Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun For Two

I was lying on the bed completely naked, exposed to the cold air in the bed room. My whole body went rigid and I felt my nipples pucker as shivers embraced my body. Master was messing with something in the closet and I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. When Master had returned to my side, he brought neon pink vet wrap with Him. He also had our body wand sitting on the bed next to me.

"Spread your legs, Anastassia."

I opened my legs for Master and He sat Himself between them and starting wrapping my legs with the vet wrap. He picked up the body wand and with some adjustments placed the head of it against my clit and secured it in place. With a flick of His thumb, he had turned it on and it was vibrating against my clit. I felt my hips starting to move on their own, rubbing up against it. 

"Here's how this is going to work, Anastassia.... You're not allowed to cum today. No matter how close you get, you must not cum. Do you understand me?" 

I looked at Him with pleading eyes, but I knew He wouldn't budge, so I just nodded my head and said "Yes, Sir."

"Good girl."

He turned up the speed of the vibrations a little bit more till I was squirming. Next he grabbed at something on the bed. I wasn't sure what, but it became very clear when I felt something small, round, and cold touch my entrance and slide in. It was our Ben Wa balls. He placed the second one against me and pushed it in slowly. Both of them ice cold and making me even wetter. Master worked the balls around in me for a few minutes, stimulating me be rubbing one of them against my G-Spot. 

I rocked my hips against His hand, but He pulled his hand away and went back to messing with something else between my legs. I heard him squirting the lube on something and I knew what it was. I felt the all-too-familiar tip of one of my plugs up against my hole. He gently started pushing it into my ass until the first knot was in, then the second one. I could feel myself tensing up as the third, and larger, knot pushed against me, awaiting for entrance.

"Relax yourself. You're almost done."

I relaxed my body and I felt Him push that last knot in and I felt my insides grow full from it. This knot was bigger than I usually have in me, so it was a little hard getting used to it at first. Master got off the bed and walked around to my side of the bed and looked down at me. A smirk ran across His face.

"How to you feel be stuffing in all of your holes?"

"Technically, Sir, I'm not stuff in all of my holes. I'm still talking." I grinned at Him, hoping He would get the hint that I wanted His cock in my mouth.

"Hmm.. That's true. I think you need my cock in your mouth. Open wide." He released His hard cock from His pants and held it near my mouth. I turned my body so that I may take him deep into my mouth. The still vibrating wand pushed hard against my clit and my body jumped a little, which in turn caused Master's cock to fit deep in my throat. He start fucking my face and I felt myself get close.

Each move I made, I could felt my body moving against the plug, and I could feel the balls inside of me move around, bumping into the walls of my cunt. The cold that once bothered me seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly I felt warm all over and I wanted to cum so badly. Master sensed this and removed His cock from my mouth. He placed His finger below the body wand and gently caressed my wet nether lips, sending pleasure coursing through me. My hips moved, trying to get Hit fingers to enter me, but instead, He made it so that He was only running his finger along it. 

With each stroke I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax. 

"You're not going to cum, are you Anastassia?" He would ask tauntingly.

"No... Sir.." I managed to pant out.

"Are you sure?" He dipped a finger into my cunt finally, then another one.

All I kept thinking to myself was "Please don't cum.. Please don't cum. Don't do it.... You're not allowed!" As I thought this, Master found my G-Spot again and started rubbing it and gently massaging it as He turned up our wand to full blast.

"Don't cum.. don't cum! DON'T CUM!"

Master had pushed me over the edge and beyond and I came harder than ever before. I let out possibly the loudest scream He left me breathless, panting for the very air I breathe.

"Mmm.. Good girl. I knew I could force you to cum. You can't resist me." He smiled that lusty evil smile He does when He has made an accomplishment with me. "We're not done yet, though. Roll over and put this on."

He handed me my blind fold and head phones. I knew where this was going. Before He put my music on He came over to me "Open your mouth, you've earned a reward." I opened my mouth, awaiting his cock, but instead what I got was the big red ball gag shove into my mouth and locked tight behind my head. 

He started playing music on my phone so that I couldn't hear Him moving about the room. Only a minute went by before I felt the familiar sting of the horse hair flogger on my ass. The pain made me jump, but no matter how much I tried moving, Master was always on target, hitting my ass hard on the same spot on each cheek every time.

Master would switch it up every so often, beating me with our riding crop, and then taking the switch to my ass. I endured this long enough to feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and I could feel the heat radiating off my ass. He grasped my hair at one point after I thought the beatings had stopped and His bare hand came crashing down hard on my ass. I gurgled and screamed through my ball gag. Saliva poured past my lips and onto the bed with each blow.

The beatings finally ceased, but as Master said, more was to come for me today. He reached into my cunt again with his fingers and started pulling out the ben wa balls from inside of me. He also pulled the plug from my ass and gave me permission to take off my head phones and the blind fold. The light shining from the window blinded me and I squinted my eyes to see. 

The bed had a few puddles of my cum on it already, and the one puddle of drool. I smiled at the mess. I fucking love the way Master toys with me. He came back into the room and rolled me onto my back. "It's my turn, Anastassia. Spread your legs for me."

I did as I was told. I had been waiting for this moment. I finally got Master's cock inside of me and He pushed deep within me. Despite all of the high energy between us and the amazing orgasm I had earlier, I was ready to cum again. He fucked me as hard as He could, using my cunt as He poured His semen deep within my cunt. 

I love that feeling.

After our intense moment, we stayed curled up on the bed together, touching each other and as we came down from our high. Master and I cleaned up the bedroom and He treated me to dinner. Most of dinner was a blur, but I'm sure our waiter thought something was wrong with us, because Master and I had these stupid grins on our faces and I could barely talk without stuttering or saying "Uhm." a lot. I just couldn't think straight.

When we got home, Master had ordered me to strip down completely naked. We watched a movie together and ended the night with me giving Him a back massage. We were able to talk about our relationship last night and we learned some more things about each other that we did not know. We spoke of what we needed more in our relationship and vowed to make the changes that need to be made.

Overall we had a very good day together, and I'm sad it had to come to an end, but today is a new day, and there are experiences yet to be have by us. For all I know, today could be better than yesterday. You just never know till you live it out.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend!



  1. What a wonderful recapturing or your magical moment together. You are one lucky girl! Have a great memorial day weekend.

  2. Hi Anastasia.

    I would love to be a fly on that wall. Lol

    Wish my man would treat me to some of this. He's still a little too vanilla but I'm working on that.

    This was seriously hot!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you! ^.^