Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I made a post not too long ago about losing my kitty, Bear. In regards to that, I have been seriously thinking of getting myself a new pet to call my own. Something to love. Something cute. Something... of the crustacean variety?! Yes! A hermit crab. Would have never guessed it, right? Well, I really love these little critters, they have fascinated me since I could remember, and ever since visiting the beach last April, I have been craving to have one to call my own.

Yesterday, before attending a munch, Master and I found ourselves in a pet store looking at all the cute animals. There was a finch there that was so fixated on me, it was down right adorable. If it weren't for the fact that my cats just LOVE eating birds, I would have brought him home with me. Then I saw them. All those little hermit crabs scuttling along in the tank and knowing I couldn't have a rabbit, ferret, hamster, or another cat, I was instantly drawn to these guys. I pondered it for a while and found myself getting excited over the thought of owning one. I would have got one on the spot, but it was time to leave to go meet up with everyone, so off we went.

The munch was a lot of fun. Lots of laughs were had and it was just all around a great afternoon, but soon after the munch was over, we were back at Master's house and His parents invited us to go hang out with them for a while. After a few hours with His parents, we found ourselves back at the pet store, and I just HAD to have one. By the end of the night, I had bought pretty much everything I needed, including the actual hermit crab, and Master and I were on our way back to my house. After a bit of prepping and getting temperatures right, Hermie was now in his new home.

I'm not going to lie, I'm already really protective over my new found "kid" and I am doing everything I can to make sure he is comfortable and healthy. I even looked up extra tips online on how to keep his "crabitat" going strong and getting him certain foods for his diet. I'm not only giving my love to another animal in my life, but I am learning more and more about this species, which is a great add on. Anyways, Hermies finally ate some of the lettuce I got for him today, and it makes me quite happy to know that he has scuttle around his home a bit.

Friday, when I get paid, I plan on getting him another crab to pal around with and get them this play cage that is specialized for hermit crabs. I'm so excited! ^.^

Here is a picture from last night. Not the best, but enjoy.


  1. I love Hermies. He is my baby crab cake. Lol

  2. Aw, he's so cute! I was gonna ask for pictures...glad you beat me to it ^_^

  3. He is very cute hon.

    And I didn't know you two went to munches! Hmm. Maybe sometime Kilala and I could tag along? Never been to one, but would be interesting to try, at least once, right? lol.

  4. I agree with everyone else, very cute!

    ~Jess XX~

  5. Amy, that is something you'd have tot alk to the group as a hole about, but I'm sure they'd like the company. Huntington TNG is the group name on FL and you two can join and talk to everyone on there.