Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's New With Diary of an Owned Slave

So for those of you who may or may not know, I have moved my blog to a new site. I've already set up mostly everything over there and I have made a couple new posts since launching my new site. So in case you've missed it, here is a direct link to my new corner of the web. Check out what is going on over at Diary of an Owned Slave!

Hope to see you there! ^.^


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Diary of an Owned

Here it is folks! From here on out I have my own site now and if you wish to continue following me I can be found here at Diary of an Owned

More changes will be coming to this new blog, and for those of you who have been following me for a couple years now will notice I have less posts on here than this one. That is because I have weeded through the posts that were not relevant to my lifestyle with Master. This new site will be based solely on our dynamic and our experiences as a couple and with our friends. I'm working on keeping out any clutter.

Right now it is up and running. There are still adjustments going to be made on this, as it is still under construction, but all of the important posts are still there and you should still be able to access them there.

I hope to see all of my awesome followers over there. Thank you to everyone who has been with me and thank you for joining to the new followers.

Hope to see all of you there and I hope to gain more friends!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Blogger

As of not even an hour ago I found out that blogger is getting rid of any blogs in here that has adult content on them, which means mine will be gone tomorrow. For those of you that don't know, there was an email sent out by blogger that has all of the information about this on it. So to those of you who have adult content, kiss your blog goodbye.

I am furious right now. Master and I are in the middle of making my own website so that I may continue blogging about my experiences. As soon as that is done, I will post it on here in an update to let everyone know where I'll be found from here on out.


Edit: You may now find me here at my own little corner of the web.

Diary of an Owned Slave

This is my new site and I will be posting there from here on out. I have made it easy for all of my followers to continue following my blog. On my page there is a little button that says "Follow" on it. If you click that you will start getting updates from me via email. It will notify anyone that follows me of my newest updates.

So what are you waiting for? ;D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Ass Beating I Won't Soon Forget

I awoke this morning with my body aching from the previous nights' events. As I sat myself up on my bed, I came to the sudden realization that my bottom felt hot to the touch and there was a tenderness that was very noticeable. My nipples also were slightly throbbing and ached to the touch.

Back up to last night, though.

Master and I arrived early to the party yesterday evening. We helped set up everything and I greeted guests as they came in. It was a gathering of new and old friends alike, and the company was nice, as always. Everyone shared laughs and stories of past events and memories. As I sat and spoke with Master and a few friends, one of them asked 

"Are Angel and Panda going to be here tonight?"

"I'm not sure..." I replied and I thought about it. The party had been going for a few hours and just when I had lost hope that they'd show up, in the door they came. I don't know if Angel could tell, but a smile lit up my face when I saw both her and Panda walk through that door. I love seeing them by ourselves, but I love it even more when they come to play parties. It just makes me happy knowing they come out to socialize with people and make new friends. Plus they always seem to be happy when they are at parties and I'm a sucker for their smiles.

Master and I greeted them, but it wasn't long after that that other people gathered around to strike up conversations with all of us individually. One of our friends (we'll call him SW) came up and started showing us some new toys he had made. Some of them looked menacing, and some looked down right innocent. I found it ironic and funny when he said "The more dangerous they look, the nicer they are. It's the innocent looking one's you have to watch out for."

I soon found out exactly what he meant by that. Master had me lay down on a massage table at the party shortly after having me strip down completely naked. SW brought out this string with knots down the length of it. It was attached to this black handle thing. I looked at it and scoffed "Oh that won't do much."

"You think so?" Replied SW "Here, let me demonstrate." He looked at Master for approval and Master gave the okay to use it on me. 

There was a quiet swooshing sound and then a loud crack that ruptured on one of my ass cheeks. I jumped and let out a yelp.

"What the hell?! How is that even possible?!"

Laughter erupted in the room and I immediately felt the stinging pain on my bottom increase. How could something like a string cause such pain and produce such a loud crack? A crack that sounded almost like that of whip.

I settled myself back on the table and gave the signal I was ready to take more.



Crack, Crack, Crack!

Blow after blow and I was amazed at how much pain was being emitted onto my flesh from something that looked so completely harmless. Eventually I asked for a break from it. A few friends took a look at my ass and I heard them saying things like "Look at that!"


"Those are some nice marks!"

Naturally, I wanted to see for myself, so I asked Master to take a picture of my ass and show it to me. What I was shown actually surprised me. I don't mark up very easily, and I certainly don't mark up a whole lot, so when I was shown this picture, all I could utter was "Damn... That is crazy..."

Upon seeing this and feeling the heat radiating off of my ass, I decided to call it quits for a little while on the ass beatings and move on so others could use the table too. I cleaned the area and once I was done, I went back to having conversations with everyone in my general area. At one point SW had brought out some nipple clamps and torture devices. He had clipped on chip bag clips to my nipple, the big kind, and yanked them off of my nipples. I had casually said, "Oh that wasn't as bad as I thought." and then be brought out these other clamps that I've seen before, wanted, but never tried them. 

They were essentially test tube holders turned into nipple clamps. I was very eager to put them to the test on my nipples and asked if he could put them on me. They pinched down hard, but I have yet to find anything that pinches as hard as clover clamps. He smiled and mentioned that he wondered what would happen if he started walking away from me. He wanted to see if I would follow. Of course I did follow him, keeping up pace at whatever speed he chose. 

"Okay, what if I pulled?"

I stared up at him as he pulled and tugged a little. For some reason I seemed unfazed by it, and he decided to up it a little bit more.

"How about if I pulled up on it. I wonder if I can bring you to your tip-toes."

I stood planted firmly on the ground beneath my feet as I felt my breast being lifted by the clamps. Admittedly, this did start to hurt, but what hurt really bad was when the nipple clamps gave way and were ripped right off of my nipples. I felt my knees buckle at the amount of pain that shot through my nipples into my breasts.

:Ah! Okay! That did it! Holy fuck..."

I stared at my nipples only to see that they were in fact bleeding under the skin, and one nipple was actually bleeding freely. Only a little though. Seeing as this was definitely a first, ever, I also wanted Master to capture this moment in a picture.

Not to bad for the first time of this happening. (God I'm pale). I was very proud of myself. So far I've managed to mark up pretty well tonight, and now I've got bruised nipples. Can this night get any better? Of course it can, and it did.

There was a St. Andrew's cross at the party and of course I wanted to be tied to it. Master had already locked my wrist shackles in place earlier in the evening, so it was easy for them to bind my wrists to the cross. Master also tied my torso to the cross so the only thing that was free to move about was my legs. I was thankful for this, but at the same time I secretly wished Master would have tied my ankles down to the cross as well. 

