Saturday, June 22, 2013

Service With a Side of Humiliation

This week has been by far one of the longest weeks I've experienced in a while. I'm going to be getting my wisdom teeth removed in a few days and I have been anxious about it. Master and I have both been feeling over worked with our jobs this week. After work, yesterday, I felt so sore and my body ached. I received a text shortly before I knew Master was to get off of work and He mentioned that He was upset and worn out. At that moment I knew what I was going to be doing this evening.

A little while later we were back at Master's place and He was helping me cook the pasta salad I planned on making for the play party we would be attending tonight. After we finished preparing everything and got some dinner in us, we retreated to the bedroom where I could finally lay out my plan. While Master was taking off His clothes, I grabbed our bottle of oil and took it to the bathroom. I closed off the sink and let hot water fill it up so I could place he bottle of oil in there to heat it up.

Patiently, I waited for time to pass by long enough for the oil to be warm. While I was waiting, Master and I lay on the bed together, naked, watching t.v.. Eventually I got up and went to the bathroom to check on the oil. Nice and warm like I had hoped. I made my way back into the bedroom where Master was lying on His stomach watching the t.v.. I opened the bottle and poured the oil on Master's back. He gave out a pleasant sigh of relief and I saw his body relax a bit. My hands glided gently over his body, rubbing the oil all over Him. I felt so at peace while I did this.

Carefully, I kneaded my fingers along His body, massaging every inch of Him as He melted into the bed beneath us. Whatever was on the t.v., it faded away. All I could hear was Master's sweet sighs and His low groans as I worked the tension of this past week out of His muscles. Something about worshiping and serving His body makes me happy on a completely different level. It gives me a sense of humbleness that nothing else seems to bring me. 

"How do you feel, Master?"

"Really good..." He managed to groan out. 

I smiled at Him, even though He couldn't see me. "Good, but we're not done yet. Come to the bathroom with me, Sir." 

Reluctantly, Master rose from the bed to follow me down the hall. In the bathroom I drew Him a bath. I made sure the water was the perfect temperature before pulling the lever that would seal off the drain and fill the tub up with water. I told Master to be careful as he stepped into the tub. He had oil on His feet from where I rubbed Him and I didn't want Him to slip. 

As He settled Himself into a seated position in the tub, I grabbed the body wash and wet my hands in the water. I applied the gel to my hands and started cleaning Master's body with my bare hands. I touched every inch of Master as I cleaned Him of all the oil on His body. He smelled so good. There was a light fragrance in the air around us of the oil and His body wash. I grabbed a cup that always sit on the edge of the tub and gathered water in it. As I started pouring the water over Master's body, the suds rinsed away and if it were possible, Master melted even more.

It's been a long time since I've seen Master this relaxed, and I loved it. I love when Master is so at peace, and the smile it brings to His face. After I rinsed off His entire body, I brought out a towel and dried Him. I felt Master begin to shiver, so I turned on the heat vent so that Master wouldn't be so cold. I continued drying Master off and touched every inch of His body again. I paid special close attention to His balls and cupped them gently as I dried them. 

"Thank you, slave. You've been so good to me."

"You're welcome, Master. You deserved it." 


This morning has been different, though.

I got up early this morning, fully expecting to get a quick shower in with Master and to shave my legs and pussy. What I got was definitely not expected, and for that (and other reasons that will be revealed) I loved it.

It all started when I began shaving my cunt for Master. Master helps me shave myself down there a lot, so He did what He always does in this occasion. He grabbed my razor and glided it over me, paying close attention to not cut me. For some reason when Master does this, it relaxes me so much that I nearly fall asleep every time. By the time He was done, I was in a daze. Master left the room for a few minutes and I rolled over onto my stomach on the bed. When He came back, He climbed on top of me and pushed into my clean shaven cunt from behind. It was a tad painful at first, but eventually I gave way to Him and just when it started feeling really good, Master got out of me.

"Come on, lets go take that shower."

"Yes, Sir."

Together we entered the shower and let the warm water run over our bodies. We fooled around a little bit in the shower. Today, Master took His time to wash my body, much like I did His last night, but His way was more sexually driven. He lathered up body wash on his hands and washed my cunt thoroughly. He then moved to my ass, cleaning all of it. He inserted a single soapy finger into my ass and I felt my body go limp. He cleaned my hole so vigorously that it almost hurt, but it was safe to say I was definitely clean.

After rinsing me off between my legs and my ass, He turned me to face Him.

"On your knees, slave."

"But why?"

"I said on your knees. Do it.. Now!"

I lowered myself below Him and looked up at Him. I fully expected Him to fuck my mouth, but when I attempted to take His rock hard cock into my mouth, he denied me. I looked up at Him, confused.

"I wonder... What would you do if I decided to take a piss all over you?"

