Saturday, January 26, 2013

Master's Suit

I love suits. Seeing a man in a suit has always been a bit of a turn on for me. There is something about a suit and tie that speaks "power", "authority", and "dominance" to me. Master being in a suit, however, is just... There is no way to describe it. I love when He wears one and it has always been hard for me to resist jumping Him when He wears a suit. 

This past week has been rough as I have been getting used to my new work schedule and getting settled in at the office and getting used to all of the new things I will be doing from here on out. So when we found out that we were getting the house to ourselves all weekend, we couldn't resist having a little bit of fun and much needed intimacy. 

I have been begging Master for the past two weeks to put on His suit and tie for me. I've always wanted Him to do things to me while wearing it. Call it a fetish, if you will. Today was finally the day. We went upstairs to His room and I helped Him put on His suit and tied His tie for Him. Something else I have always wanted to do.

After He was fully dressed and I was undressed, we began our couple hours of fun. It started with me sucking on His cock, per usual. One of my favorite past time activities with Him. I don't know what it is, but kneeling in front of Him as He was dressed the way He was just made everything so surreal. It was like my number one fantasy coming to life. 

At one point He had stepped over me so that I was between His feet lying naked on the floor. I kind of flinched as He put His foot down and He looked at me. He slowly picked His right foot up and put it on my right breast, applying pressure very gradually. I could feel the weight He was putting on me and while it felt uncomfortable, I kind of liked it. I jokingly said "No. More like this..." and took His foot and moved it to my neck. 

"Oh? Is that what you like? Being under my foot?" He said as I could feel His shoe digging into my skin.

I really couldn't utter any words, but I knew for a fact that I was enjoying this, as odd as it seemed.

"You love this, don't you? You love being beneath me, slave. Admit it."

I nodded my head as best as one could with a foot bearing down on their neck and muffled out a "Yes, Sir." I could hear Him smirk as He pressed his foot on my face and then on my cunt shortly after. He brought His foot next to my face on the floor.

"Kiss it."


"Kiss my shoe. Now."

Happily, I obeyed. Kissing His shoe tenderly and looking back up at Him for approval. He smiled back at me and told me that I was a good girl and that He loved me as He pulled me off of the floor.

We headed down stairs and continued our fun. Master brought out the crop and gave me quite a few lashings with it on my bottom. Each stinging more than the last and making my skin warm. Eventually, though, Master had to take off the suit because He was starting to get really hot and stuffy in it with all of the action going on between us. 

We continued our afternoon with the body wand at my clit and Him twisting it hard against me, making my body twist with it, which I found really weird, but naturally He found it entertaining. After Master had had enough torturing me and making me writhe beneath Him, He finally entered me and by the time His full length was inside of me, my body came crashing down with my first orgasm.

Shocked, Master looked at me and asked if I had really came right at that moment. I nodded my head and I guess this seemed to really make Him happy because He was grinning from ear to ear. 

"Let's see how many we can get out of you then."

By the time Master was done using me I had came two more times, which was a feat for me as once I come the first time, I typically can't handle having sex past it. So it means my body is improving. Master pulled out of me and together we lie there, letting our heart beats slow back down as I gently scratched Master's back. It was a tender moment for us. We don't get very many moments like this anymore, so it was nice while it lasted.

I'm starting to think I should have more rough weeks if this is how my weekends turn out. Haha

Hope everyone's weekend is going well.



  1. Nice! Sounds like you're having a good weekend too :)

  2. Awesome post, and I LOVE that first picture! An all black suit? Yes please!

    1. Thank you! And right?! Master is really sexy. ;D