Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Hitachi Experience

Yesterday started off promising once I started receiving texts from Angel about how she wanted to use her Hitachi on me. Of course, how can one deny having a pretty girl play with them? ;P So I of course agreed to it, even though I was scared out of my mind, and I was nervous. Honestly, I almost backed out, but I sucked it up and it was well worth it. We'll get to that in a bit, though.

Master and I ended up going over to Angel and Panda's around 6:30. Upon arriving there, I was pretty much ordered to take off the shirt and bra I was wearing so Master could put me in the brand new corset I bought. I wanted to show it off anyways. It was kind of funny because up until that point, Panda was in the back of the apartment, so the moment he first saw me, I was shirtless in in their apartment. XD Something tells me he wasn't phased at all. Haha.

I wore the corset for a bit, but after a while, I had tot take it off, because lets face it, those things, as pretty as they are, are not really meant for comfort. It was kind of hard to breathe in it, but the pain was well worth it. Master and Panda ended up leaving to grab something to eat, and that gave Angel and I the time to catch up, and I also got to show her a few new toys that Master and I had recently bought. ^.^ 

As Master and Panda walked through the door, they saw me putting up the new vibrating glass dildo I had, and started making jokes and sarcastically saying "Oh, you were just showing it to her, huh?" Perverts. lol We all ate dinner and watched CharDee MacDennis of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Which was pretty darn funny.

Shortly after the episode, that's when the fun began. We all went to the bedroom, where Master took my pants off from me, and I was tied to their bed. I remember thinking it was kind of funny that I didn't seem to care I was lying in the same bed where Angel and Panda sometimes had their relations. Honestly, that sort of thing bothers me, but not with them. It's not that I like it, but I just.. don't mind, is the best way to put it. I also remember feeling very nervous, scared, and even excited. 

The only bed I've ever been bound to was my own Master's bed, so it was definitely different. I really like the set up they had on their bed though. Really need to look into bed restraints. Though rope is nice too. Anyways, I got tied to the bed, and Angel was almost instantly between my legs with the Hitachi. At least it felt that way. When she turned it on, that buzzing noise filled my brain with so many outcomes, and I felt tense. Mainly from being nervous.

She worked on me for.. I'd say about an hour with the Hitachi Wand, and they were all surprised to see I hadn't cum a single time. I tried explaining over and over it's hard to make me cum, and really it can be, but the fact I was so nervous definitely played a part. I knew all eyes were upon me, even if it wasn't the whole entire time, and as exciting as that was, it was also scary. I will admit, though. I enjoyed it very thoroughly. 

I only felt truly bad when Master stepped in and He was the one who made me reach orgasm. A part of me felt like I had failed Angel in some form or fashion, or that I had made her feel she didn't do well. Honestly, she was very nice to me, and she really didn't do anything wrong. I really did want to cum for her. Is that.. odd to say? I'm a little upset I didn't, cause I tried letting go for her.. I really did. I just.. don't know why I just couldn't. Maybe it was several things at once, but it definitely had nothing to do with her, and I pray to God Himself that she realizes that. 

A part of me wonders if it had been just the two of us in there, and no one else looking, I might have came for her last night. I just.. I really hope it didn't damper her mood or anything. Regardless, they got to see me cum, and I think that was part of the point. I still want a Hitachi, though. Maybe some other time.

After I came down from the orgasm that Master helped me reach, we all sat around and plated some games. Which was pretty fun. I was hoping to also be able to play with Angel a bit, but she just wasn't feeling well. I could understand that, plus I noticed she was really protesting it, and I just wouldn't have felt comfortable doing anything to her, knowing that she was not 100% up for it. I didn't like hearing and seeing her upset, and I was afraid that she would have lost respect for me if I went through with it. 

I walked into the room and took her out of the arm restraints on the bed, and took off her blindfold. Knowing how sex and sexual activities can tend to be very.. sensitive for her, I suppose is the best way to put it, I ended up cradling her in my arms, telling her to calm down, and that I wasn't going to do anything against her will. She seemed to relax almost immediately, and she went from what seemed like a very tense and unhappy girl, to the happy Angel I saw earlier that evening, and that brought a certain joy into my heart. Knowing that something so simple as what I did could bring her to happiness. 

She stayed snuggled up to me for a bit, before we all went back to the living room where we spent the rest of the night talking, telling scary stories and having fun. All in all, I think last night went well, and I was very happy to see them again. After some things we covered last night, though, I found it very hard to sleep. In fact, I didn't fall asleep until sometime after 4 in the morning.

This morning, however, I realized I had left my corset at their place, so on my way to Master's place, we stopped by and retrieved the corset from Angel. She looked like she hadn't been up long, and she was so darn cute. I couldn't resist the urge to hug her and give her a kiss on the head before leaving for Master's place. 

This upcoming Saturday, there is a New Years Eve kink party going on, and it looks like Master and I may be attending. Angel and Panda are hoping to go, if neither of them fall ill and if they are feeling up to it, so I'm hoping I can see them there along with a bunch of other wonderful people I haven't seen in a while. ^.^

I suppose that is all I have to say right now, so I'm going to get back to my newest obsession, which is H.P. Lovecraft. Hope everyone has been having a great time.


P.S. If you wish to see Angel's side of the night, check it out here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Have A Feeling...

Tonight is going to be something else. For the last half hour I've been getting these naughty texts from Angel saying that she's going to use her Hitachi on me and restrain me and stuff.. RAWR!!! I REALLY have no idea how to react to this, other than blush and frantically move about the house in a fit of flustered embarrassment! I DON'T KNOW~!!! *flails about*

I'm excited, but scared, but in good ways. My biggest fear is that if this does happen, I'm going to cum and I've never came in front of anyone like that. The thought is scary, but hot and I really... just have NO idea.. my god... MREH~!!!

She.. is such a freaking tease.. and funny enough.. this whole teasing and promising has me kind of turned on too. Okay.. yeah.. I am turned on. *blush* Crap.. she's probably reading this too.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Back With Updates!

For almost a week now, I have pretty much been on a hiatus and hadn't really posted anything. Guess it really doesn't matter though, anyways. Lets just say I've been pretty busy with the holiday stuff and also spending some time with Master and what-not. This past week has been pretty hectic. I had to work Christmas Eve which was complete bullshit because I missed out on yet another Christmas with my family. Needless to say, each Christmas seems to get worse and worse. 

