on the both of us. Even today, as I sit here and type this, I feel like a whole new person myself. I have felt more submissive to Him and more eager than ever to serve Him. My needs seem so distant now compared to His, and I love it. 

Whatever it was... it was good, and that is definitely something we truly needed.