Master took our ball gag out and placed it into my mouth. I made a signal to Him to know when He would need to either slow down or stop. One knock on the cross would mean to stop for a moment to let me regain myself, two knocks and I'm done completely. Simple enough.

Once I was finally secured to the cross, that's when the real beatings unleashed. Master traded off so many implements that I kind of lost count after the third one. Or maybe He used the same few? I'm not too sure. After about 10 minutes into getting my ass beat, I felt myself slipping away. Stinging blow after blow sent my body writhing against the rough wood my body was tied down to. I screamed through my ball gag a few times and at one point I remember not being able to take the pain anymore and slammed my fist hard against the wood. Immediately the beatings stopped and Master and SW were at my sides. 

"Are you okay?"

Mmmphhmmm..." I managed to muffle out past my ball gag as I nodded to them. I looked around the room, dazed. I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I caught a glance of Angel and Panda pointing at something. Was it my ass? I wouldn't be surprised. I could feel the heat radiating off of me like never before. I might as well have used my ass as a beacon of sorts. I knew it was bright red. I just knew it.

"Do you want to keep going?"

"Mhmm." I nodded again to Master.

SW spoke up at that point, "Hey, get the blind fold, I have an idea and I don't want her to see it." 

I watched Master walk away, and gave Him a pleading look as if to say "No! No more torture." Of course this was useless as Master had His back turned to me. My pleading eyes went unnoticed so I closed them and laid my head upon the cross.

Master was back at my side in what felt like two seconds from that moment, pulling the blind fold over my eyes. 

"Spread them." Master ordered from behind me. I shook my head.

"Spread them now, Anastassia."

Reluctantly, I did what Master ordered of me. For a moment, nothing happened. I hear Master and SW conversing somewhere around me. It sounded like they were all around me. Then... I felt something round and cold get quickly pressed up against my clit and with no forewarning the thing started vibrating. I let out a screech as best as one can while being gagged and I tried moving my hips away and closed my legs.

"Open them!"

Master sounded annoyed that I had tried closing them. Don't know why. It didn't work. SW was quick and still had the Hitachi between my legs, despite my best efforts.

"Spread your legs open!"

Again, I opened my legs up and then SW turned up the vibrations on the Hitachi. I involuntarily started moving my hips, squirming as Master resumed beating my ass while all of this went down. As excited as this would typically get me, I remained far away from my climax, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wet. Anyone near us could tell because you could hear the vibrations making a familiar wet sound.

I could only handle this for a few minutes and then I was done. I had to call quits. The pain eventually became too unbearable, and my body was feeling like giving up. Master and SW retreated from me and I felt something soft rubbing on my ass. I was so dazed at this point words failed me, and voices were unfamiliar. I think I heard Angel's voice somewhere behind me, but I melted into the soft glove that was giving my burning ass some relief for the first time in the night.

"Do you know who that is?" I heard Master speak.

"You, Master?"

"No.. it's Angel. You should be thanking her."

A weak smile reached my face, "Thank you..." I managed to utter out to her. Could she hear me? Hell if I know, I could barely hear myself. All I know was that I was extremely thankful for Angel and what she was doing for me, and I was thrilled she was the one doing it.

SW starting undoing the binds on my right wrist. Once he got me loose, I had no control of my arm and it just fell to my side. I was hanging by my left arm, though my feet were still planted on the floor, and he must have caught on because with my left arm he cradled it in his hand and gently brought it down to my side. The blind fold was removed from my head and the bright light of the room flooded my sight, burning my retina's for a split second. Next the ball gag was removed and I was very aware at how thirsty I was.

"Are you okay? You're skin is ice cold." Angel spoke as she touched my skin.

"Yeah, you're freezing." Panda piped in "Go get her the towel."

"I'm fine, I'm burning up. Thanks, though."

"No, here." Panda wrapped the towel around my shoulders, and surprisingly it felt great. I definitely didn't feel cold, but the softness of the towel felt great on me, and I was humbled at how well my friends were taking care of me. I smiled at them and thanked them.

Once I regained my senses, it was time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and went home for the evening. That brings us to this morning, where I gave you a clip at the beginning of this post....

I gathered up my clothes and dressed myself. Master was waiting in the truck outside for me, ready to start the day. As I walked out of my house, groggy from our activities that took place only hours ago, I felt so serene in the warm sunlight. Memories of last night flooded my mind, and as I looked at Master, I couldn't help but smile at Him. I'm one lucky woman to have Him in my life, and I'm very lucky to have the friends in my life that I have. 

Upon arriving to Master's house, I told Him how my bottom was still tender this morning. 

"There is no way I'm bruised... I never bruise.. ever."

"I don't know. We'll have to look."

When we got in the living room, I pulled down my pants for Master to observe. "Oh wow!"

"What? What is it?"

Master touched my ass gently, "You're even still hot to the touch."

"Take a picture! I want to see!"

Low and behold.. I'm not bruised, but once again I have experienced a first. I still have marks and welts on my ass from last night. Something that I never imagined would ever happen to me. I couldn't help but beam proudly at this accomplishment.

Damn, I'm lucky!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Service With a Side of Humiliation

This week has been by far one of the longest weeks I've experienced in a while. I'm going to be getting my wisdom teeth removed in a few days and I have been anxious about it. Master and I have both been feeling over worked with our jobs this week. After work, yesterday, I felt so sore and my body ached. I received a text shortly before I knew Master was to get off of work and He mentioned that He was upset and worn out. At that moment I knew what I was going to be doing this evening.

A little while later we were back at Master's place and He was helping me cook the pasta salad I planned on making for the play party we would be attending tonight. After we finished preparing everything and got some dinner in us, we retreated to the bedroom where I could finally lay out my plan. While Master was taking off His clothes, I grabbed our bottle of oil and took it to the bathroom. I closed off the sink and let hot water fill it up so I could place he bottle of oil in there to heat it up.

Patiently, I waited for time to pass by long enough for the oil to be warm. While I was waiting, Master and I lay on the bed together, naked, watching t.v.. Eventually I got up and went to the bathroom to check on the oil. Nice and warm like I had hoped. I made my way back into the bedroom where Master was lying on His stomach watching the t.v.. I opened the bottle and poured the oil on Master's back. He gave out a pleasant sigh of relief and I saw his body relax a bit. My hands glided gently over his body, rubbing the oil all over Him. I felt so at peace while I did this.

Carefully, I kneaded my fingers along His body, massaging every inch of Him as He melted into the bed beneath us. Whatever was on the t.v., it faded away. All I could hear was Master's sweet sighs and His low groans as I worked the tension of this past week out of His muscles. Something about worshiping and serving His body makes me happy on a completely different level. It gives me a sense of humbleness that nothing else seems to bring me. 