This year, all the grand kids gathered around for a picture with momaw, and of course, I was the only one missing. Needless to say, I cried pretty hard over it. I know it may seem silly, but to me it is a big deal and it was just heart breaking to know that there would be a picture of momaw and all the grandchildren, but I'm the only one who isn't in it. I hold pictures very dear to me, and I always have. So pictures are a very special thing to me.

At the very least, I got to see Master's family, so that was nice. They are always so welcoming of me, and they are always really nice to me. I also got a really nice camera for Christmas that takes some amazing photo's. Plus, Master's parents were nice enough to get me some gifts as well, and His dad got me the newest Photoshop program to date. ^.^ So I get to learn how to mess with that. Yay! That should keep me busy for a while!

A couple days before Christmas, though, Master and I went to the Lion's Den where we got a hogtie kit and another glass dildo that came with an insert-able vibrator bullet that had ten different speeds. ^.^ That was pretty fun. I'll post up some pictures and the video later in another post. It was definitely very... very nice. 

Christmas evening, my cousin, Kyle, came over and stayed the night, so it was nice spending some time with him. We took him home last night after going to the mall. Got him a late present there. 

Lately, I've been really.. well not sick.. but I've been getting really nauseated as of late and it's been pretty bad. It seems like no matter how healthy I eat, or how little I eat, I seem to always feel sick. I'm seriously about to give up food altogether. I'm sick of feeling like I'm going to throw up all the time. Plus I have IBS and it seems like nothing EVER helps with that either. So going out is not much of an option. I'm just hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow, because Master and I are supposed to go see Angel and Panda to hang out and give each other late Christmas presents too. I haven't seen them in a while, and I'd like to not be sick so I can see them. 

Plus, I'd REALLY like to get my hands on a Hitachi Wand, because I STILL have to wait to get one. I don't know why Master thinks Panda and Angel got us one for Christmas. It's kind of expensive, at least they were $60 on amazon last I checked. I'm pretty sure they are wanting to save their money, which is perfectly fine with me. I would have been fine even if they hadn't bought anything for us at all. I just want to see them. lol Either way, I'm thankful. ^.^

Tomorrow afternoon, Master and I are supposed to hang out with some friends we haven't seen for a while since our plans with Angel and Panda aren't until 6pm-ish. So that gives us plenty of time to have some alone time, and see some other friends too. ^.^ I'm excited.

I've also come to the conclusion a few days ago that I'm a pretty bitter person for someone who is only 20 years old. It's kind of sad, but funny. I came to this realization when I saw all these stupid people posting stupid shit online the other day, and I found myself making fun of them and basically calling them idiots. Well.. I thought a few other things too, but I've also just.. I've just been mean, to be honest. I'm not proud of it at all, but I guess I had just had enough of people saying stupid shit and just spoke my mind right on the spot. Perhaps being a little too blunt for normal. 

Gotta work on that, I suppose.

Also, a side note, I hate those commercials showing animals that have been abused an neglected. That is an insta-cry moment for me, and thankfully Master just changed the channel. God, I hate those commercials. =/

Welp, I'm going to wrap this up, and I'll be making a post soon showing off that video and pictures of our newest toys. ^.^ Hope everyone had a great Christmas. 


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday was, of course, a very busy day. There was quite a bit to accomplish since Master finally had a day off the same time I did. We spent most of yesterday running errands, taking care of last minute presents, doing chores, and Master even got His hair cut! (It looks great). 

We started off our day kind of early, but not so much, around 10:30 and headed back to His house. We got a shower in, and even got to have some much needed sex. (Seriously. Waiting two weeks was ridiculous. I'm so glad my period is over). After we got ourselves cleaned up and ready to go, we headed to get His hair cut. I'm pretty happy about this. I love the way Master looks when He gets His hair cut. ^.^ That's not to say He looked bad before. I just like short hair on Him better than long hair. Plus He shaved after our shower too, so He's all cleaned up nice. X3

We then went to the bank, took care of a few things there, headed to my house where I washed the dishes for my mom. (She's doing a LOT better than she was a year ago, but she still needs help around the house). After that we finally got to head up to the mall where we did some last minute Christmas shopping. After we got our gifts, we went back to Master's place where we wrapped up the presents. We even got to have a little bit of fun wrapping His dad's present. XD

Master thought it would be funny to make His dad work for his present this year, and of course, I love doing the same thing to people too, so of course I had to get in on it. We wrapped his present in LOTS of tissue paper, Taped it to the bottom of the box, then stuffed tissue paper AROUND it. Next we taped the top of the box tot he bottom, then wrapped the box in two different wrapping papers. Of course, it's quite obvious what our finishing touch was.... A shit ton of bows! XD And if you look closely, some bows were put on top of other ones. Lol 

When His dad saw it, the look on his face was priceless. He really has no idea what he's in for. Hahaha

After all that fun was done and over with, Master and I took a trip out to Milton to explore The Lion's Den. While there, we got a hog tie set, and another glass dildo what came with a vibrator. I can't wait to try them out! ^.^ Hopefully, i can post pictures later on so I can show them off. 

I was a little bummed out though, because I didn't realize till after Master had already put the items up there to buy, there was a Hitachi wand there, which I want SO very bad. Master won't let me buy one until after the holidays are over though, and I'm not sure why. He just wants me to wait, so I guess I'll just wait. There is also another toy there that is VERY similar to the Hitachi wand, but was a lot more expensive because of how new it was, and because it is wireless and rechargeable. I got to see a demo one, and I turned it up all the way, and man that was powerful! I kind of want that one too! 

After getting some more new toys, Master took me out to dinner to celebrate the fact that I got all A's on my report card this quarter. ^.^ So I got a nice juicy steak. (Yes, I am spoiled when it comes to steak). Master is at work today, so I'm pretty bored right now. I'm hoping He'll actually get off work at 5:30 tonight instead of at 7 or 8 or something. This over time crap is really getting on my nerves.

Anyways, that's the update. Hope everyone is having a great time, and I'm wishing all my readers a Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 19, 2011


I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on here, but I deal with depression. Most of the time no one ever notices because I've learned to keep it at bay, but there are days like today where it will creep up on me out of nowhere. Just an hour or so ago, I was feeling great, happy, and like nothing in the world could get me down, and now here I am, sad and sulky, and it kind of pisses me off. 

