Friday, March 4, 2011

Just An Update

This post is going to be a quick one because I am REALLY tired and have a headache, but I promised Master I'd do my best to keep up with posting.

So the news of this week is Hermies LOVES mangoes. He is fully back to normal after he had his molt, and earlier today I went out and got a bigger cage and another crab to be friends with Hermies. His name? Icarus. Lol I'm so weird. Naming my crabs after those who had "wings" of a sort and they don't have wings. Hermies seems to like having more room to roam about and Icarus is really friendly. Unlike Hermies, who hides in his shell when you go to pick him up, Icarus will happily run around in my hands. Hermies, however, is a LITTLE better about being less shy, but we still have more hand training to do. Turns out Icarus likes mangoes too!

There was one hermit crab I saw at the store that was HUGE! Poor guy needed a larger shell because his legs didn't even fit inside the shell at all. And the size of his bigger pincher was just.. Wow. If it weren't for the fact I was afraid he'd kill Hermies, I would have brought him home too.

Anyways, got a little side tracked there. I really had to share it.

Welp other than that, the only other news I have is..

Well you guys don't really care do you?

You do?

You sure?

Alright well... March 5th. Tomorrow.. IS MY BIRTHDAY~!!!!! =D I'm going to be 20 years old! WOOOO~!!!

And now for pictures.

Hermies eating the mango.

Icarus roaming about and Hermies on the star sponge in the back.

Icarus in the front. Hermies in the back.

Me getting ready to take Icarus out.

Icarus on my hand.

Icarus going from my hand to Master's hand.

Now Master is holding Icarus. =)

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