"How do you feel, Master?"

"Really good..." He managed to groan out. 

I smiled at Him, even though He couldn't see me. "Good, but we're not done yet. Come to the bathroom with me, Sir." 

Reluctantly, Master rose from the bed to follow me down the hall. In the bathroom I drew Him a bath. I made sure the water was the perfect temperature before pulling the lever that would seal off the drain and fill the tub up with water. I told Master to be careful as he stepped into the tub. He had oil on His feet from where I rubbed Him and I didn't want Him to slip. 

As He settled Himself into a seated position in the tub, I grabbed the body wash and wet my hands in the water. I applied the gel to my hands and started cleaning Master's body with my bare hands. I touched every inch of Master as I cleaned Him of all the oil on His body. He smelled so good. There was a light fragrance in the air around us of the oil and His body wash. I grabbed a cup that always sit on the edge of the tub and gathered water in it. As I started pouring the water over Master's body, the suds rinsed away and if it were possible, Master melted even more.

It's been a long time since I've seen Master this relaxed, and I loved it. I love when Master is so at peace, and the smile it brings to His face. After I rinsed off His entire body, I brought out a towel and dried Him. I felt Master begin to shiver, so I turned on the heat vent so that Master wouldn't be so cold. I continued drying Master off and touched every inch of His body again. I paid special close attention to His balls and cupped them gently as I dried them. 

"Thank you, slave. You've been so good to me."

"You're welcome, Master. You deserved it." 


This morning has been different, though.

I got up early this morning, fully expecting to get a quick shower in with Master and to shave my legs and pussy. What I got was definitely not expected, and for that (and other reasons that will be revealed) I loved it.

It all started when I began shaving my cunt for Master. Master helps me shave myself down there a lot, so He did what He always does in this occasion. He grabbed my razor and glided it over me, paying close attention to not cut me. For some reason when Master does this, it relaxes me so much that I nearly fall asleep every time. By the time He was done, I was in a daze. Master left the room for a few minutes and I rolled over onto my stomach on the bed. When He came back, He climbed on top of me and pushed into my clean shaven cunt from behind. It was a tad painful at first, but eventually I gave way to Him and just when it started feeling really good, Master got out of me.

"Come on, lets go take that shower."

"Yes, Sir."

Together we entered the shower and let the warm water run over our bodies. We fooled around a little bit in the shower. Today, Master took His time to wash my body, much like I did His last night, but His way was more sexually driven. He lathered up body wash on his hands and washed my cunt thoroughly. He then moved to my ass, cleaning all of it. He inserted a single soapy finger into my ass and I felt my body go limp. He cleaned my hole so vigorously that it almost hurt, but it was safe to say I was definitely clean.

After rinsing me off between my legs and my ass, He turned me to face Him.

"On your knees, slave."

"But why?"

"I said on your knees. Do it.. Now!"

I lowered myself below Him and looked up at Him. I fully expected Him to fuck my mouth, but when I attempted to take His rock hard cock into my mouth, he denied me. I looked up at Him, confused.

"I wonder... What would you do if I decided to take a piss all over you?"

I felt my eyes widen at the mere thought of it. It's true that Master and I have toyed with the though of Him giving me a golden shower a few times, but I never thought it would happen. I stared at Him, stammering my words. I was speechless.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd love for me to pee all over you and mark you as my territory, wouldn't  you?"

I felt my cheeks redden as I blushed. I remained silent, staring at Him. Finally I spoke.

"I don't know.. Sir... I..."

"You would! I can see it in your eyes!"

My blushing deepened and I felt my face contort in embarrassment and slight confusion. "I! I don't know!!"

Deep down, I kind of did want it. Was it actually just in the heat of the moment, or did I really want this?

"Well I'm going to pee on you anyways. Look up at me."

I looked up into Master's eyes and waited for it. It felt like ages as I stared into His eyes, a slight pervy grin on my face minced with the embarrassed blush on my cheeks. Then it happened... Suddenly with no forewarning, I felt a warm stream hit my body. It ran down my chest, past my stomach and flowed over my cunt, spilling onto the bath tub floor. I closed my eyes shut and started sniffing the air, expecting to catch scent of His urine. When I didn't, I opened my eyes and looked up at Him as the stream moved away from my body.

"What the?!"

A devilish grin formed across Master's lips and I immediately looked at His penis, then to His hand. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. I was tricked! I saw a stream of water flowing down Master's wrist past His pinky finger. It looked perfectly like a stream of piss would look like!

"Master?! You didn't really pee on me?!"

Master cackled so loud it echoed in the bathroom and I just stared at His crotch in amazement at what had just happened.

"No, I didn't really pee on you, but the look on your face says you liked it, and you definitely want me to do it."

'Clever' I thought to myself.

"Since you seemed to enjoy that so much, I'm actually going to do it. I know you want it, so here it comes."

He lifted my chin with his hand to force me to look at Him and I felt that familiar stream again. I sniffed for the smell of urine, and again, it was absent. I looked down and once again I feel for His dirty little trick. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Why are you toying with me so much, Master?"

"Because it's fun."

Master helped me off of my knees and we went about our shower like normal. Occasionally groping and playing with each other. At one point, Master ordered me on my knees again, and I asked to not be on my knees. I thought He was going to trick me again.

"No, I'm really going to pee on you this time."

"No you won't."

He stood there staring at me, as I stared back, looking at Him as if to say "You really won't do it. You can't bring yourself to do it." and then... Then it really happened. I felt a stream hitting my cunt spot on and I slowly looked down to see a light yellow stream coming from Master's cock flowing out right onto my body. I quickly looked up at Master. His arms at His sides and that dominant grin on His face.

I started blushing again as I felt His urine flow over me and down my legs. The sensation I felt overcome my body was strange. Was it arousal? It couldn't be... He stepped out of the way to let the water from the shower head rinse me off. I reached between my thighs only to find out I was soaking wet between my legs, and it wasn't due to the water... It was my own juices that covered my fingers. 

I brought my hand to eye level and spread my fingers, watching my juices string out between my fingers. Master smiled and reached between my legs to gather more of juices.

"This turned you on, didn't it, Anastassia?"

He looked at my fluids on his hand and grinned that devilish grin he had this entire time. "This is proof enough for me." He then shoved His fingers into my mouth and forced me to suck my own fluids off of His fingers. I tasted so sweet on His hand, and it turned me on even more.

All of this excitement during our shower only led to one thing, and that was sex, of course! Master came deep inside of me, and I reveled in everything that happened between us this morning, especially His pulsating cock that was spilling His seed into me.

I think it is safe to say that this is something I should get used to... Master urinating on me... 

