Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Oath To Master

This was something that was brought to my attention the other night, that I should have done well.. when I started posting and made this blog. Master had asked me to make Him a written proof promise of my submission to Him. Something that I started on, and am ashamed to admit, I never did post (like He wanted me to). For that, I feel I have done Master wrong, and though He has been lenient with me on this, I feel I should bring this up to Him. I feel that I have done Master wrong in not posting this before hand, and honestly do hope a punishment is in order to remind me to never slack off again. At any rate, here is my written promise to Master.

Kittens' Oath to Her Master.

As Your slave, I promise to stay by Your side.
I will honor Your every will at Your command.
I will serve You in every way possible.
I will protect You with my being.
I want to be the best You want me to be.
Help this girl strive to be her best.
Help this slave to do her Master right.
Guide me with Your firm hand.
Show me how to live.

As Your servant, I promise to tend to Your needs.
I will massage Your aches and pains away.
I will prepare meals for You every day.
I will nurture You till you feel healthy.
I wish to keep You happy, so that I may be happy.
I want to be the best You want me to be.
Help this girl to be domestic.
Help this slave to treat her Master right.
Guide me with Your strict hand.
Show me how to serve.

As Your lover, I promise to love You unconditionally.
I will speak nothing less of the truth.
I will forever be there for You.
I will keep Your darkest of secrets.
I shall forever prove my love to You by serving You.
I want to be the best You want me to be.
Help this girl to forever remain loyal.
Help this slave to prove her Master right
Guide me with Your gentle hand.
Show me how to love.

As Your partner, I promise to do anything for You.
I will tell You my fears.
I will trust You with my life.
I will push my limits for You.
I want to be the best You want me to be.
Help this girl to mature properly.
Help this slave to reflect her Master well.
Guide me with Your helping hand.
Show me how to grow.

With this oath I bestow upon our relationship, I will do my best to keep my promises.
I will uphold every will You desire, and I will test myself to make sure I am on top of things for You.
I love You Master, and I am ready to be Your servant, Your slave, and Your partner.


  1. Hey Jess,
    I just wanted to say that this was absolutely beautiful! You have a way with words, and honestly there is no possible doubt ever conceivable of how much love you hold for him. All in all, beautiful! :)

  2. Thanks, Amy! =D That means a lot, and yes, I love Master very much. More than I can say I've loved anyone else in my life.