Friday, April 22, 2011

The Truth FINALLY comes out.

So for the past two years I thought I had finally made some good friends, but turns out, one of the three new friends I made wasn't all he was cracked up to be. I recently got into a bit of a tiff with said friend, warning him that the girl he was pursuing wasn't right in the head and that he better watch out for her. He smart mouthed me asking me if I was "done talking yet" and I got the hint and dropped it. He clearly didn't want my help and ignored the fact that I have known this girl half of my life. That's cool. Turns out I was right. But now I'm blocked for it?

Master, who said friend considers to be really good friends with, decided to figure out what the hell was going on. This is what happened.

Master: Hey. Sup?

Michael Hodge: nothing much man, just chillan

Master: cool. how's life?

Master: fag.

Michael Hodge: sorry just a little drunk

Master: waddup bro?  also, you block Jess?

Michael Hodge: nothing and yeah man i did, im ur friend not hers

Master: what the hell man?  What did she do?

Michael Hodge: just always been that way man

Master: This causes a random block of her?

Michael Hodge: yeah pretty much

Master: that's pretty weak bro.  What'd she do to you man, honestly?

Michael Hodge: thats honestly it just got tired of it

Master: tired of what?  All I've ever seen is her be nice to you and vice versa.  You guys always seem to look out for one another.  This just doesn't seem like you man.

Michael Hodge: im just really good at acting man, but shes a deal breaker when it comes to hanging out with u, shes so self centered its scary, honestly u can do better, ask anyone whos hung out with u two, iv always been this way, just hid it

Master: that's messed up bro.  Not cool.  not one bit man,  I'm honestly hurt.  

Michael Hodge: honesty ususally does, but iv always been the one to tell u something and u know its what needs to be said.

Master: You have never said this before.  I'm getting the feeling this is triggered by something very recent

Michael Hodge: just did some mind searching and found that i needed to start saying more that needed to be said, its just been building up. hate to throw them under the bus but tell jake and taelor what iv said and they'll tell u the same thing

Master: I'm doubting that.  Honestly though, she's done a whole lot to be your friend, she even got up early so we could see you as you came in for the first time from the Navy.  She's tried to do nothing by be friends with you guys and want's nothing more.  This just seems pretty low.

Michael Hodge: i know it seems like it man, and u cant believe im say this to u, but honestly ask them, u might be suprised

Master: All I'm seeing here is a lot of vagueness in what you're saying.  How is she a deal breaker?  self-centered?  This just doesn't sound anything like the Mike I'm used to.

Michael Hodge: yeah i know but thats just cause we dont hang out much anymore, but ever notice how we plan to hang out and then ud mention jessie would be there and i or us would be busy, and she always just seems to think about herself when we hang out and just ruined the nights when we did

Master: I don't see how she thinks about herself while we're hanging out, and those night's that were messed up were my fault as well bro.  You know how I mess up a  lot of things, so don't put all this on her man.

Master: I still don't see how she's a deal breaker through this either

Michael Hodge: idk how u do it man, just talk to them  and then talk to me

Master: I'll talk to them sometime soon and see.  

Master: Aside from all this, how'd you and Brandy turn out?

Michael Hodge: total fail but its all good

Master: What happened?

Michael Hodge: she just didnt work out

Master: ahh, crazy?

Michael Hodge: pretty much, told me something was cool then deleted me off facebook so i said fuck her

Master: I told Jess to warn you, but she said you blew her off about it.

Michael Hodge: pretty much, im a grown man, i dont need anyone to warn me

Master: at the time, we just wanted to let you know she had a history

Michael Hodge: yeah but u know i give everyone  a chance 

Master: yeah, I know

Michael Hodge: might just be 1 but i always give it

Master: imma get offa here. talk to you later bro

Some friend eh? Yeah. I'm so self-centered that I tried looking out for you so you wouldn't get hurt. I'm so self-centered, that I canceled days that Master and I were supposed to have alone time JUST TO HANG OUT WITH YOU. All of us together. I'm so fucking self-centered, that when Brenda was treating you like shit, I told her she could fuck off and to leave you alone. I'm so self-centered that I have been looking out for you since day one.


Mike, if you ever read this, but you probably won't, you can go fuck yourself. You're just as much as a pussy as ever. You can't even tell this shit to my face. You instead, block me with no notice, what-so-ever, and not even say a word to me. For a guy who is in the Navy and is about to do a shift in Iraq soon, you better grow some fucking balls, because buddy, you won't last a hot minute out there. Take your ego and shove it up your ass. I don't need someone like you in my life anyways.

Also, know this, I talked to Taelor, and you're so full of shit. I can't wait till this blows up in your face. Once again. I'm right and you can suck on that. You're dead to me. Oh and one last thing... I hope you realize that Master has lost a lot of respect for you, and good luck getting that back. Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on. Have a nice life and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Actually.. no. I hope it hits you pretty fucking hard.


   Pissed off, and done.

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