Tonight we have a play party we are going to be attending, and I'm sure I'll have more fun stories to share tomorrow. Hope everyone has as fun of a weekend I seem to be having! Till next time.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beach Trip/Getaway

Ever since Master and I have been together, we have taken a trip almost every year to the Beach, mostly with His father who's mother owns the condo we stay at for free. This year, Master's mother joined us for this trip, and I had a lot of uneasy feelings about it from the beginning when I found out she would be attending. 

I'll skip all the nitty gritty details, but Master's mother can be a control freak at times and wants things set to a certain schedule (her schedule) when we take trips with her, and I expected this trip to be nothing short of lame and horrible. Luckily for us, it was very enjoyable (despite the hours of shopping we had to endure thanks to His mother) and we actually had some nice "adult fun" this trip. 

For instance, we actually got to sleep in the same bed for once! I know this may not seem like much, but when we take trips with His parents, they have the whole Christian old school view that if you're not married, it is a sin to sleep in the same bed with each other, so when we actually got away with doing this for the third night in a row, I was pretty ecstatic about it. We hate being forced to sleep alone. 

Our room was in the upstairs of the pent house portion of the condo and was completely separate from the rest of the condo. In the middle of one of the nights, Master and I were teasing and fondling each other under the covers. I would rub His cock through his pants till He was rock hard and when I tried to leave it at that, saying I was afraid His parents might come up the stairs at any moment, He was very quick to tell me other wise.

"On your hands and knees."

"But Master-!"

"On your hands and knees, now, Anastassia!" He growled at me and rolled me onto my stomach and started pulling my pants past my hips and down my legs. 

"Master, what if your paren-?!"

"I don't care. Get up on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you and you're going to enjoy it."

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this turned me on and I was soaking wet between my legs. Master pushed His cock in with ease, like a hot knife on butter and pushed deep inside of me. I felt my body go limp beneath Him and let Him take control of my body. All of me gave into Him as He thrust in and out of me.

I felt myself getting closer and I knew Master was too because I felt Him tense up as He pushed harder and deeper into me. We came together, our bodies crashing in sync from a very powerful orgasm. It wasn't long after that we passed out on the bed and slept completely through the night.

On one of the shopping trips we made, Master purchased a pair of shorts that I just have to share with you all. 

I found this very fitting and I have to agree. I'm pretty damn lucky to be able to suck on Master's amazing cock as much as what I do. Right after this picture was taken, you can bet your top dollar that I knelt down on my knees and took Master into my mouth. All too fitting of a moment to let something like this pass up. ^.^

The beach is an amazing place for Master and I, especially that very place where we come to every year. This is the place where we got our beginning, so to speak. When Master was at the beach 5 years ago, it was then we started talking to each other over myspace messages and really started getting to know each other. Master had just broke up with His girlfriend the week before that trip, and He says it was because of me that made that trip for him bearable. He would talk to me every night before going to bed while He was there, and we tentatively made plans to hang out when He came back home to the town where we live.

As Master and I were sitting on one of the balconies, staring at the ocean crashing on the shore as the sun went down, we reminisced together on how our relationship began. I had told Master that this place would always have a special place in my heart, not because of what this place meant to us as a couple, but because we have had so many fond memories made here. The beach is such a magical place for us, and that is why I'm always so excited to make the 10 hour trip it takes to get there.

It was saddening for us when it was time to leave, but more memories were made this year, and each time we go back, we always grow closer as a couple, and we grow as individuals there too. There is always next year...


Monday, May 27, 2013

Kinky Fun With Friends

As most of you know, whenever Master and I go to Panda and Angel's place to hang out, there is never a dull moment and we always have some sort of crazy fun. Yesterday was no different.

We arrived at their place around 3 p.m. and we had already decided that Panda would grill some BBQ chicken and I brought salad supplies over. We played bad mitten in the front yard while Panda grilled for us. At one point Angel had slipped and fell and scrapped up her leg right above her tattoo. I went in the house with her to make sure everything was alright, and luckily the scrape had stopped right above her tattoo, keeping it unscathed and undamaged. Which was a huge relief for her. 

Dinner was pretty good and afterwards Angel and I were ordered to strip down completely. Master had brought our Kink Bag with us, and he also brought some of our hitting implements. Both of our Masters traded off implements and beat our asses till they were hot and red. We were facing away from each other, so Angel was behind me on one side of the room and I was on the other. I could hear Panda laying into her ass, and I heard her gasping and her little noises. All the while my ass was taking a beating from Master, and I'd be lying if I said all of this didn't turn me on.

I don't if it was because Angel was getting her ass beat too, but I know that yesterday was the first time in a long time I withstood the amount of pain I did. There were several points where I just wanted it to stop. I pleaded Master to stop, but that seemed to only encourage Him more to keep going. I loved every moment of it though, and I am proud to say that I was able to endure that for Him. 

After some slight aftercare and both of us acting as foot rests for our Masters, we got our clothes back on and got some froyo's. Once we got back to their house we were stripped down again and they decided it would be fun to have us put on our clover clamps and have them connected to each other. The fun didn't stop there, though, as now Angel was being ordered by Panda to do laps around the house, and then she was ordered to get Him water. All the while we are connected by our nipples. I struggled to keep up with her, knowing if I didn't, I would experience an excruciating amount of pain. 

I'm not used to nipple torture anymore, so this was honestly a little more than I could handle. By the time everything was done and over with, I was reduced to tears. Don't get me wrong, though I really enjoyed the "torture" and I hope it happens again, but I think I'm going to need to train my body to withstand it again. Plus I love it when Master can make me cry. It doesn't happen very often, so moments like these I cherish. I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Eventually the nipple clamps came off and the blood came rushing back into my nipples, bringing that familiar sting of pain with it. Angel and I remained on the floor while our Masters sat on the couch. The cold floor felt amazing on my bare skin and for once I felt completely comfortable being naked in front of them. We all sat around and talked for a while and we talked about planning a weekend vacation together. Something I'm really looking forward to. 

Our evening switched with us going to the Lions Den with them (I think this is becoming a tradition with us hahah) and Master and I bought a few new toys. One of them I have wanted for a long time. A strap-on. At first when we were all looking at them, someone made a joke about getting one. It might have been me, I'm not sure, and at one point I said "There's no point, though. I'd have no one to use it on." I looked up and saw Panda pointing at Angel, who was turned away and unaware. 

A blush formed on my face, I know this for sure and looked away. I thought to myself "What? Me? Fucking Angel with a strap-on?" The thought drilled through my mind and admittedly, the thought is very hot to me. Whether or not this will actually happen, I honestly do not know. It's something we should all sit down and discuss even further, but the thought alone is appealing.

