Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Update

For those of you wondering how things are going with Master and I, we talked more about all of these problems after He got off work. That conversation was actually pretty tense, and very uncomfortable. We talked everything out (like usual) and Master came to new conclusions on why there has been little progress in our relationship. 

Needless to say, I feel a little better about all of this, but I'm still pretty wary. Yesterday evening was pretty... quiet after we finished talking about it. We had a lot to reflect on, and still do. 

Before going to bed last night, Master was telling me how He really wished that once He tells me to do something that I would just reply with a "Yes Sir" and be done with it. Not "Okay" or any other variations. Just "Yes Sir". I will admit, this is something I have always lacked on. I just never seem to get into the habit. I say it time to time, but not every single time, like what Master expects of me.

I agreed to work on that more and just replied with "Yes Sir" like He wanted me to. I didn't think about it, and didn't even want to. I just wanted everything to be okay, so I answered Him to His wishes. It didn't really hit me last night. I was still in a daze.

Today, though, all day I have felt in a constant submissive head space. First thing I did was slip my collar into my back pack before getting dressed and ready for classes. The car ride was quiet, and we didn't say much. After getting seated in my first class, I pulled the collar from my back pack and locked it around my neck. Master hadn't texted me yet, so I figured He was still driving home after dropping me off. Since I have an iPhone, I took a picture of my collar on and sent it to Him. Within a few minutes He messaged me back saying that there were no words or emoticons to describe the happiness it gave Him to see that collar on me. 

Somehow that hit a spot within me. I smiled and put my phone away. 

All day I have just felt this immense amount of peace in my mind and heart about all of this. Somehow it feels like things will be right this time. We'll still have problems (what couple doesn't?) but I have a feeling things will be so much better from here on out. 

I asked Him if He wanted to talk about some more things tonight after He gets off work. He said He'd much rather show me than talk about anything at this point. What this means, I'm not too sure, but... we'll see where this goes.

More updates to come as this all progresses. Thanks.


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