Thursday, March 1, 2012

Walk Like a Lady

Today, I was given a simple task, but one that I'm supposed to stick to for (hopefully) the rest of my life. Master and I were eating breakfast together this morning, when out of nowhere He mentioned that He was going to teach me how to walk the way He wants me to walk. This is mainly something that is supposed to take place when I am with Him out in public. 

I am to stand tall with my chest pushed out a little, and my head held high, and I am supposed to have my hands crossed in front of me, as if I were holding something in my hands. I am to walk on Master's right, and if we are in a crowded or small area, I am to walk behind on on His right, unless I have no choice but to walk directly behind Him. I'm either at His side, or directly behind Him, but never in front. He says that a Master should lead His slave, and the slave is a lady, and should walk like a lady. 

I think this will be fun, and actually be a slight challenge for me because I am used to slouching while I walk, and I'm used to either having my hands in pockets or else swinging them at my sides while I walk. It's simple, but it's just enough of a challenge for me. I'm going to be learning to break a few habits of mine, so this should get interesting. I know it may not seem like much, but I would like to ask for my fellow readers to keep me in their minds and if they are religious, keep me in their prayers. Breaking habits are not easy for me at all, so I feel I may struggle with this at first. 

Here's hoping I can learn how to walk like a lady, and a proud slave as I should. ^.^

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