Master also got a new hitting implement (I don't like getting ass beatings or anything. lol) and he also got these things called Vampire Gloves that have little spikes sticking out of them. Needless to say I think our purchase was pretty darn awesome and I really enjoy those gloves. 

We spent the rest of our evening with them watching a show on Netflix and just having a great time together. I love our friends. Not only are they just great people and friends in general, but I can honestly say I love them and Master and I have a special bond with them that we don't have with anyone else. We sure are lucky and blessed. 

This weekend has been amazing.... ^.^

For Angel's take, check out her blog post here!


The Vampire Gloves. Master's hands look hot in them. ^.^;

The stingy side of our new hitting implement.
This side is more thuddy than anything.

My strap on. ^.^

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun For Two

I was lying on the bed completely naked, exposed to the cold air in the bed room. My whole body went rigid and I felt my nipples pucker as shivers embraced my body. Master was messing with something in the closet and I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. When Master had returned to my side, he brought neon pink vet wrap with Him. He also had our body wand sitting on the bed next to me.

"Spread your legs, Anastassia."

I opened my legs for Master and He sat Himself between them and starting wrapping my legs with the vet wrap. He picked up the body wand and with some adjustments placed the head of it against my clit and secured it in place. With a flick of His thumb, he had turned it on and it was vibrating against my clit. I felt my hips starting to move on their own, rubbing up against it. 

"Here's how this is going to work, Anastassia.... You're not allowed to cum today. No matter how close you get, you must not cum. Do you understand me?" 

I looked at Him with pleading eyes, but I knew He wouldn't budge, so I just nodded my head and said "Yes, Sir."

"Good girl."

He turned up the speed of the vibrations a little bit more till I was squirming. Next he grabbed at something on the bed. I wasn't sure what, but it became very clear when I felt something small, round, and cold touch my entrance and slide in. It was our Ben Wa balls. He placed the second one against me and pushed it in slowly. Both of them ice cold and making me even wetter. Master worked the balls around in me for a few minutes, stimulating me be rubbing one of them against my G-Spot. 

I rocked my hips against His hand, but He pulled his hand away and went back to messing with something else between my legs. I heard him squirting the lube on something and I knew what it was. I felt the all-too-familiar tip of one of my plugs up against my hole. He gently started pushing it into my ass until the first knot was in, then the second one. I could feel myself tensing up as the third, and larger, knot pushed against me, awaiting for entrance.

"Relax yourself. You're almost done."

I relaxed my body and I felt Him push that last knot in and I felt my insides grow full from it. This knot was bigger than I usually have in me, so it was a little hard getting used to it at first. Master got off the bed and walked around to my side of the bed and looked down at me. A smirk ran across His face.

"How to you feel be stuffing in all of your holes?"

"Technically, Sir, I'm not stuff in all of my holes. I'm still talking." I grinned at Him, hoping He would get the hint that I wanted His cock in my mouth.

"Hmm.. That's true. I think you need my cock in your mouth. Open wide." He released His hard cock from His pants and held it near my mouth. I turned my body so that I may take him deep into my mouth. The still vibrating wand pushed hard against my clit and my body jumped a little, which in turn caused Master's cock to fit deep in my throat. He start fucking my face and I felt myself get close.

Each move I made, I could felt my body moving against the plug, and I could feel the balls inside of me move around, bumping into the walls of my cunt. The cold that once bothered me seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly I felt warm all over and I wanted to cum so badly. Master sensed this and removed His cock from my mouth. He placed His finger below the body wand and gently caressed my wet nether lips, sending pleasure coursing through me. My hips moved, trying to get Hit fingers to enter me, but instead, He made it so that He was only running his finger along it. 

With each stroke I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax. 

"You're not going to cum, are you Anastassia?" He would ask tauntingly.

"No... Sir.." I managed to pant out.

"Are you sure?" He dipped a finger into my cunt finally, then another one.

All I kept thinking to myself was "Please don't cum.. Please don't cum. Don't do it.... You're not allowed!" As I thought this, Master found my G-Spot again and started rubbing it and gently massaging it as He turned up our wand to full blast.

"Don't cum.. don't cum! DON'T CUM!"

Master had pushed me over the edge and beyond and I came harder than ever before. I let out possibly the loudest scream He left me breathless, panting for the very air I breathe.

"Mmm.. Good girl. I knew I could force you to cum. You can't resist me." He smiled that lusty evil smile He does when He has made an accomplishment with me. "We're not done yet, though. Roll over and put this on."

He handed me my blind fold and head phones. I knew where this was going. Before He put my music on He came over to me "Open your mouth, you've earned a reward." I opened my mouth, awaiting his cock, but instead what I got was the big red ball gag shove into my mouth and locked tight behind my head. 

He started playing music on my phone so that I couldn't hear Him moving about the room. Only a minute went by before I felt the familiar sting of the horse hair flogger on my ass. The pain made me jump, but no matter how much I tried moving, Master was always on target, hitting my ass hard on the same spot on each cheek every time.

Master would switch it up every so often, beating me with our riding crop, and then taking the switch to my ass. I endured this long enough to feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and I could feel the heat radiating off my ass. He grasped my hair at one point after I thought the beatings had stopped and His bare hand came crashing down hard on my ass. I gurgled and screamed through my ball gag. Saliva poured past my lips and onto the bed with each blow.

The beatings finally ceased, but as Master said, more was to come for me today. He reached into my cunt again with his fingers and started pulling out the ben wa balls from inside of me. He also pulled the plug from my ass and gave me permission to take off my head phones and the blind fold. The light shining from the window blinded me and I squinted my eyes to see. 

The bed had a few puddles of my cum on it already, and the one puddle of drool. I smiled at the mess. I fucking love the way Master toys with me. He came back into the room and rolled me onto my back. "It's my turn, Anastassia. Spread your legs for me."

I did as I was told. I had been waiting for this moment. I finally got Master's cock inside of me and He pushed deep within me. Despite all of the high energy between us and the amazing orgasm I had earlier, I was ready to cum again. He fucked me as hard as He could, using my cunt as He poured His semen deep within my cunt. 

I love that feeling.

After our intense moment, we stayed curled up on the bed together, touching each other and as we came down from our high. Master and I cleaned up the bedroom and He treated me to dinner. Most of dinner was a blur, but I'm sure our waiter thought something was wrong with us, because Master and I had these stupid grins on our faces and I could barely talk without stuttering or saying "Uhm." a lot. I just couldn't think straight.

When we got home, Master had ordered me to strip down completely naked. We watched a movie together and ended the night with me giving Him a back massage. We were able to talk about our relationship last night and we learned some more things about each other that we did not know. We spoke of what we needed more in our relationship and vowed to make the changes that need to be made.

