Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Ass Beating I Won't Soon Forget

I awoke this morning with my body aching from the previous nights' events. As I sat myself up on my bed, I came to the sudden realization that my bottom felt hot to the touch and there was a tenderness that was very noticeable. My nipples also were slightly throbbing and ached to the touch.

Back up to last night, though.

Master and I arrived early to the party yesterday evening. We helped set up everything and I greeted guests as they came in. It was a gathering of new and old friends alike, and the company was nice, as always. Everyone shared laughs and stories of past events and memories. As I sat and spoke with Master and a few friends, one of them asked 

"Are Angel and Panda going to be here tonight?"

"I'm not sure..." I replied and I thought about it. The party had been going for a few hours and just when I had lost hope that they'd show up, in the door they came. I don't know if Angel could tell, but a smile lit up my face when I saw both her and Panda walk through that door. I love seeing them by ourselves, but I love it even more when they come to play parties. It just makes me happy knowing they come out to socialize with people and make new friends. Plus they always seem to be happy when they are at parties and I'm a sucker for their smiles.

Master and I greeted them, but it wasn't long after that that other people gathered around to strike up conversations with all of us individually. One of our friends (we'll call him SW) came up and started showing us some new toys he had made. Some of them looked menacing, and some looked down right innocent. I found it ironic and funny when he said "The more dangerous they look, the nicer they are. It's the innocent looking one's you have to watch out for."

I soon found out exactly what he meant by that. Master had me lay down on a massage table at the party shortly after having me strip down completely naked. SW brought out this string with knots down the length of it. It was attached to this black handle thing. I looked at it and scoffed "Oh that won't do much."

"You think so?" Replied SW "Here, let me demonstrate." He looked at Master for approval and Master gave the okay to use it on me. 

There was a quiet swooshing sound and then a loud crack that ruptured on one of my ass cheeks. I jumped and let out a yelp.

"What the hell?! How is that even possible?!"

Laughter erupted in the room and I immediately felt the stinging pain on my bottom increase. How could something like a string cause such pain and produce such a loud crack? A crack that sounded almost like that of whip.

I settled myself back on the table and gave the signal I was ready to take more.



Crack, Crack, Crack!

Blow after blow and I was amazed at how much pain was being emitted onto my flesh from something that looked so completely harmless. Eventually I asked for a break from it. A few friends took a look at my ass and I heard them saying things like "Look at that!"


"Those are some nice marks!"

Naturally, I wanted to see for myself, so I asked Master to take a picture of my ass and show it to me. What I was shown actually surprised me. I don't mark up very easily, and I certainly don't mark up a whole lot, so when I was shown this picture, all I could utter was "Damn... That is crazy..."

Upon seeing this and feeling the heat radiating off of my ass, I decided to call it quits for a little while on the ass beatings and move on so others could use the table too. I cleaned the area and once I was done, I went back to having conversations with everyone in my general area. At one point SW had brought out some nipple clamps and torture devices. He had clipped on chip bag clips to my nipple, the big kind, and yanked them off of my nipples. I had casually said, "Oh that wasn't as bad as I thought." and then be brought out these other clamps that I've seen before, wanted, but never tried them. 

They were essentially test tube holders turned into nipple clamps. I was very eager to put them to the test on my nipples and asked if he could put them on me. They pinched down hard, but I have yet to find anything that pinches as hard as clover clamps. He smiled and mentioned that he wondered what would happen if he started walking away from me. He wanted to see if I would follow. Of course I did follow him, keeping up pace at whatever speed he chose. 

"Okay, what if I pulled?"

I stared up at him as he pulled and tugged a little. For some reason I seemed unfazed by it, and he decided to up it a little bit more.

"How about if I pulled up on it. I wonder if I can bring you to your tip-toes."

I stood planted firmly on the ground beneath my feet as I felt my breast being lifted by the clamps. Admittedly, this did start to hurt, but what hurt really bad was when the nipple clamps gave way and were ripped right off of my nipples. I felt my knees buckle at the amount of pain that shot through my nipples into my breasts.