I felt my eyes widen at the mere thought of it. It's true that Master and I have toyed with the though of Him giving me a golden shower a few times, but I never thought it would happen. I stared at Him, stammering my words. I was speechless.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd love for me to pee all over you and mark you as my territory, wouldn't  you?"

I felt my cheeks redden as I blushed. I remained silent, staring at Him. Finally I spoke.

"I don't know.. Sir... I..."

"You would! I can see it in your eyes!"

My blushing deepened and I felt my face contort in embarrassment and slight confusion. "I! I don't know!!"

Deep down, I kind of did want it. Was it actually just in the heat of the moment, or did I really want this?

"Well I'm going to pee on you anyways. Look up at me."

I looked up into Master's eyes and waited for it. It felt like ages as I stared into His eyes, a slight pervy grin on my face minced with the embarrassed blush on my cheeks. Then it happened... Suddenly with no forewarning, I felt a warm stream hit my body. It ran down my chest, past my stomach and flowed over my cunt, spilling onto the bath tub floor. I closed my eyes shut and started sniffing the air, expecting to catch scent of His urine. When I didn't, I opened my eyes and looked up at Him as the stream moved away from my body.

"What the?!"

A devilish grin formed across Master's lips and I immediately looked at His penis, then to His hand. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. I was tricked! I saw a stream of water flowing down Master's wrist past His pinky finger. It looked perfectly like a stream of piss would look like!

"Master?! You didn't really pee on me?!"

Master cackled so loud it echoed in the bathroom and I just stared at His crotch in amazement at what had just happened.

"No, I didn't really pee on you, but the look on your face says you liked it, and you definitely want me to do it."

'Clever' I thought to myself.

"Since you seemed to enjoy that so much, I'm actually going to do it. I know you want it, so here it comes."

He lifted my chin with his hand to force me to look at Him and I felt that familiar stream again. I sniffed for the smell of urine, and again, it was absent. I looked down and once again I feel for His dirty little trick. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Why are you toying with me so much, Master?"

"Because it's fun."

Master helped me off of my knees and we went about our shower like normal. Occasionally groping and playing with each other. At one point, Master ordered me on my knees again, and I asked to not be on my knees. I thought He was going to trick me again.

"No, I'm really going to pee on you this time."

"No you won't."

He stood there staring at me, as I stared back, looking at Him as if to say "You really won't do it. You can't bring yourself to do it." and then... Then it really happened. I felt a stream hitting my cunt spot on and I slowly looked down to see a light yellow stream coming from Master's cock flowing out right onto my body. I quickly looked up at Master. His arms at His sides and that dominant grin on His face.

I started blushing again as I felt His urine flow over me and down my legs. The sensation I felt overcome my body was strange. Was it arousal? It couldn't be... He stepped out of the way to let the water from the shower head rinse me off. I reached between my thighs only to find out I was soaking wet between my legs, and it wasn't due to the water... It was my own juices that covered my fingers. 

I brought my hand to eye level and spread my fingers, watching my juices string out between my fingers. Master smiled and reached between my legs to gather more of juices.

"This turned you on, didn't it, Anastassia?"

He looked at my fluids on his hand and grinned that devilish grin he had this entire time. "This is proof enough for me." He then shoved His fingers into my mouth and forced me to suck my own fluids off of His fingers. I tasted so sweet on His hand, and it turned me on even more.

All of this excitement during our shower only led to one thing, and that was sex, of course! Master came deep inside of me, and I reveled in everything that happened between us this morning, especially His pulsating cock that was spilling His seed into me.

I think it is safe to say that this is something I should get used to... Master urinating on me... 

Tonight we have a play party we are going to be attending, and I'm sure I'll have more fun stories to share tomorrow. Hope everyone has as fun of a weekend I seem to be having! Till next time.



  1. Wow..this was hot

    I love watersports, being pissed on is something i relish although i appreciate for some there is that yuck factor...i thought that myself a few years back lol


  2. Thank you! I'm not really much for water sports, but it was pretty hot and arousing to have Master do that to me. ^.^;

  3. My Daddy is trying to get me into watersports so for starters i remember i had to drink his pee as a wasn't bad at all...would i do it again...not sure. Now every nigh Daddy has me peeing my pants (something Im not to happy about). But next play time he's going to pee in me... i wonder how that feels lol

    1. I don't think I could handle all of that. I think in okay with Master peeing on me, but anything more than that and I turn away from it.

  4. Wow. That was a sizzling story. Hope you have fun at the party. Can't wait to hear more

    1. Thank you! I had a blast. The post is up now if you wish to read it!! ^.^

  5. Oh my... Love your writing and Master's cleverness. My Master also pissed on me a few times. I's strangely arousing... He wanted to piss also on my face, but I wasn't ready and he didn't pushed me further. But I'm curious how would that feel.

    1. Thank you. I don't think I want Master to pee on my face.