Overall we had a very good day together, and I'm sad it had to come to an end, but today is a new day, and there are experiences yet to be have by us. For all I know, today could be better than yesterday. You just never know till you live it out.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Permanent Mark

I have always wanted a tattoo ever since I was a teenager. Having a tattoo was something I have fantasized about for years, but I could never settle on one thing permanently before I'd think "No.. that would just end up being stupid and I'll regret it.

A few months ago, however, Master and I really started talking about getting myself a tattoo. Something that would mean a whole lot to both of us. But what? I told Master that I LOVE Celtic style stuff so we did some research online and found something very fitting, a Trinity knot. I thought about it for a while and decided I would love to have it on my body, but it needed something else. The knot alone wouldn't be enough. 

First we came up with a color pattern. I wanted the actual knot itself to be a dark red color, one of my favorite colors. Master decided the ring around it should be grey, to represent my collar around my neck. We agreed that this would be a great idea. Next we decided on the Celtic Runes that would go around the symbol itself. It took very little time before we settled on three that was just perfect. They all had meanings that meant a lot to us and it just felt right. 

All we had left to do was find a date and make an appointment. A part of me felt like this was actually something that would never happen, but last Sunday, we went to a local shop (the same shop I went to to get my nipples pierced) and they quickly set me up with a date. Thursday, May 16th at 6 p.m.... Right after work... and only four days later.

That's when it hit me. This was really going to happen. I was extremely nervous and excited. All week this week I had been frantic and fidgety. In the back of my head during work I would hear my own voice going "This is permanent. Once it's done, it's never going away. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Of course I was! This tattoo was more than just a tattoo. This tattoo represented us. This tattoo would represent my relationship with Master and how far we have come along in our relationship. Our struggles that were overcome, our growth and patient with each other. This was going to be something that would forever be with me till the day I die, and while this scared me, I was ready for it and I was prepared to endure what ever pain it would take to be forever marked for Master. 

Even if something ever happens to us, it will still be a reminder to me that I overcame so much in my life, and I just know I won't regret it. Plus, it's awesome looking. Haha

Thursday evening came faster than I expected. Though I knew I was going to have Master by my side, I decided I wanted a friend to come along with me, and luckily for me one of my friends (who has I think 4 or 5 tattoos herself) was available and was texting me. I nonchalantly told her I was going to be getting a tattoo that evening and she asked if she could come, so I seized that opportunity and said we would pick her up on the way to the shop.

Having her and Master there was a huge help, especially with how nervous I was. After signing a waver saying I was over 21 years of age and I was not under the influence, the tattoo artists prepped the area and me for my tattoo. He sketched out a stencil and pasted it to my back. Slowly he peeled it away and had me look in the mirror. Immediately I know I was going to love it and was ready to get this done.

I remembered to wear my sports bra because I knew I was going I going to have to take my shirt off for where it was going to be placed. So off my shirt went and I laid down on my stomach on the chair/table he had. He did a test and asked how it felt. I told him it hurt and all he said was "Okay" and went to work. Haha

I'm going to tell all of you who don't have tattoos... if someone tells you getting a tattoo doesn't hurt, they are a liar and do NOT believe them. Then again, to some people it doesn't hurt. Some find tattoos pleasurable. Unfortunately I am not one of those people who do. The best way to describe it was it felt like someone was taking a scalpel and just cutting right into my shoulder blade. While he was doing the outlining it did, anyways. 

Honestly, the worst part of the tattooing process was when he was shading. Regardless of the pain, it was worth it in the end, and after it was all done and over with, I told Master I was ready to get another one. Funny enough, I wasn't kidding. The pain is well worth it, and I would gladly endure the pain again and again. As they say "No pain, no gain."

Cleaning it and taking care of it is fairly easy, and luckily for me Master is kind enough to tend to my healing tattoo and has been taking care of it for me. It's in a kind of hard to reach place for me, so it's always nice to have someone who can help you take care of things like this. 

As weird as it may seem, this tattoo has some interesting effects on our sex life. We had sex for the first time today since getting it done (I know, I know, it's only been two days!) and the sex was amazing. Master took me from behind and just knowing He could see my tattoo when He looked at me made me feel so submissive and calm. I felt like I was in the right place and feel so right. 

I am permanently marked for Master.. and I couldn't be happier.

NOW! Enough talk! Have a look at the tattoo! ^.^

Freshly done at the tattoo shop. So bad ass!!
Our friend gave Master this pendant to match my tattoo. =)


P.S. Top left rune means Harmony, Wisdom and Love, the Top Right Rune means Wealth, Fertility, and Success, and the bottom Rune means Harvest, Growth, and Rebirth

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An After Work Treat

Today has been one long and busy day at work. It dragged on and by the time I got out of there I was in a sour mood and ready to confine myself in solitude. Though as much as I'd like to do that, it would be nearly impossible, especially if I wanted to be near Master. 

Master brought me to His place and we ate a light dinner together and watched the evening news. We talked about random things and decided it would be nice to have some kinky fun this evening. Master brainstormed a bit while I laid down on the bed and relaxed. 

"What would you like to do?"

"Sir, there is a really good reason why I want you to take control. You decide what happens."

A grin formed on Masters lips, "Do you have your head phones?"

"Yes, Sir. They are in my purse. Why?"

He reached over and tossed my purse at me. I started digging through it and eventually got it untangled from the pens and my work badge that share the same slot. Master ordered me to plug my ears up with my ear buds and to start listening to music on my phone. He also handed me a blind fold.

"Put this on, and you might want to take off your pants."

For some reason I didn't think to put my phone down, so I struggled to pull my pants down, so Master reached over the bed and pulled them off my hips and over my thighs, bringing them past my ankles and tossing them to the floor. I don't wear panties anymore, so that made undressing me fairly easy.

He had me get on all fours and rest my head on a pillow near the foot of the bed. He gently, but firmly, pressed his hand against the middle of my back so that my torso was against the bed and my ass was high in the air. Easy access for Him. I finally found a song I wanted to listen to, clicked play and let Master take over. 

Softly, His finger tips trailed down my spine and over my bare bottom. His light touches sending shivers through me. My skin tingled at his touch as He caressed near my clean shaven cunt. He would get close, but never actually touch me between my legs. I felt a smack against my right cheek. Was it one of our crops? I couldn't quite tell. I felt another stinging blow on my other cheek. 

Definitely the crop. He would tap a few times then switch to the other cheek, but Master caught me off guard when He hit me with the crop directly on my cunt and against my clit. I lurched forward and a loud gasp escaped my lips. I'm sure of it. All I could hear was Florence + The Machine playing in my ears while my body grew rigid from that last blow.