:Ah! Okay! That did it! Holy fuck..."

I stared at my nipples only to see that they were in fact bleeding under the skin, and one nipple was actually bleeding freely. Only a little though. Seeing as this was definitely a first, ever, I also wanted Master to capture this moment in a picture.

Not to bad for the first time of this happening. (God I'm pale). I was very proud of myself. So far I've managed to mark up pretty well tonight, and now I've got bruised nipples. Can this night get any better? Of course it can, and it did.

There was a St. Andrew's cross at the party and of course I wanted to be tied to it. Master had already locked my wrist shackles in place earlier in the evening, so it was easy for them to bind my wrists to the cross. Master also tied my torso to the cross so the only thing that was free to move about was my legs. I was thankful for this, but at the same time I secretly wished Master would have tied my ankles down to the cross as well. 

Master took our ball gag out and placed it into my mouth. I made a signal to Him to know when He would need to either slow down or stop. One knock on the cross would mean to stop for a moment to let me regain myself, two knocks and I'm done completely. Simple enough.

Once I was finally secured to the cross, that's when the real beatings unleashed. Master traded off so many implements that I kind of lost count after the third one. Or maybe He used the same few? I'm not too sure. After about 10 minutes into getting my ass beat, I felt myself slipping away. Stinging blow after blow sent my body writhing against the rough wood my body was tied down to. I screamed through my ball gag a few times and at one point I remember not being able to take the pain anymore and slammed my fist hard against the wood. Immediately the beatings stopped and Master and SW were at my sides. 

"Are you okay?"

Mmmphhmmm..." I managed to muffle out past my ball gag as I nodded to them. I looked around the room, dazed. I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I caught a glance of Angel and Panda pointing at something. Was it my ass? I wouldn't be surprised. I could feel the heat radiating off of me like never before. I might as well have used my ass as a beacon of sorts. I knew it was bright red. I just knew it.

"Do you want to keep going?"

"Mhmm." I nodded again to Master.

SW spoke up at that point, "Hey, get the blind fold, I have an idea and I don't want her to see it." 

I watched Master walk away, and gave Him a pleading look as if to say "No! No more torture." Of course this was useless as Master had His back turned to me. My pleading eyes went unnoticed so I closed them and laid my head upon the cross.

Master was back at my side in what felt like two seconds from that moment, pulling the blind fold over my eyes. 

"Spread them." Master ordered from behind me. I shook my head.

"Spread them now, Anastassia."

Reluctantly, I did what Master ordered of me. For a moment, nothing happened. I hear Master and SW conversing somewhere around me. It sounded like they were all around me. Then... I felt something round and cold get quickly pressed up against my clit and with no forewarning the thing started vibrating. I let out a screech as best as one can while being gagged and I tried moving my hips away and closed my legs.

"Open them!"

Master sounded annoyed that I had tried closing them. Don't know why. It didn't work. SW was quick and still had the Hitachi between my legs, despite my best efforts.

"Spread your legs open!"

Again, I opened my legs up and then SW turned up the vibrations on the Hitachi. I involuntarily started moving my hips, squirming as Master resumed beating my ass while all of this went down. As excited as this would typically get me, I remained far away from my climax, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wet. Anyone near us could tell because you could hear the vibrations making a familiar wet sound.

I could only handle this for a few minutes and then I was done. I had to call quits. The pain eventually became too unbearable, and my body was feeling like giving up. Master and SW retreated from me and I felt something soft rubbing on my ass. I was so dazed at this point words failed me, and voices were unfamiliar. I think I heard Angel's voice somewhere behind me, but I melted into the soft glove that was giving my burning ass some relief for the first time in the night.

"Do you know who that is?" I heard Master speak.

"You, Master?"

"No.. it's Angel. You should be thanking her."

A weak smile reached my face, "Thank you..." I managed to utter out to her. Could she hear me? Hell if I know, I could barely hear myself. All I know was that I was extremely thankful for Angel and what she was doing for me, and I was thrilled she was the one doing it.