I hate when I get like this. I'm not even sure what triggered this reaction in the first place. This is typical for me, though. I never really know how I get like this, it just.. happens... so to speak. It could be a number of things really. I know I'm a little bummed out because once again, I'll not be able to see my family for Christmas this year, due to my job. (I should be getting used to this by now.. you'd think...) Plus, it almost felt like my dad was rubbing it in my face that he had to do all this planning to see our family, and he knew I was upset about not being able to attend. I'm sure that wasn't his intention, though. He doesn't think.. he can't help it...

My great grandmother is in her 80's and has been ill lately, so I really have no idea how much longer she has with us before the lord says it's time for her to go.... For all I know, this may be the last Christmas I may get to spend with her... I don't know, and I sure hope that isn't the case. 

Hell.. Christmas just isn't the same anymore anyways... Regardless, I knew I wouldn't be able to see them this year anyways. My boss hates me, and tries her hardest to make my life miserable. She does it well. So I don't think that's what got me feeling like this to begin with.

Master has been working over time lately, so I barely get to see Him as of late. I only get to see Him in the evenings for a few hours at best, and then it's back to bed to start the same exact process all over again. I remember this time last year, we spent our Christmas break together. Not working all the fucking time and hoping for a chance to get lucky to even send a text saying "Hi." It's fucking ridiculous. 

I apologize to my readers. This is not a fun or happy post, and I had been doing so well on not cussing nearly as much, but here I am back at it again. Mreh.

At any rate, it could be a number of things. Why I'm feeling like this, that is. I just hope this feeling goes away. It's never pleasant, and it just makes me feel tired and becoming a shut in, which is definitely not me. 

That's okay. I have something to write in a separate post that is a lot more thrilling to read, at least in my opinion. So I'll have that up soon.

Thanks for listening to me whine like a bitch. lol


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Man In The Suit

Here we go again~! Time for another erotic story that involves some fetishes of mine. Sit down and enjoy!

I opened my eyes for the first time in what felt like hours. The first thing I noticed was that my surroundings had changed from a nice warm bedroom to a menacing looking basement. It was dark and damp in there. I couldn't quite remember how I got there in the first place, but all I know is that the floor I was lying on was made out of nothing more than concrete. It was rough, cold, and definitely uninviting. That, and I was completely naked. Wet strands of my hair clung to my face, neck and shoulders. Was it from sweat or water? Possibly both. 

I slowly pushed myself off the frigid floor and got myself on my feet. Goosebumps trailed all over my body, causing my nipples to go erect as well. I could feel the flesh of my nipples shrinking up around the bars that went through them. It kind of hurt, but I tried my best to pay no mind.

As I observed my surroundings, I noticed there was a lone light that was swinging gently from the ceiling. Below the light was a large wooden table that had some items that looked like it was bolted down to it. I slowly made my way to the table for a close examination of it. I slid my stiff fingers over the thick black metal, which felt colder than the room itself. From the looks of it, it seemed as if these were shackles bolted to each corner of the table, and if they were clamped around someone's wrists or ankle, there was no way to get out of them. 

I didn't have much time to look at anything else in the room before the door off to the left side of the room was pushed wide open to show a man in the doorway. My eyes widened in fear as I took a step back. I couldn't really tell what he looked like, but something told me he had a devilish grin on his face. That's when he spoke in that deep voice of his.

"Ahhh.. I see the girl has finally woke from her slumber. Did you sleep well my dear?"

"No, considering I left on that freezing cold concrete floor. Where the hell am I, and why am I here?"

The man snickered before replying. "My dear girl, you are here because you have yet to learn any discipline. I am here to teach it to you and see you learn it well."

With that last word ringing in the air, the man started advancing on me, cornering me against the wall behind me. He grabbed my wrists with his strong hands and pinned me to the stone wall. Chills went up my spine and I finally got a good look at his face. He was definitely handsome, what with his black slicked back hair, and facial hair. Not to mention those piercing green eyes that were now staring directly into mine. 

"Ready to have some fun?" A dark grin spread across his face, and I knew there was no turning back. I tried fighting out of his grip, but he was too strong for me. I heard a menacing laugh come from deep within his throat shortly before he flung me into the table. The impact stunned me just long enough for him to hoist me onto the table and quickly lock my ankles and wrists into place. 

"That's.. going to leave a bruise... What ever happened to playing nice?" I hissed at him, almost in a taunting manner. 

"Oh love, by the time I'm through with you, you're going to have more things to worry about than just a small bruise on your abdomen."

A crackling loud noise cut through the air like a knife and I jerked my head to look up at him. Now that we were under the light, I could see everything. His tall sleek body clothed by a business suit that was decorated in thin white pin stripes against the black of his outfit. In his right hand was a dark brown leather braided whip that looked like it was over 6 feet long. I felt a lump form in my throat and a sudden urge to try and force myself free. When did he even grab that thing? Where did it come from? The hell is going o-?


All thoughts left my head as the most vicious stinging pain rushed across the now reddening line forming on my stomach. Speechless as ever, I only stared at him in horror, my mouth gaping wide open. I saw him smirk right before he dealt another hard blow to my thighs.


"AH! The fuck is this for?!" I screamed at him, anger infused onto my reddening face. I felt my body tense up knowing another blow was soon to come, and it did, and it hurt far worse than the first two.


Again on my thighs, right next to the other mark he left just seconds ago. Aching from the pain, I couldn't really fight much against him as he unlocked the shackles on the table and flipped me over onto my stomach only to lock them back in place. I winced as the welt forming on my abdomen pulsed with pain from the pressure of me lying on it. He then started back on me again, hitting my back and the back of my legs.


Just one right after the other. All I could manage to do was scream in agony and let the tears flow willingly. Nothing could save me from this monster now.

I can't tell how long this went on, but I do know that by the time he stopped, I was drenched yet again in a cold sweat, and my body was covered in deep red welts. Some of which were starting to bleed. I remember hearing my own sobs midst his own diabolical laughter.

"Ahhh.. I just love seeing those lovely tears of precious girls such as yourself. It's quite the turn on, really."

Despite being already weak and tired, I managed to growl out a "Fuck you" to the man dealing out all the pain I've been dealt so far.

"Only if you insist." He replied cooly as he unzipped his pants to expose his rock hard cock. Fear pierced through my heart in a split second, and I knew this man was going to take advantage of me. He's already whipped me till my blood has shed. Surely he wouldn't be nice enough to not fuck me. He slowly made his way to me and lifted my head up with his warm left hand. He brought his face down to my level and pressed his lips to mine. Kissing me rather tenderly, almost lovingly, for someone who was being so cruel just moments ago. 

