Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Much Needed Vacation

Master and I went to Hilton Head Island, SC this week. We left Saturday morning around 4 am and arrived around 2 pm. We hadn't been back to the beach in a little over two years, so this was a nice treat. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue. Everything just felt like paradise and I felt like I was back in my own little slice of heaven again. 

Master and I didn't waste much time. We immediately unpacked and headed out to dinner at the Big Bamboo. The food there is always amazing. As soon as we were done, we went grocery shopping and then it was time to hit the beach. I was expecting the water to be cold, but instead it was pretty warm and felt great. It was already late in the evening so we didn't stay out there long.

A lot of this week was spent outside in the nice weather and at the beach. Master took me out pretty far from shore and I got to find some sand dollars in the sand. It was a lot of fun. We also got to take the boogie boards out into the ocean to ride a few waves. We caught most of our waves during low tide, so one evening Master decided to try it during high tide, and me being the type to want to experience the fun with Master, decided to do it too. 

That was a mistake. The waves were crashing harder than ever, and I couldn't keep my balance. Every time I got back on my feet, it felt like I was getting knocked back down due to the waves. Eventually I got frustrated and got out of the water and let Master try to ride some waves on His own.

One afternoon, I want to say it was Sunday, Master and I took a nap together for a couple of hours. When we woke up, I was feeling extremely masochistic and pleaded Master to beat on my ass. Master went down stairs and brought back one of our hitting implements and had me lie flat on my stomach. Repeatedly, He started hitting hitting my bottom. It felt like He was hitting me harder with each swat and in no time at all it was starting to hurt. I tried wriggling free and moving away, but He held on tight and continued beating my ass for another few minutes. 

If it weren't for the fact we were both hungry, I'm sure it would have lasted longer, but it was just enough to get into into a head space and I was a happy little slave again. Sadly, that was the only time something kinky went on while we were there, but Master did get to use me a couple of times, so that made us both very happy.

We arrived back here last night shortly before 10pm and while it is nice to be back home, it's almost bitter sweet for the two of us. I really wish I had woken up to see the ocean waves crashing on the beach again. That's okay. We had a blast while we were there, and we created more amazing memories that will last us a life time. 

I hope we can go back there again some day. 

Tomorrow, Master has the day off work, so we may get into a little bit of kinky fun. He says He has a surprise for me, so I'm excited to see where this goes. Hopefully, I can also get that video for you all that I promised. 

Hope everyone has been having a great time.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Good News and a Pleasant Weekend

Finals are finally over, and the final grades are in! Despite being hospitalized and missing a doucheload (Yes you read that right) of homework and school work, I managed to pull through and get 3 A's and 1 B (which was an 88). Not bad at all!! ^.^ I'm very proud of myself. Honestly, this quarter has been the toughest because the whole entire time I've felt like I was rushing everything. I felt like everything was so squished in and I had very little time to get it all done. It was very stressful.

Now that my grades are in, I can finally breathe again. I can rest peacefully at night knowing I still pulled through and I didn't disappoint myself or my parents. It's a very nice feeling. Surprisingly though, when I admitted this to my mom last night, she almost sounded shocked when she replied "Did you have any doubts?" It was nice to know that my mom now has high faith and trust in me that I'm always going to strive to do well in my studies and succeed on top of that. It's something I've never felt before, as I used to disappoint her and my father both with my grades back in high school. It's more than a lovely change, for sure.

Masters parents have been out of town since last Wednesday night (came home sometime last night) so we've had the house all to ourselves for nearly a week. It was perfect timing because we needed some alone time to bond more with one another and get to spend more intimate time together. I had been extremely stressed out over finals and completing the last bit of homework I'd have for the rest of this month, and I was starting to take my frustrations out on Master. (Something that never ends well). 

We didn't necessarily fight or anything, but we did have a few tiffs here and there. Like usual we worked around it, talked it out, and things went back to normal.

A lot of this week has been spent with me and Master having a lot of sex, making up for all of the times we haven't been able to recently. It's been nice. 

Friday evening Master and I finally got to go see Angel and Panda and stay the night at their new place. It was nice seeing them again. Nothing too exciting happened. We just hung out, talked, played some games, watched Pick of Destiny and went to bed after the movie. 

When we got up the next morning, Panda had not yet left for work and was suffering from a migraine, so we only stayed about an hour before we packed out things and left. It made me very happy to see them again, and to be able to cuddle Angel a little bit and exchange kisses with her here and there. ^.^ Something that was very much needed and appreciated.

Saturday was spent playing Kingdom Hearts all day with Master. I ended up falling asleep on the couch that evening due to a migraine I managed to get myself. We were going to go to a play party, but after that horrible migraine, I felt like crap and didn't really want to do much of anything. I didn't start feeling better till closer to 10 that night. The migraine had went away, but I was still feeling nauseated. 

Yesterday was spent playing Kingdom Hearts all day too. Masters parents were going to arrive sometime last night, and while I like His dad a lot, it's His mom that I really don't get along with very well anymore. So to avoid having to really talk with her, or to have her asking me to unload the camper for her (not by myself, but when she does ask me to help, she ends up giving me more of the items to take into the house while she keeps Master to the side and talk His head off). It's rather annoying. We left the house around 10 last night to take me back to my house where we cuddled and such. 

This week is going to be very full of anticipation because on Saturday morning, Master, His dad, and I are all supposed to pack up and head back to Hilton Head where we will spend nearly a week at the beach. A well deserved vacation for the three of us. 

Master and I are both kind of hoping His mom won't be able to come because every time we all take a trip somewhere, she thinks she has to plan out stuff every single day for everyone to do, and as Master said "It's our vacation too, and I'd much rather be out on the beach than shopping all week long." When it's just us with His dad we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, and it's completely relaxing. We had a lot of fun the last time we all went to the beach, so I'm sure it will be fun again. ^.^

So here is hoping that we can go to the beach this weekend for sure, and that it will be just as relaxing as the last time. I'm so excited.