Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nipple Piercings: The Pros and Cons

I want to say it's been two years now (maybe three) since I got my nipples pierced. I had wanted them since I was a fifteen year old and I was in love with them from the moment that needle pierced through both of my nipples. The $50 it cost to get them were so worth it, and I still love them to this day.

I have learned though, that since having them pierced my nipples have gotten far more tender and sensitive. They were already sensitive enough on their own, but since getting them pierced, it seems that has intensified something horrible. This can be a good and bad thing.

The good part is that if you love nipple torture, this really takes it up a notch.

The bad part is that nipple torture is definitely nothing short of pure torture, especially if you like to work with things like clover clamps or any nipple clamps, for that matter.

Since getting them it has made nipple pinching a little more exciting and intensifying, but if I want to play with clamps, I have to take them out or else it hurts past the point of pleasure and literally goes straight into pain. The last time I took them out and had clover clamps put on my nipples, they ended up bleeding and I'm still doctoring them up. They've almost healed back up, though. (I really have no idea what went wrong). =/ 

On the plus side, they are very pretty, I enjoy having them in (despite not really being able to have them played with nearly as much) and I have researched that when I start having kids and want to breast feed, I won't have to worry that they are pierced. (Even my Gyno approved of it and said breast feeding would not be a problem so long as I take them out during feedings, and I really trust her).

So in short....

The Pros

  • They are pretty
  • Doesn't take too long to heal (about 6-8 months)
  • They are comfortable once healed
  • Won't effect breast feeding
  • Heightens sensitivity

The Cons

  • Hurts when it comes to nipple torture and play with clamps
  • In my case bleeding has occurred if you're not too careful
  • Heightens sensitivity 
  • Less chances for nipple torture due to heightened sensitivity
  • Have to take out the jewelry to use nipple clamps

If you're a little confused as to why I put "Heightens sensitivity" under both the Pros and Cons list, refer to the beginning of the post. The sensitivity is great, but it can also be painful. It really depends. 

Would I ever do it all over again if I took them out and let them heal up? You bet your sweet asses I would. I wouldn't trade having nipples pierced for anything else. Even though there are some bad parts to it, I really do love them, and I've mostly been very satisfied with the results. 

So what do you all think about nipple piercings? Is it something you'd consider? Why or why not? For those of you reading who DO have your nipples pierced, how has it effected your play life? Did you like it or was it unsatisfactory?

Hope this was enlightening to anyone who is considering getting their nipples pierced and I wish you all the best in your lives. Take care! =D ♥



  1. Interesting how all of us have different views and experiences with the same things. I had my nipples pierced twice, but both times they did not heal properly. I have genital piercings and those healed perfectly. I guess my nipples just do not want to be pierced ;)

    Love reading about your experience.


  2. Sounds like they rejected. =/ That sucks. Glad to hear the genital piercings worked out for ya, though! I thought about getting a hood piercing at one point (back when I was still a teen) and I chickened out. So props to you! =D

  3. Anastassia~ i am so loving that heart/barbell combo! i've never seen that. Super amazing. =) Hugs! Save me the trouble of surfing for it? Where did you get it? =)

  4. *hugs back* Hey sweetie! Actually it was a gift from Angel. I think she said she got it from either Hot Topic or Spencers. I'll have to ask her. lol

    Sadly I have looked at both sites and looked at a few other sites and I can not find ANY that look even close to the ones she gave me. =/ I can link you the sites though that I did find.

    Hope you can find something you like, though!! Sorry I wasn't much help.

  5. @precious treasure: I got them at Spencers! So far, I've only seen them in the store the once, and haven't been able to find them online...hope you can find a pair, though!

    As for me, as much as I *loved* the look of my nipple piercings, and miss them sometimes, I think it was better for me to take them out...Nipple torture is one of my favorite things in the world, but, with the piercings, Panda could barely touch them without me screaming in (bad) pain. I've considered getting them redone, but it's just something that's never happened, and probably won't--I love my clover clamps too much!

    1. See! I knew it was one of the two!

      Yeah. Nipple torture is pretty amazing, and some days I can handle it, but most days, I'm like how you were. I kind of scream and I'm like "NO! BAD PAIN!!!" D=

      (I don't know why I keep forgetting to hit the "Reply" button....

  6. Thanks! Master is the Guru of finding things on line, He just Googled heart nipple shield and got lots of hits. i think i found something really similar:

    1. Looks just like mine! =D Your Master is awesome at finding those! =D Yay~!!

  7. I've had my nips pierced for about the same period of time and I love them! I welcomed the increase in sensitivity and definitely enjoy play with them a whole lot more than previously.

    I have to say I have never been one for clover clamps; I rarely go farther than clothes pegs and/or minor weights, and I really enjoy those. I have captive bead nip rings and I find them quite versatile :)

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I've never tried weights, but I'm interested. Thanks for sharing!!