I had no other choice but to take it, really, and it wasn't before too long that his tongue pried my lips open and started searching my mouth. It was tempting to bite down on his tongue, but considering I hadn't really done much to him in the first place, I didn't dare take my chances. Eventually he parted his lips from mine, but only to replace his tongue with his cock which shoved hard, deep into my throat.

I gagged hard on his rather large member and resisted the urge to vomit. This was when he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to stay still as he thrust himself in and out of my throat. No matter how hard I gagged or how much I tried protesting against it, he just kept going till he shot thick ribbons of his cum into my mouth. My first reaction was to spit it out, but he quickly clamped my jaws together with his hands and stared me in the eyes.

"Swallow it you filthy slut!

I tried shaking my head loose from his grasp, but failed miserably, and had no other choice but to comply. Reluctantly, I swallowed every last bit of his cum. Once he released my head, I immediately started gagging, feeling the pressing urge to vomit yet again. I could feel the thick fluid flowing down my throat still, and I've never felt more nauseated in my life.

"Oh calm down! You know you enjoyed it. Want me to prove it to you?"

"No! No! Don't do it! Please! Just leave me alone!" I sobbed back at him.

Of course, it didn't stop him from walking around the table to dip his fingers into my tight cunt. 

"See how wet you are my little angel? Completely soaking wet!" He laughed at my despair and walked back over to where he could look at my face. "Would you like a taste?" He lightly licked at his wet fingers, clearly dripping with my fluid.

"No.. Please. Just, please do-!" I was cut off by him shoving his cum soaked fingers into my mouth. I was forced to taste yet more cum, this time it was sweet and thin, much unlike his salty thick cum.

"Clean off my fingers. I know you want to. You're a filthy cum slut, and you just can't resist getting a mouthful, can you?"

"No.." I managed to muffle a reply between sucking on his fingers.

"No? Just 'No'? I think I need to teach you some manners, girl. You will address me by saying 'Sir'. Is that understood?"

I paused for a moment to look at him through damp eyes. "Yes... Sir."

"Good girl! Now, we've only gotten started. Shall we continue?"

He withdrew his fingers from my mouth and put his now slightly flaccid cock back into his pants. Taking his time, he unlocked all four of the shackles on the table and picked me up, only to place me in an empty glass tank. From the looks of it, it was a giant fish tank. 

"What is this for?"

"Well.. considering you're all dirty and covered in blood... Lets just say you're going to get a nice bath."

He walked over to the right corner of the room and pulled a lever on the wall. The sounds of rushing water filled the room as warm water poured from the ceiling above me an into the glass tank I was in. Gallons and gallons of water rushed over me and filled up this tank in a mere few minutes. He released the lever and the water finally stopped gushing out all over the place.

What happened next was possibly scarier than anything else in this world. The man walked over to me and placed his head gently on the top of my head. 

"Lets see how long you can hold your breath!" 

Suddenly I was forced under the water, and being held there against my will. I hadn't had a chance to take a breath of air or anything, and my instinct was to flail and struggle. He pulled me up by my hair and draped me over the edge of the tank. I coughed and gagged, and I think I may have tasted my own blood that was slowly turning the water a light shade of pink. 

Again and again I was forced to engulf water into my lungs, and I was starting to feel the effect of water torture sinking into my head, slowly cracking that mental barrier of mine. At least the water was warm, right? He finally pulled me out of the tank and threw me to the floor.

"Have you had enough yet, girl?"

"Y-yes~!" I gasped for air and clung to the floor like a beaten and scared animal. Trying to seek for a shelter I knew I'd never find in this basement of horror.The man was now sitting next to me on the wet floor. He picked me up and placed me sitting in his lap. He cradled me in his arms for a short minute, before whispering into my ear, "You're not done till I say you're done. Is that understood?"

I started crying again as I managed to reply "Yes sir." Surprisingly, all of this torture was arousing to me, and the urge to resist him was getting harder and harder. Maybe it was the random cuddles in between, slowly causing Stockholm Syndrome set in, or maybe I really enjoyed this sort of sadistic attention. As I sat there on his lap, I could feel his cock hardening against my bottom. I knew it was only a matter of time before he'd use me again, and I knew that time would be now. 

He scooped me into his arms after standing up, walked to the table, placed me on my back, and closed the shackles back down on me. He slowly undressed himself, taking his time to expose what looked like soft pale skin tightly clinging to his toned abdomen. His arms were a little buff too, and it's no wonder why it was hard for me to fight against him. I never stood a chance in the first place. 

Next to come off were his pants, exposing his whole entire beautiful figure. I felt myself melt into the table as he climbed on top of me and pushed his cock into my soaking wet cunt. As he pleasured himself with my body, I felt his hot tongue slide across the wounds on my body, licking up some of the bits of blood still clinging to me. 

As he thrust in and out of me, some strands of his hair fell out of place, dangling in front of his forehead. He bit at my shoulders and throat, leaving little red teeth marks all over me. Each thrust was harder than the last, and I could tell he was getting closer. He grabbed my arms, digging his nails into my skin as he thrust into me one last time. I felt that hot sticky fluid rush into my womb, some of it squirting out of me. 

Our breathing was ragged and sharp as he lay his head upon my chest. "Now.." gasp "Now you're..." gasp "done...."

After he regained some of his strength, He unlocked me from the table, scooped me into his arms and walked through the door. The door led to some stairs in which he took me up. At the top of the stairs was yet another door. He kicked the door open to show that we were just below the bedroom I was in only hours ago the whole time. 

He drew a bath for me and gently washed my body free of all the blood sweat and tears. He tended to my wounds and kissed my body gently.
"You did so well, darling. You're such a wonderful slave, you know that?" 

"Yes sir." I replied weakly with a smile.

Now, lets get you to bed. We have much to discuss in the morning. With that, he dried me off and placed me into the king sized bed. I was finally free, and I was able to rest safely in what became my Masters arms.

Hope you all enjoyed it, and yes, the twist at the end is that it was my Master the whole time. XD Sorry for confusing anyone! Hope it was a good read. ^.^ More stories to come in the future. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Toy and More

Master is keeping me busy today with topics to write, and honestly I'm enjoying it. (Sorry if I blow up everyone's feed!)

I have three things to cover in this post.