I did my best to relax back, but Master continued beating my ass, alternating between my two ripened cheeks. Eventually I felt heat radiating off of my bottom, and I knew they were turning red. Master grasped a large handful of my hair on the back of my head and yanked me up onto my knees. He kissed my lips and then buried my face back into the pillow below me. 

Master went back to beating my ass with the crop, but in the middle somewhere He switched to our cane and gave me quite a few nasty swats with it. There was something about not being able to hear Him coming at me that made it hurt ten times worse, but I reveled in the pain I was receiving. Occasionally Master would change the songs for me, but He stopped on one song and it almost made me cringe. It was a song that I would never want to have a moment like this with it playing, but He forced me to listen to Dean Martin's Ain't That A Kick In The Head (a song I'd love on any other day and any other moment). 

As soon as He clicked pay He pushed my head hard into the pillow and went to town spanking my ass with His bare hand. I struggled against Him, trying to move and squirm away. I protested the song, all the while laughing as the sheer silliness of it all. Eventually I gave in and it was oddly arousing hearing that particular song while Master punished my bottom with His bare hand. It felt... kinky... in it's own little way. So I smiled and really enjoyed the spankings I received. Master even took the time to spank my cunt as well, making it swell up. I could feel my nether lips pulsating from the abuse it had received.

Master flicked His finger against my clit, toying with it and making me squirm beneath Him. He slipped a finger deep inside of me with ease, as I was wet with all the excitement going on. His finger was in me for only a mere second before He moved His hand away from me completely. For a few seconds there was nothing. No touching, and it seemed like no movement in the room.

Suddenly I felt hands touching my head and grasping my hair. Master was pulling me forward towards Him, till I felt the tip of His cock against my lips. I welcomed His cock into my mouth and took all of Him in. HE was all the way in the back of my throat and I resisted the urge to gag, though my reflex was making that very difficult. He pulled His cock partially out of my mouth and slid it all the way back in again.

I did what comes naturally to me and starting pleasing Master with my mouth to the best of my abilities. I sucked and licked at His cock and teased His shaft. He didn't let me praise His cock for too long before He was having me turn around. A part of me was confused as to why this was happening, but it didn't take long for my question to be answered. The tip of His cock was pressed against my wet hole, and my body begged for Him to enter. Slowly, He entered me from behind and pushed Himself deep into me.

I buried my face in the bed, breathing deeply as I felt him fill me up. I had never imagined that I would be so aroused by Him spanking me while listening to seemingly inappropriate music, but it worked and I loved every moment of it. 

Sadly the story here takes a lame turn of events, as we had to stop right in the middle because I became nauseated out of nowhere, but what little fun we did have was great and I highly enjoyed it. I hope we get to continue this some other time this week. I've ended up laying in bed most of this evening with a stupid tummy ache. I've started feeling better recently, though, so maybe we can have more fun soon. I'll let you all know if anything else happens. 

Sorry for the lame ending. I promise I'll have more interesting and exciting stories to share in the near future. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Stuff and Updates

Sorry things have been so quiet over this way. Master and I have been extremely busy. I work full time now and He is taking classes full time and working part time. So needless to say we don't have a whole lot of time on our hands here as of late.

We have, however, been adding more toys to our kink collection and a lot more improvements have happened in our relationship. More on that later, though.

I kind of want to back up to about a month ago when Master and I had that amazing moment between us. Ever since then I feel like our relationship has benefited from it so much and everything has just fallen into place for us. I feel more submissive to Him than ever and I feel like something triggered within me and a new more subservient me has came out. I think that has been a relief for both of us.

That very weekend I also got this pretty cool corset/vest at the Steele City convention. The woman who sold it to me works at a corset shop in Pittsburgh and sells them for a living. She was also very flirtatious with me and smacked my ass after she briefly mentioned spanking and I nonchalantly said I was into that sort of thing. Definitely had the kinkster vibe about her. It was pretty awesome. ^.^
Close up look at the pattern.

Also, a complimentary fan to go with it! ^.^
Master and I have also been trying new things. I've been trying to learn to speak with more of a "lady-like" demeanor about me and trying to limit my cussing. We have also been exercising a lot more and I have been eating a lot healthier and avoid all fast food at all costs. So far it is paying off because I've already lost nearly ten pounds within the last month and my waist is starting to get smaller. I still have a lot of work to do this summer. I have made a promise to myself to be more active this summer so that I can be in better shape and lose the weight I need to lose. It's a bit stressful, but I'm not going to let that get me down.

Last weekend we also stayed the night with Angel and Panda for the first time in a few months, and that was pretty fun! We played with the frisbee out in their front yard, after having some delicious grilled burgers and hot dogs. We followed that up with an evening of playing Cards Against Humanity and involving a drinking game with it. Before the night was over, Angel and I were both naked and I had that warm fuzzy feeling coursing through my body. 

The next morning I helped cook breakfast with Angel and we ate together before we left for home. It was pretty fun to hang out with them. ^.^

As I stated earlier, we also added more toys to our kink collection, so here are some pictures of what we added!

Ben Wa Balls

New Anal plug!

This right here on the left is called a Neo Wand, but it is pretty much the same thing as a violet wand. Sadly it does not zap nearly as much as the violet wand, but it works pretty well and is strong enough, so it will do just fine for us. ^.^

When we first bought it, we were hanging out with Angel and Panda and they got a chance to play with it too. I can't wait to have more chances to play with this again and possibly get some cool pictures of it in action!

This week Master and I have been able to get outside a lot more as the weather has been great here. It's been sunny all week and the temperature has been in the high 70's and low 80's. So we have been going to the park and being more active. This week has also seemed to be a great week for sex for us because we've had a decent amount of sex. I don't know what has been going on with us, but it's like we're suddenly horny teenagers again, exploring each others bodies and taking advantage of the moments we get to touch each other. I've also been more vigorous about sucking Master's cock this week, which he has been extremely appreciative over. 

Master has finals this week and it started earlier this week, so He has been stressed, and sex seems to really calm Him down, so maybe that is why I'm more sexually active with Him. Regardless, we are both reaping the benefits from it and sex always brings us closer and we feel more bonded after it. So overall life is pretty great over this way. 

Again I am sorry for the long gap between posts. I'm going to try to post a lot more, it's just been difficult with our busy schedules. So have this fun little photo to look at! Till next time! ^.^


P.S. Master and I went looking for possible engagement rings and wedding bands. It;s safe to say we are finally getting serious about marriage and I think we have already found the winner as far as rings go! Master still wants to look around some more, and He's planning on surprising me with His choice once we pick out a few. It's pretty exciting, and I'm actually nervous! >.<

Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend has been nothing short of incredible. I'm not even sure where exactly I can start... I guess this all began Saturday afternoon while we were at Carter Caves exploring the X Cave with a tour guide and a group of people. At the beginning of the tour we were kind of in a corner where our backs where against the cave wall when suddenly I felt a familiar hand grasping my ass and squeezing it tight. I knew it was Master, and though and I wanted to sway my hips and move myself against him, I stayed straight faced and acted as if nothing was going on so no one would notice.

