Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm So Damn Rude

Cry me a fucking river.
Okay so here is the low-down to this stupid situation that got resolved, but still should not have happened.
I JUST got home from a long and tiring day of work. I soon came to realize that dinner was made for my parents, but not for me, so while I was preparing some dinner for myself and Master, the phone starts to ring. I ignore it, (like usual) because I figured that my dad or mom was going to answer it. Well since my mom wasn't bothering to move, I thought to myself, "I guess dad will get it." Well I walked into my room to talk to Master about something for a moment and the phone finally stops ringing. I hear mom ask something along the lines of "Did you just let the phone ring and not answer it?" And I just assumed she was pissed cause dad din't answer it. She does stuff like that often enough, I didn't think anything was out of the norm. She bitches at my dad off and on all week every week? Why bother thinking anything had changed?
I soon found out how wrong I was.
I got back into the kitchen to check on the temp. on the deep fryer and then mom asks me the same question. I turn around and said "I thought dad had it." Well long story short from this point, I got told I was "rude", that I "live here too", and that I should have some "common courtesy" to answer the phone. Because why? Because they were too damn busy stuffing their faces to get to the phone. So because eating is more important than a phone call to them, it's my responsibility to answer a call that is just as important? Wait what?
Back this shit up!
So a phone call is important, so it's rude not to answer. Eating is important so it's okay for "you as a parent" not to answer, but your daughter has to drop everything she's doing and answer it for you? Am I the only one seeing this failed piece of logic? Just wondering.
We have CALLER ID and CELL PHONES. If the call is so god damn important they will fucking call back, leave a message, or call your cell phone! If neither above is applicable, and eating is so fucking important to you that you can set your food aside for TWO MINUTES, THEY CAN WAIT TILL YOU CALL THEM BACK! If your shit is so damn important that you can't drop what you are doing, why do you expect me to do it? I NEVER answer the phone unless BOTH PARENTS ARE GONE. Seeing as they were both home, I didn't answer it. It's been like this for the past THREE YEARS. Suddenly I'm rude now, and I have a lack of common courtesy? Makes perfect fucking sense. >.<; breathes
At any rate, after her posting on my FB wall about how wrong I am and all this shit. (Lol She tried arguing to me over fucking face book. Gotta love it). I finally swallowed my pride, walked into the living room and gave her what she wanted to hear, that she was right, I was wrong, and that I was sorry for being so rude and not using my head for a second.
She didn't apologize back, but decided to "forgive" me anyways. At least I was the bigger person, and that is what matter most. It's not about being wrong or right, it's about swallowing your pride and letting them think they have it all figured out, even if it burns you up on the inside.
Far better of me to just drop it instead of let her work herself into a heated frenzy, like she usually does, and blow up on me. Maybe she'll sleep better tonight knowing she got something to go her way.
Petty shit is stupid. Can't believe this all got blown out of proportion over a fucking phone call. And she calls me immature. >.<;

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