SW starting undoing the binds on my right wrist. Once he got me loose, I had no control of my arm and it just fell to my side. I was hanging by my left arm, though my feet were still planted on the floor, and he must have caught on because with my left arm he cradled it in his hand and gently brought it down to my side. The blind fold was removed from my head and the bright light of the room flooded my sight, burning my retina's for a split second. Next the ball gag was removed and I was very aware at how thirsty I was.

"Are you okay? You're skin is ice cold." Angel spoke as she touched my skin.

"Yeah, you're freezing." Panda piped in "Go get her the towel."

"I'm fine, I'm burning up. Thanks, though."

"No, here." Panda wrapped the towel around my shoulders, and surprisingly it felt great. I definitely didn't feel cold, but the softness of the towel felt great on me, and I was humbled at how well my friends were taking care of me. I smiled at them and thanked them.

Once I regained my senses, it was time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and went home for the evening. That brings us to this morning, where I gave you a clip at the beginning of this post....

I gathered up my clothes and dressed myself. Master was waiting in the truck outside for me, ready to start the day. As I walked out of my house, groggy from our activities that took place only hours ago, I felt so serene in the warm sunlight. Memories of last night flooded my mind, and as I looked at Master, I couldn't help but smile at Him. I'm one lucky woman to have Him in my life, and I'm very lucky to have the friends in my life that I have. 

Upon arriving to Master's house, I told Him how my bottom was still tender this morning. 

"There is no way I'm bruised... I never bruise.. ever."

"I don't know. We'll have to look."

When we got in the living room, I pulled down my pants for Master to observe. "Oh wow!"

"What? What is it?"

Master touched my ass gently, "You're even still hot to the touch."

"Take a picture! I want to see!"

Low and behold.. I'm not bruised, but once again I have experienced a first. I still have marks and welts on my ass from last night. Something that I never imagined would ever happen to me. I couldn't help but beam proudly at this accomplishment.

Damn, I'm lucky!



  1. Wow. You can take pain much better than I can. I am trying to improve here but when I saw your nipple I wished I could withstand that kind of pain. My Hitachi limit is at best a couple of mins at the lower setting if I have a towel protecting me. Well at least I can fantasize about being like you. Really hot. You are indeed lucky.

    1. Thank you, Dasi! Don't let this post fool you. Most days I can't take pain very well. Nipple torture is typically just that, torture. I was very shocked at how well I took all of this, but it will probably be a long time before I can withstand another scene of this magnitude again.

      Give it time. It takes a lot of work and patience to build up the tolerance it takes to endure something like this. It is not easy by any means, but it is very rewarding. Keep faith. I know how loyal you are to your husband and how eager you are to please him. In due time you will reach that threshold and that moment will be pure bliss between you two. And when that moment happens, I hope you blog about it. I love your writings!

    2. Oh you give me hope. My mouth waters in anticipation of that blissful moment. And thank you dear for those kind words on my blog. It is readers like you who make it special

    3. The same goes to you as well, Dasi! =D

  2. The thing that leapt out at me and slightly alarmed me was the last part of your entry. Being so out of it with cold limbs freaks me out a bit, as someone who was trained in first aid. I thought you were going to go on to say you were going into shock! Definitely be careful with that kind of stuff. Shock can be brought on by many things, even something like BDSM.

    1. I completely understand your concern, and I think my friends were thinking the same thing too when they realized how cold I was and I said I felt extremely warm. I'm thankful they were there to warm me up with that towel and care for me. I don't think I was about to go into shock though, because I know how that feels and I didn't feel close to it. You are right though, one can never be too safe, especially when dealing with BDSM. I assure you Master and I do our best to communicate when we feel like something may be getting too out of hand. But still, this is a learning lesson. I could be 80 and still learn new things about this and my life, so it is definitely wise to make sure we are being safe about the things we do. =) Thank you. <3

  3. Your marks are so pretty! Good job :)
    ~ Sai

  4. Wow! I very much wish that I could endure that level of pain, go you!

    On a better note, very pleased to hear that you had your friends to help you afterwards.

    1. Thank you! I'm blessed to have the friends I have.