Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm An IDIOT~!!!

Okay, so recently I set myself up a new steam account and Master got Himself Counter Strike Source and set up His own steam account so he could play with me on there. My father, who got me into Counter Strike SEVERAL years back (as in I was about 12 years of age) still plays it to this day. Dad noticed the other day when Master and I were both in here playing CSS. He made a comment and talked about us joining his server. Neither of us thought anything about it and we did. 

Today, my dad came in my room, actually five freaking minutes ago, and was like "Hey, you and Evan should add me to your buddy list and we can all get in there and play sometime." First thing that came to my mind was "OH SHIT!" Why? Because I now have to de-kinkify my profile, and His!! >.< (Yes, I had my profile set up stating that I was Master's slave. I even had a picture of me up with my hair wet in Master's bathroom, and my collar on.) NOT SUGGESTIVE AT ALL~!!!!! Neither of my parents know ANYTHING about my lifestyle with Master, and the way everyone else see's it, we are just a "normal" couple. *flails* I've already fixed my profile up and it's save, but Master's has that I'm his "sub" in it, and I'm trying to frantically change it~!! BUT MASTER GAVE ME THE WRONG LOGIN INFO~!!!!! *panics* GAH~!!!!! 

I'll update later~!!!!! >.<;;


  1. If your father notices just tell him it was a joke by your bf/Master.


  2. He won't notice because everything is changed. But it was a close one, that is for sure.