1: "What is your favorite toy?"

2: "What toy would you like in the future?"

3: "What is one experience you'd like to have that you have not yet had?"

Alright! So lets of course start with numero uno (That's "number one" in Spanish). =P

What is your favorite toy?

Out of the collection of toys I have so far, I'd have to say that my most loved toy at this point would be a tie between my glass dildo, and the cane that was a gift to us from Angel and Panda.

This thing is not only beautiful but it blows my mind it the most awesome ways possible. It's the sturdiest toy I think I will ever own, and the sensations are off the charts. I seriously recommend this to anyone, man or woman. The rounded ridges are smooth and it really helps to get things heated up in the bed room. It's a bit versatile too, as you can use it cold or warm by simply placing it in the freezer, or letting it sit in warm water for a while. (I prefer cold as it gets endorphin's rushing through me better due to the sensation).  

The bamboo cane, however, is a different story in and of itself. I love pain to a somewhat high degree, even if it's making me cry. This thing can and DOES make me cry, and I love it. I get basically two-in-one with this and really it's not a toy, it's more used as punishment, but there have been times we have used this for play time. The stinging sensation I get when hit with this is pretty intense if swung right and hard enough. Plus it leaves really pretty red marks too. (Yes, that is my bottom on my fl profile). 

This jewel was actually hand crafted by our friend Panda, and was given as a gift. Pretty damn awesome of a gift if I say so myself. =)

 What toy would you like in the future?

This one I've had to pause to think on for a little bit, cause I typically act on impulse when it comes to buying toys. I see it, I want it. I have been lusting over this item for a couple of years now, though... The Hitachi Wand! I have a few friends who have one, and I've heard nothing but good reviews on the item. I know, I know. It's meant for massages, but really, you're reading a kinky girl's blog. Of course I'm going to use it for other reasons. Haha If only I could get my hands on one of these. I should really save up the money. It's not that expensive.... >.>

What is one experience you'd like to have that you have not yet had?

Okay.. this one is fairly easy, and it involves the item listed above! What I would REALLY love is to pretty much have my very own scene that is some-what similar to some scenes on where girls are tortured and fucked silly. Yes people, this is going to get graphic.

Basically the scene goes like this: I'm tied to a table of some sort with rope that is spreading my legs far apart for easy access. My arms are also tied down, so there is literally no way for me to resist. A gag in my mouth would also be nice. I'd like for it to start off with a little bit of wax play, in which hot wax is poured all over my body, including my cunt (not tried that yet) and I'm sent into a squirming fit of pleasure. 

After a nice pile of wax has built up on my body, next comes the really fun part in which the Hitachi wand is brought out and placed against my cunt at it's highest setting. Now would probably be the best time to take advantage of my hyper-sensitive pierced nipples and pinch them hard and pull and what-not. Being slapped on the face a little bit here and there, and being told things like "You're a filthy slut, aren't you?" would also be highly appreciated. (Degradation is pretty nice, if you're into that sort of thing).

What would be nice is if I were completely denied of being fucked by Master's cock. It's the number one goal I have when getting involved with Master, sexually, and I know if I were denied it completely, even not allowed to suck on it, it would probably drive me nuts. No.. not, probably. It WOULD drive me nuts. Being forced to orgasm over and over, relentlessly till I passed out from exhaustion, all the while being smacked around and hit with a whip or stingy flogger of a sort.

Yeah. yeah that would be very nice... *happy smile*

Sounds like it may be somewhat on the intense side for me, if done properly. Which I would very much adore. (Hey Master.. I know you read my posts. HINT!!! HINT~!!!!! I love you).

So yeah, that about sums it all up for me on this. ^.^ 

What all would you like to experience that you haven't experienced yet? 


Fondest Memory of Submission

Master has requested of me, today, that I write of my "fondest memory of my submission and servitude" to Him. This is, without a doubt, going to be a tough one considering I have lots of fond memories of our relationship thus far. The key thing, though, is that He wants me to write about when I've felt "most submissive" to Him. Considering I feel really submissive most of the time towards Him, this may be a little on complicated side. But hey, I enjoy complication to an extent, and I certainly love a challenge, so here we go.

I think the incident that sticks out the most to me, was shortly after we decided to re-evaluate our M/s lifestyle and relationship. We had been through some tough times, and to be honest, things were not looking so hot between us. I was being snarkier than ever, saying awful things to Him, and most of all, I was being highly disobedient. I certainly was not acting the way a slave should to present their Master well. (Not saying there is a right and wrong way, but I was acting "wrong" for ME and by MY usual standards).

To put it simple, Master ended up putting me in my place, and it was definitely for the better. He was hard on me, and it was the first time I've ever seen Him act like that. He locked me in the bathroom, cold, naked and blindfolded, and I was basically sentenced to silence until He saw it fit. He put me through tests, and He actually got into my head and it was a bit on the scary side. 

It was respectable, though. 

That day, I felt completely and utterly in the palm of His hands. Before too long, He had gained back all control of me, and I felt something stir deep within me that can very much resemble passion, commitment, and a new found respect for Him. By the end of that evening, I had somehow learned my lesson, and I had realized that what I had done was wrong, and I needed to change myself for both of us. I learned that there was (and always is) still room to grow, and I had LOTS of growing up to do. 

Ever since then, I have learned to hold my tongue a lot better, think before I speak, and I have learned to keep Him in my regards no matter what I do or say. As His slave, and companion, not only do I need to serve Him well, but I need to present myself in ways that would best represent Him as the wonderful person He is. 

I cried back then, but now that things have changed, and we've grown a bit more, I am very happy that we went through that because it has helped us a lot. There is nothing else in this world that has made me respect Him as much, and admire Him as much as that day, and I thank Him for that.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling Slightly Out of My Element

These past few days, Master has been the one tending to me and my needs, instead of how it usually is with me tending to Him. Granted, it has been very nice that He has cared enough to take care of me, but I found myself pretty upset and even cried at one point, knowing that I am not capable of taking care of Him.

Just a little bit ago, He sent me a text stating that His back was hurting Him, and that's when it hit me. I'm too weak to even attempt to give Him a back massage. Hell, I could barely hold my red folder earlier today, and carrying something as simple as a bowl of food was somewhat of a feat for me. I literally don't have the energy nor strength to take care of Him, let alone myself.

It's rather depressing to an extent.

