Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Blogger

As of not even an hour ago I found out that blogger is getting rid of any blogs in here that has adult content on them, which means mine will be gone tomorrow. For those of you that don't know, there was an email sent out by blogger that has all of the information about this on it. So to those of you who have adult content, kiss your blog goodbye.

I am furious right now. Master and I are in the middle of making my own website so that I may continue blogging about my experiences. As soon as that is done, I will post it on here in an update to let everyone know where I'll be found from here on out.


Edit: You may now find me here at my own little corner of the web.

Diary of an Owned Slave

This is my new site and I will be posting there from here on out. I have made it easy for all of my followers to continue following my blog. On my page there is a little button that says "Follow" on it. If you click that you will start getting updates from me via email. It will notify anyone that follows me of my newest updates.

So what are you waiting for? ;D


  1. I gather blogger (google) is cracking down on blogs that contain links to adult content, or ads with adult content. I have not received any emails or warnings about this. Do you have any links buried in posts or something?

  2. The email I got said they were going to "remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites" because they are going to "prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger." It remains to be seen if they will take down Adult content blogs which aren't monetized. Nothing will surprise me though.

  3. I understand that, but I have worked incredibly hard on my blog and have gotten to where I am with hard work. I made my own website for this blog and am currently working on it right now. I dont know of my stuff will get deleted or not, but it is a chabce i am not willing to take. It's not complete, but it is up and running. Ill make a post on here in a few hours when it's put together a little more.

  4. That's a real shame... thanks for making us aware. I'll be sure to fit "Follow" :-)