Later on in the tour, I knew what was going to happen. At some point during a cave tour, the guide turns out all of the light and in knowing that, I knew Master was going to take full advantage of the situation. Sure enough when the tour guide mentioned he was about to turn off the lights, Master leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Move your arms to your side. I'm going grope you so much. You need to stand still and not make any noise. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master." I quietly whispered back to Him.

As soon as the lights went off I felt His hands all over me. Grasping my ass and breasts. I felt him lean in and gently bite on my collar bone. It took every bit of energy to not moan out in pleasure. Before I knew it the moment was over and the lights were back on again. It was a nice little treat to experience, but little did I know that that was just an appetizer for the main course we were about to experience as soon as we would get home...

Upon arriving back at Master's place, not a whole lot was going on. There was some minor groping going on between us on the car ride home, but nothing too terribly serious. We had a small dinner and after our stomachs settled we moved up to His room where it was quiet and calm. I had turned on the Pandora app on Masters phone and we started listening to the music while lying next to each other on the bed. 

I was so relaxed that we finally had a quiet moment with one another. I leaned in for a kiss and pulled Master close to me. His lips were so soft, like they always are, and our kisses went from soft and teasing to hard and passionate ones. Master had climbed on top of me and was holding me down as we kissed. I'm not sure when, but at some point His shirt came off and mine was being pushed up and over my breasts. 

I stopped Master and looked into His eyes "Master... I really do want to have sex with you, but can we please just keep it simple right now? I've missed your touch so much and I need that right now."

"Sure thing, Anastassia."

Master rolled over onto His back as I climbed up between His legs, kissing his stomach tenderly, trailing my lips from His stomach to His chest. I slowly made my way up till I was straddling Him, feeling His hard cock through our jeans pressed against my cunt.

Low moans escaped His throat as I showered Him with kisses. I vaguely remember hearing music at the time, as all that mattered in the moment was Him and myself. I felt my inhibitions fade as we continued our kissing and touching. At some point I was pinned on my back beneath Him and He started biting on my collar bone. With my nails digging into His back, I felt something in Master change. 

Something seemed different....

The energy between us was so charged and strong, I felt as if we were both about to explode. Master lifted Himself off of me and looked me directly in the eyes. In that moment, I knew something inside Him had triggered. A deeper, darker side of Him that I had always hoped I would some day see. I saw nothing but pure lust and desire in His eyes. A look that was haunting to me and sent shivers throughout my entire being. In that moment... if there was any shred of doubt, I knew I was His and His only.

"Anastassia... I need you. I need to be inside of you. I need to take you here and now. I feel like if we don't stop this, I won't be able to control myself."

I remained silent, pulling Him back down to me to kiss Him more. Grinding my body against His, aching for more of this attention I have craved for so long. He kissed me hard and immediately started biting me again. Biting into my neck till it actually hurt and I thought He would break the skin.

"Show me, Master." I pleaded through the tears now welling up in my eyes. "Show me this side of you. Give me your all."

"I'm afraid I might hurt you...."

As if to say 'I don't care' I pulled Him back to me and kissed Him some more, dragging my nails down His back and scratching Him up. He responded with more biting and in one quick motion was literally ripping my pants off of me. I struggled to keep them on, but my strength was no match to His as He pulled them over my knees and placed my legs on His shoulders. 

His eyes were dark and almost menacing and the Master I once knew who always put my needs and desires first was long gone. All that was left was His wants and needs. He wanted to take me, possibly even hurt me in the process. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting off on it either.

I felt His fingers gently glide over the lips of cunt, just on top, coaxing my hips to move so that His fingers would be inserted in me. He kept His hand steady, however, so that wouldn't happen. His face gleaming with a devilish smile as He teased me between my legs. Gradually He slipped a finger inside of me all the way to His knuckle. Then a second finger. He pumped His fingers in and out of me as fast as He could go, bringing more tears to my eyes. It was overwhelming, the energy between us, and what He was doing to me.

Quickly, He took His fingers away and got off the bed. "Get up." He half growled at me. Willing to obey His every command, I did. I stood up in front of Him with the bed behind me. He leaned His face in, inching closer and closer till our lips barely touched, when suddenly He grabbed a fistful of my hair and gripped it hard, quickly turning me to face the bed and forcing my face against the sheets. He was pressing me down as hard as He could.

"I must have you now, my slut." He growled into my ear, "I don't care if it hurts you, and I don't care if you're not ready. I'm going to fuck you because I can." And with that I felt His cock ram deep into my cunt, setting me ablaze as I stifled a whimper. He thrust His hips as hard and as fast as He could into me, all the while holding me down by my head. He pulled Himself out of me and faced me toward Him again.

"On your knees. Suck on it." He motioned to His cock, soaked in my juices. Eagerly, I dropped to my knees and took all of Him into my mouth. It was strange. Usually I never like how I taste, but that night? I loved it. I reveled in the fact that this was happening and that He was forcing me to suck His cock while covered in my own fluids. It tasted heavenly to me.

I let His cock out of my mouth only for a moment to speak "I love the way I taste on you, Sir."

"Good, now get back to work." He said as He shoved His cock deep into my throat, holding my head there. I did my best not to gag on Him. After much tender sucking and licking on His cock, He forced me back onto the bed, holding me down again as He started to fuck me again with all of His might from behind. All the while of doing this, He was biting my back and shoulders, and scratching my back in the midst. My whole body was under His spell and I wasn't about to let that slip away.

I moaned into the sheets and gripped the bed as He pushed Himself deep into me and came inside of me, filling me up with His cum. It seemed like an eternity as we kept our positions with me bent over the bed and Him inside of me. Slowly, He pulled Himself out of me and bit me one last time before letting me stand back up. I was certain I would have bruises after everything that had just happened, but sadly I do not.

I'm not quite sure what happened that night between us. It's hard to really describe how He seemed so different. It was like He had turned into some sort of animal and His primal instincts took over. Whatever the case, it was something we both needed and I think it will have a lasting impression on the both of us. Even today, as I sit here and type this, I feel like a whole new person myself. I have felt more submissive to Him and more eager than ever to serve Him. My needs seem so distant now compared to His, and I love it. 

Whatever it was... it was good, and that is definitely something we truly needed.