Monday, February 28, 2011

Hermies Molted!

Guys this is so awesome! Not even two whole days of being here, and Hermies has already molted. In case you guys aren't up to date, I now own myself a Hermit Crab. I don't have any pictures because when these guys molt they need to be secluded and in the dark and have as very little attention pointed towards them as possible, but here in a couple of days when he is running around again I will take a picture of him and his old exoskeleton and post it on here. Also, here is another website provided for those of you who are curious as what goes on to the hermit crab when it molts. I have found this site to be a lot of help with preparing and taking care of Hermies thus far, and I'm sure it will help me later in the future when I get more.

Anyways, this was just a small update on my new happy friend. Hope everyone has a nice day.

NEW UPDATE!! Here is Hermies peeking out for a nice little snack on his exoskeleton. Yes, this is completely natural, and very good for them as it will give them special nutrients and calcium that will help them grow. Sorry the photo is blurry. As soon as Master lets me borrow his camera, I will be sure to take better pictures and upload them.

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