I guess I've just been so used to doing so much for myself and Master that now I am unable to, I really don't know what to do or think of this. I just really want to get to feeling better so I can get back to doing things for myself, like make food. (Yes, I'm seriously that sick. I don't get sick often, but when I do, it hits me really freaking hard).

I think the only reason I'm even writing this is because I'm bored out of my mind. I'm sure if I weren't nearly bed ridden I'd be cleaning around this room or something.




Thank GOD!

I have lots of good news about this past quarter, now that it is all over. 

1. I passed my pharmacology exam with a 95

2. My English instructor was nice enough to curve my grade and make it an A because she said my writing was exceptionally well, and she liked it.

3: I'm pretty positive my final for Med Term 2 went very well, and I'll end up with an A

4: My med ethics teacher curved the final grades so instead of passing with a B, I'm now passing with an A in that class. (93 baby!!)

5: I've gotten nothing BUT A's in my Anatomy 3 class, plus I'm positive I passed that final with flying colors.

6: This means my chance for having all A's is greatly increased!!!! =D

This is a good day, even though I'm still sick. I really want to see Angel and Panda today, but with my head all sorts of congested, I'm afraid I'm going to not be great company, plus I think I'm still contagious, and I really don't want or need to get them sick. So the chances I'm going to cancel are very likely at this point. There's always next week.

Now, I get to sit back and relax for the next couple of weeks. =)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday started out great. I got a 95 on my Pharmacology final, and found out I have an A in English. I went to Master's house after my finals and got some lunch. After Master headed back to work a little after 12, I decided to play some Dragon Age II in order to keep myself occupied while Master was away. I played for about 3 1/2 hours before it hit me. I was suddenly really tired. I tried fighting it off, but eventually I gave into fatigue and a bad headache and fell asleep. 

I woke up around 5:30 when Master called me to let me know He narrowly escaped being at work for much longer and was on His way home. So I started waking myself up and getting myself prepared for Master to arrive. I noticed my headache was actually worse than before I went to sleep, so what ever possessed me to start playing that game again is beyond me, but there I was, sucked back into that game. 

Master came home about 15 minutes later and my headache was still attacking the front of my head around my sinus cavities. That's when I knew this was only going to get worse. As the night went on, I was starting to feel worse and worse. I went from feeling fine earlier that morning, to having to blow my nose, having a sore throat, and feeling achy all over. Eventually, I started to get stir crazy around 10:30 and despite feeling awful, I just wanted to go somewhere. I was sick of staying in a house all the time and I just had to move. I ended up cleaning Master's floor (he had just cleaned it Saturday night and it was already really messy) and got the floor cleared up so we could move around easily. I noticed Master just kind of watched me as I paced the upstairs floor, cleaning and what-not, and for some reason it only made me a little more agitated. I kept my mouth shut, though, and just went about my business. 

I think Master finally got sick of seeing me so restless and that's when He finally piped in. 

"That's it. We're leaving."

"Well, where are we going to go at this time of night?"

"We're going to go see some lights."

Every year around Christmas, Master and I like to go see the decorations on peoples houses. In my head, I was thinking "Anything to get out of this house," but even though we were leaving, I was still slightly unsatisfied. We ended up taking the truck and went driving around for about an hour, and finally I had calmed down enough. We talked about some things that has been bothering me lately, and I think that was probably the key thing that got me to calm down in the first place. 

Of course, my cold was only getting worse. Shortly after mid-night, we had to head to Walmart cause my throat was so inflamed and in pain that I needed some relief fast. I picked up some Vick's vapor rub, lozenges, Sore throat spray, and some cough syrup. This kind of got me through the night, but I woke up around 3:30am to not being able to breathe right, feeling light headed and my throat felt like it was on fire. I did the best I could with what I bought and struggled to get back to sleep. 

This morning, however has been filled with me blowing my nose constantly (in act, I had to pause several times while writing this to blow my nose) and tending to my sore throat. Granted, my sore is not nearly as sore, but it still sucks. I haven't eaten anything yet, and I'm really hungry, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be eating much today. 

Lets put it this way. I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it hits me REALLY REALLY hard. What really sucks about it, is that I lose my appetite, so I lose weight, but not in a healthy way. I won't be surprised if I lose about 5 pounds to this cold.

Another thing that sucks is that it's highly likely I'm going to have to cancel on seeing Angel and Panda tomorrow. I think Angel is finally started to feel better, and I don't need to get her and Panda sick again. This really blows. I miss them, but I know they will understand. 

Anyways, Master is finally here, so I'm going to end this and get something to eat, and get started on my last homework assignment, do some studying for my finals and pray to god I pass them tomorrow.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


Not a day goes by in which someone doesn't questions me, what I believe in, why I believe in it, and most of all I am told how I am "wrong." The sad part? I used to let it get to me. Within the last year or so, I have learned to not let that affect me nearly as much, and as of today, I almost don't care anymore whether or not someone thinks I'm stupid, uneducated, moronic or anything else. I don't care because I know better, and I know the truth. 

I know that I am a wonderful, intelligent, loving, caring, and thoughtful person. I know that one day, I will make an excellent wife, as well as a mother. I know that I will always be known for being a compassionate person, and one who will think things over before making important decisions. Just like any other person, I am entitled to my own opinions, and I too have the freedom of speech. However, just like everyone else, I do not have the right to shove my opinions down another persons throat. People do not seem to think of it like that though, but I do, and I am very proud of myself for knowing that and feeling that way, because I know what it feels like to be pressured into thinking a way that I do not feel comfortable in thinking of. 

I am proud in knowing that I am mature enough to not argue like I used to, I am proud that I can just walk away from situations and not even care anymore. I am proud to say that I am better for it. I am proud that I can now laugh at anyone who tries to down talk me, all because our opinions clash. I used to be that person, saying how stupid someone was for not agreeing with me. I do feel sorry for people who are still like that. I will admit that I used to be foolish in that manner, but I have changed since then, and now they are the foolish ones. 

I try my best to not resort to name calling, as it is immature and belittling of them and myself. After all, I am showing how much of an ass I can be if I were to resort to that. I take pride in knowing that I am a lot better with that, and that I am a lot more forgiving of people now. I take pride in knowing that even though someone may not agree with my views, that I will still love them and accept them for who they are, without having to call them names. 

I am a proud woman, slave, companion, daughter, and friend. I am proud of the accomplishments I have made in life, and if anyone out there doesn't like it, then so be it. Know that I have made some wonderful adjustments in my life that are for the better, and I feel there is nothing wrong with the way I live, think, feel, or love in my life.

