Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roller Coaster of A Weekend

Saturday morning, I woke up at 4:30am, 30 minutes before my alarm clock was to go off. As usual, my body was so excited about the trip I was about to go on with Master and His parents, it decided to wake me up early so I could be fully ready to go and have all the necessities of the day. I rolled myself out of bed, turned off the alarm, knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep any longer, and started my morning by straightening my still damp hair. (Had a shower before going to bed because I didn't want to get up at 4:30 in the morning to do it. Funny how that worked out). A half an hour passed, I was done and packing everything, when I realized that it was 5:05am and I was to call Master five minutes ago. Luckily, I got an answer and before too long I was on my way to His house to pack the camper and help Him and His parents get on the road.

The whole morning and afternoon went great, for the most part. We made our way to Lousiville Kentucky to attend a slaloming race that Master and His dad were entered in. Got to see some other boarders that remembered me and greeted me with warm hugs and smiles. The afternoon was spent hanging out, taking pictures, and helping with the race. It rained most of the time, so not too much racing was done, but it was just enough to get a decent amount of pictures, which made my day. 

A cop came to the scene and said an "anonymous caller" got a hold of him, but seeing as they only took up one side of the road, the officer decided to let them keep on skating and all was well. Pretty damn awesome, really.

At any rate, after the race, we all packed up, said our farewells and were back on the road again. Master's mom got called into work, so instead of visiting their family, we had to head straight back to Huntington. That sucked, but at least that was the worst of it, right?


We hadn't been on the road for nearly and hour when we had to make a stop at a local gas station and fill up. Shortly before we got there, Master had been acting strange and the color had faded from His face. I have never seen Him so pale. He complained of an upset stomach and that He felt sick. I could tell He wasn't faking and mentioned that He should run to the bathroom inside the station. 

After He left the camper, I realized a few minutes had passed by, so I looked out the window to see if He'd made it inside. Sadly, He didn't. His mother was beside Him and that's when I noticed that Master had just thrown up in the lot. This got me feeling anxious, nervous and queasy. 

See.. I'm one of those people who when they see someone throwing their guts up, nearly throw up themselves and get very sick and high strung. It's something that I'm doing a LOT better at getting over it, but I'm still not quite there yet. If this would have happened 5 years ago, I would have thrown up on spot, myself. Twas bad.

As I collected my thoughts in the camper, I remembered that one of the best things was to down water to keep oneself hydrated. I got into action and got a bottle of water out of the fridge in the camper and made my way to Master and His mom. Bad part was, I had to keep my head turned because the sight of it, and smell would have killed me. When I got there, I realized that His mom already had ice water for Him, and there was nothing I could do. This.. kind of made me feel useless, but I tried to think of thing I could do to make Him comfortable for the rest of the ride home. 

He ended up falling asleep on the couch and slept most of the ride home, so I decided to nap myself. We got home safely without any more interruptions, and without Him getting sick, so we thought the rest of the evening was going to be okay. That was, until we got back to His parents house. We hadn't been there more than 10 minutes before He was throwing up again. I had never seen Him this sick before, and while it was unnerving for me because my issues with vomit, it was even more stressful, because there wasn't anything else I could do but bring him a glass of cold water. 

Master insisted on me staying, but being that He was getting sick again like this, I figured it was best for me to leave. After all, I know His parents wanted me to leave so He could "rest". Any time He gets a LITTLE bit sick, they always bring up me going home. So I talked to His mom, who of course agreed that I should leave and went to hang out with some friends for a little bit.

I kissed Master on the forehead, held Him a bit before I left and said goodnight. Upon request I called Him as soon as I got to my destination to let Him know I was okay and to make sure He was alright as well. By this point, my evening had me feeling like shit because I couldn't be there to be with Master and take care of Him like I wanted, and for some reason, this killed my spirits for a short time. I have NO idea where it came from, but suddenly, I felt useless, worthless, like I wasn't doing something right, and even though I KNOW it wasn't any bit true, I still felt like it. 

At any rate, Master never got sick the rest of the night, and I think He slept alright last night.

Today, however did not start off great, as my negative emotions merged into the new day and I was still having that awful feeling of nausea, and unneeded guilt. Honestly, a part of me didn't want to see Master at the beginning of today, but another part of me just wanted to hold Him all day long and just curl up with Him either on the couch or the bed and just take care of Him. Talk about mixed emotions.

We ended up spending our morning and early afternoon apart because it was Mother's Day after all. He went out to lunch with His parents, uncle and grandma, while I spent my morning with my parents, talking and just having fun. It was nice. I didn't get quizzed about work, like I thought I would, and we just.. had a nice time. It was something I think we all needed. I never spend time with my parents anymore. It's mainly a choice I make for reasons I'm not getting into, but sometimes it is nice to see them for a few hours.

I got to spend time with Master today and while it started off a little.. sour. Today progressed back to wonderful, and it was awesome. We had lunch together and started watching movie trailers of movies that will be coming out this summer. I don't know what happened along the way or why it happened, but things got interesting.

I remember my friend giving me a bunch of condoms on Friday and had been kind of wondering all weekend long if they would even fit Master. After all.. they looked rather small, as most Lifestyle condoms do. I mentioned grabbing one to just see if it would fit, and of course, Master bolted up the stairs to the kink bag where we keep all our sex related items. 

After I sucked on His cock for a bit, it was time to see if this would work. Kind of funny, it almost didn't. The condom was a tight fit, but luckily it wasn't TOO tight, so it was still useful. Next thing I know, Master has me bent over the couch while He took me from behind and held me in place. (Thank you GOD for His parents being out to a movie, because the moans that were escaping my throat could not be stifled that well).

So we fucked on the couch a bit more, before taking it upstairs. I don't know what was so different today, but I'm happy to say that I had quite a powerful orgasm as Master and I came together. The rest of the evening was filled with laughs, tickling, wrestling, and just playing around after watching the movie Date Night. (Good movie too. Had lots of laughs out of it). In fact, by the end of tonight, Master and I were laughing so hard, neither of us could hardly move, and I actually had to scoot myself down the stairs because I couldn't walk. It was awesome.

We had decided, thanks to that movie, that we actually needed to go on a one on one date again. The last several dates we've been on has been with friends (Which there is nothing wrong with that.. I love doing it) and we agreed that we needed a date night to ourselves. That's when I brought up that instead of having a "date night" that we have a "date day", where we spent all day going out, having lunch, maybe catch a movie later, and just go do stuff that didn't involve being in the house. Of course, Master agreed, so we're hoping to have that "date day" sometime this week. 

At any rate, this weekend has had its ups and downs, but I'm very happy that by the end of tonight Master and I can say that we had a good time, despite the bad moments, and that we got to laugh and smile and have fun.



  1. Sounds like a good idea! (the date day-thing)

    As a suggestion, for the future, water actually usually makes someone worse if they're nauseous. Believe it or not, warm (as in room temp so the body doesn't have to cool it and work more) Gatorade is the best option. Poweraide = no 'cause it congeals.

    Much love from a medial person,

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. ^.^

  3. No problem! Glad to help. =)