I am a very prideful person, and I am proud to say no one can take that away from me.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes Sir

Today started off pretty bad. Master got out of class a little late this afternoon, but by the time He got here, I was ready to talk to Him about what happened earlier in the afternoon. On the car ride to His place, we talked it over and I apologized to Him in case I upset or offended Him. He told me all was forgiven and not to worry. 

A slight grin spread across my face and He noticed it right off the bat.

"What is it? What did you do?"

"Nothing~ Just thinking."

"Thinking about what?"

"You going to make me regret what I did earlier?" I replied with that grin turning into a cheeky smile.

It was at that point that He chucked and said "Maybe." Of course, the answer I was looking for was "yes", so I asked again to which I got the answer I wanted.

"I'm sorry, Sir. The masochist in me is just begging for a beating."

When we got to His house, we went upstairs after grabbing a snack and headed to His room. He ordered me back into the hallway and to get into position in front of Him. I got down on my knees, slid them slightly apart, placed my hands palm upwards on my thighs and presented myself to Him. 

"Now, I want you to apologize to me in a respectful manner that a Master like myself deserves."

I couldn't help it. That grin crept back on my face. To be honest, I love seeing Master being all tough and dominant. It makes me happy, but there is this part of me that kind of wants to be a cheeky bastard and push Him a little. Other than giggling a little bit, I held in any remarks I had floating through my head. The giggling was enough to grab His attention, to which He told me to stay put while He grabbed the crop. 

He placed the crop on my right cheek at first, gently sliding it over my flesh, which sent shivers down my spine.

"What's so funny, slave?"

"Nothing, Sir."

"Good. Now apologize to me."

Again, I started giggling and lowered my eyes to the floor in front of me. He lightly smacked the crop against my left cheek, gaining my attention so I would look up at Him. 

"Why are you laughing now?"

"N-nothing, Sir."

Finally, I gathered myself together, kept my eyes and head lowered, to which I was finally able to fully apologize to Him. I guess I said just the right words, as He seemed pleased with me and asked if I wished to stand back up. I said I wanted to, and He helped me off my knees. 

Not going to lie, it was a little troubling because I had been in that position for about 5 minutes before breaking it, and I also have low circulation in my legs. It was then that Master held me close and said 

"You need to lose weight."

Those words rang in my ears, and once again, I was not offended. In fact, I was almost relieved He had said that. All this time I had been saying that I needed to lose weight, and He kept disagreeing with me, saying I was fine the way I was, then there it was. He finally agreed. 

I was given an assignment to start making a food journal and to start counting calories. As of tomorrow, I will be starting a 2000 calorie diet, and I'll be writing down when and what I eat throughout the day. I'll also start exercising more, and I'm to research some things online to help with the circulation, and start eating more banana's. I'm perfectly fine with this, and I'm actually excited to get started.

After our conversation in the hallway, we went back to His room where I was told that I would focus on Him today and do everything I can to please Him and give Him a release. I gladly agreed to this, but it wasn't but a minute or so later that I was told to give a strip tease/dance.

Wait... what?

"Sir, I don't know how to give a strip tease dance thing... I haven't even studied on it."

"Fine, stand up and follow my lead."

He pulled me in close to Him and whispered to me "Dance for me."

"But I - !" 

He started making me sway my hips and grind into Him. 

"I want you to move for me. That's right, make your hips flow into mine and work them in circular motions. You have beautiful curves and you need to be proud of them."

I did as He said, and the rest of my body started flowing with the movement of my hips, including my shoulders. Then, He started to make me strip. He told me to keep dancing as I pulled my pants down. Next came my shirt, then my bra, and before I knew it, I was up against His naked body with my naked body. 

It was at this point I had to stop. Sure it felt nice being up against Him like that, but I was highly insecure about all of this, so I asked Him if I could stop. The feelings I had while doing that though, was wonderful. I felt sensual, beautiful, and just all around happy.

That little escapade ended with us having sex and climaxing together while our bodies wrapped around the others. 

I love when things like this happen. Only sucky part is that I'm still horny, and I don't think I'm going to be able to get a release before seeing Angel and Panda tomorrow. This could get interesting. Hahaha.. ^.^;;


Men In White. Please Come Take Me Away.

I just got off the phone with Master not too long ago, and to be blunt today has not started off all that well. So far I have cried, been frustrated, and wanted to either rip my hair out or blow my brains all over these walls. I have been told by Master, Himself, that I have changed, and He thinks it's all because of Moose. They didn't put the dog down, and they said they'd muzzle train him, but I haven't seen any of that so far. Not getting into that though.

I was also told by Master that I have become "irate" and I am "easily agitated" more-so now. Typically, this would piss me off, but I think somewhere deep in me I wasn't upset because to some degree He's probably right. Hell, last night I was so frustrated over homework that I seriously wanted to legit flip the damn table, scream and just run off somewhere. To top it off, I had cried briefly because of it. Homework can be frustrating, but I don't typically lose it. At most I get irritated, get up to take a few deep breaths and a break, come back, and I'm fine. 

It's true, I'm stressed because finals are less than a week away. Finals have always made me nervous, and I've always gotten stressed over them. Yes, the fact that Moose is still running around freely, though promised he wouldn't be allowed to, has pissed me off to high heaven. Honestly, I feel as if I'm acting my normal, given the circumstances. Sure, I'm a little more pissy, but I get that way when finals come closer. Once I've finished them, though, I know I'll be stress free and back to normal. 

I will admit that when winter and the cold weather kicks in, I'm never happy. The cold dreary days depress me. I need sunshine, and I'm not getting it, so yes, I have been known to be a little more upset with life, but because this happens every year, I just see it as something normal.

To top it off, I have to always repeat things to Master, and lets be frank here. I despise repetition. Master is always asking if I'm upset with Him, even on days where everything has gone right and it's been a fantastic day. Other things that bothers me is that sometimes He can be extremely touchy feely, and some days, I just don't want that. Some days, I want to be left alone, to not be touched, to not be asked question of whether or not I'm pissed at someone, and sometimes, I just want to put my head phones and and blast my ears with music for a while. 

After being together for three years, it kills me a little to know that He still has a hard time understanding my feelings. He tells me He has a hard time reading me. He's the only one that seems to have that issue. Anyone else (even people who don't even know my name!) can tell if I'm pissed off, worried, happy, excited, etc. Occasionally, some people will confused my tired face with my depressed face, but that has always happened all of my life. Seriously! I'M AN OPEN BOOK! If a stranger can tells if I'm upset or sad, then why can't my own Master, who has been with me for a little over 3 years tell?! I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!

I am able to see when something is bothering Him with so much freaking ease that it should be a part time job for me. (Kay, just being sarcastic and dramatic). Even my parents, who barely see me at all anymore, can tell whether or not my day has gone great or awry. They may not always comment on it, but they can!

I just.. I don't understand. It baffles me how this is never ending. I'm so static in my life, that I should be so predictable as to when I'm going to fart next! (lol) Ugh... Why is it so hard...? No one.. no one can be this oblivious can they? *sigh*


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Taking It To The Grave

This post won't be a long one, but it's something I just wanted to get out before heading to bed tonight. On the car ride home, just a little bit ago, a thought crossed my mind. What will my dying wish be?

To be honest, this question was not hard to answer, and the answer has probably been there for some time without me thinking about it. If I die, and Master and I are still together up to that point, my only dying wish is that I be buried with my collar locked around my neck. Even if for some odd peculiar reason that I am buried naked (highly doubt it) all I ask is for that one wish to be fulfilled, and I can pass peacefully. 

The way I see it, if I have been a loyal slave to my Master till the day I die, if there is one thing I deserve, it is that. 

Anyways, I'm off to bed now. Thanks for caring, those who read this.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun With Master and Friends

Yesterday was another typical day for me, in which I went to classes early in the morning, then headed to Master's while He was at work. While there, I played on my computer and was texting Master every-so-often (mainly trying to turn Him on. Happy to say I successfully did so) telling Him how horny I was, and that I wanted/needed His cock as soon as He got home. At one point, Master mentioned that I should get out the glass dildo and start masturbating with it. Being the horny slut I am I gladly agreed to doing so, but because I forgot to say "Yes Sir" He ordered that I masturbated for 15 minutes straight. I couldn't stop till the 15 minutes were up, even if I came.

Alright. Challenge accepted! 

I got out the dildo and prepped it with some lube. Even though I was already dripping wet, I wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be any friction what-so-ever. After rubbing the lube all over it by stroking it much like I would if I were stroking Master's cock, I leaned myself back on the bed and slowly inserted the cold glass rod into my cunt. The dildo was so cold it felt like I shoved a rod made of ice into me, and to top it off, that spiral around the rod made for an amazing sensation.

Slowly, at first, I started working it in and out of me, feeling the edges press against the walls of my cunt. Every once in a while my muscles would contract, so I could feel the glass even more inside of me. Before I knew it, I was pumping it in and out at a fast and steady pace, and I was feeling like I was about to climax. I switched hands and started rubbing my clit with the other hand, while thrusting my hips onto the glass rod beneath me.  At 1o minutes into it, I came hard, and I was so glad no one was in the house, because I know I moaned loud as my body shivered with an orgasm.

The last five minutes were of me texting Master, letting Him know I had came for Him, while still pumping it within me. Afterwards, I got dressed and cleaned off my dildo and put it back in it's soft blue protective pouch.

Not too long after, Master came home, and I was ordered previously that once He got there, I was to be naked on the bed, and in a position of my choosing. I chose the Nadu position, which makes me feel most submissive because my legs are open, my palms are resting on my thighs face up, and I feel as if I am presenting myself to Him for whatever He pleases to do with me.

When He came upstairs, I had been holding that position for about five minutes. I could hear the grin in His voice (I wasn't looking at Him) when He stated "Good choice in position."

I replied "Thank you, Sir."

"Does it hurt, slave?"

"A little."

"Do you feel the burn?"

"Yes, Master. I do.

"Good. You may rise. I believe there is something you told me you wanted, Anastassia. Do you still want it?"

"Yes, Master."

He smiled at me and pulled out His cock. I shifted my body so I was comfortable and started sucking on His fully erect cock, making sure to stroke it gently with my tongue, and sucking while slowly taking as much of Him down my throat as possible. 

The eventually led to some wonderful sex. We literally finished right as His mother was walking in the door downstairs. We quickly gathered our clothes and got dressed. The rest of the evening was spent watching tv, until about 8p.m. when we went over to Angel and Panda's place.

We hadn't been there less than five minutes before I was bent over the couch so Angel and Master could use our crop on me. (What the hell, guys?! lol) Panda literally walked through the door right after that happened and we all greeted Him. Panda had been working on an Exalted campaign for a while, so we were getting ready to play it tonight. Panda fixed out character sheets and made them look neat and tidy on the computer before printing them off for us to have. He finished just in time for us to watch another crazy episode of American Horror Story. 

During the show, Angel asked me to come over and sit next to her in front of the couch where we cuddled up. Most of the time, our Masters were telling us how we needed to feel one another up. Panda chimed in, and I quite "Just motorboat them! Motorboat!" I made a joke of how they had been complaining we never do anything, and now that we're cuddling, that they were ruining the moment. Some laughs were had and we went back to watching the show. 

After the show ended, Angel and I went to the 7/11 right across the street. As soon as we got outside, she snuggled herself up to me, and I put my arm around her. It was really tempting to hold her hand, and I'm not quite sure why I didn't do it, but never the less, it was nice that she was up against me out in the cold. As soon as we got back we got down to playing Exalted, which was actually a lot of fun. While Angel wasn't busy with her turn, I would go over and either nuzzle on her, or nibble on her arm. The first time I did that, I pretty much caught her by surprise and made her jump and scream, which was pretty freaking cute and hilarious. Panda eve showed me her ticklish spot, so I had some fun with that before stopping. We played Exalted for about 3 hours before Master and I headed home for the night. I gave Angel a hug and kissed her lightly on the cheek. 

If it wasn't for the fact I knew she wasn't feeling so well, I would have kissed on her some more, but I wanted to give her space. Hopefully she'll be feeling better next time so I can molest her like I promised her I would. Haha. She's so adorable. I really hope I get more chances to kiss her. It's always a nice feeling I get when I do, and I kind of get the butterflies in my stomach. *happy sigh* She's just so awesome...

Today, Master got to take some photo's of me, so if my readers would like to see them, they can check out my profile on fetlife, which is provided on the right side of the page. =)

Now, I'm going to go play some Little Big Planet with Master. Hope everyone is doing well.