Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Updates. A.D.D. TIME!

Okay, so this may get spastic here really quick- HEY LOOK A PLATYPUS! (told you). No, I kid, but really, Things have been CRAZY~ here lately. I've been studying my ass off practically every single day with little to no breaks (hence why I haven't been posting much, or inhabiting FaceBook or FL much lately) and due to the hard work, I have been rewarded with nothing but A's so far. YAY ME! ^.^

Master has been so proud of me that He took me out to dinner this past Thursday. We went to Uno's where I got to eat my favorite thing in the world! Rare steak with roasted vegetables. I'm telling you, that steak was delicious! It was just flowing with blood and juices, and it was so tender! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it!) That was probably the best freaking steak I have had in a long time. What a reward! I kept thinking to myself that whole evening "I deserve this. I deserve this" *takes another bite of the steak* "I so freaking deserve this!" And of course, since He rewards me, I reward Him back! Master was happy to receive a blow job later that night, though He gets one just about every day, anyways. At least I know I never get boring for Him, and that I seem to amaze Him every time. 

Moving along, I have been so freaking sex deprived that it's not even funny! It's not because we don't want to have sex, it's just we never get the time for it! He works almost all day most of the week, I go to school three days out of the week, the two days I'm off are spent studying, then when He has the weekend off, I seem to always work on that weekend. I study in between the times I'm not working, throughout the weekend, and on top of it, since we don't have a place together, finding the time for sex and play time is limited. His parents and my parents almost always seem to be around. 

In fact, we've been spending more time with His family than we do just by ourselves. I'm getting sick of seeing His family all the freaking time. Don't get me wrong. They are great people, and they are very nice to me, and do nice things for me, but I'm at the age where it's like "Okay, you've spent time with one set of parents, you've spent time with them all." All they want to do is treat you like you're still a fucking kid and basically loom over you like "I'm watching you guys. I can see everything you do." 

I don't like kissing in front of people all that much, and frankly, I like to keep it private. Master, however, loves to kiss me all day, every day, and while that is awesome, and I love it, He likes to do it in front of His parents. I don't feel comfortable with that, because it makes me feel like they aren't too happy with it, and to some degree, they probably aren't. Anyways, getting off that tangent.

I've recently invested in some wild berry herbal teas, and tried one today that reminded me of red koolaid. Tasted great, and I'm still sipping on some as I type this.

Speaking of herbal, I've also invested in some Acai supplements, and some Centrum Women's Health Multivitamins, and while I've only been taking it for about a week and a half now, I already feel a lot more energetic through out the days, and I feel a little more on the healthy side. Plus, that Centrum Women's Health is supposed to help with breast and bone growth, and I think it's working. My breasts are starting to feel a little fuller and more on the plump side, and that is something I definitely want. They don't look much different, but I can feel a difference that I'm starting to enjoy. 

Also, I keep having this recurring dream about a vampire who feasts on me every chance he gets and practically rapes me. Of course, I end up enjoying it, because lets be frank here, I have a vampire fetish. I LOVE vampires, the thought of them, the thought of one drinking my blood while having sex with me. Yes, this shit is sexy to me, and has been since I was about 11 years old. (I'm NOT joking). Master needs to shave His face and be a vampire for me one Halloween. <.< I'd jump Him in 0.00001 seconds. 

I think it's my subconscious telling me to proceed with finding another good read about vampires, and I'm not talking about this Stephanie Myers bullshit either. She can burn in hell for what she did to the legacy of vampires. The last good book I read that involved vampires was The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice. Now THAT is a masterpiece. So here I am, again, on another hunt for a good vampire novel that doesn't speak of what are actually known to be sparkling gay fairy monsters, and a girl who kills herself because she can't be with that fairy, or something like that. 

I want blood, action, sex, violence, lengthy read, and for GOD'S SAKE, A FUCKING PLOT!!!!! 

-This message has been brought to you by the corporation of unicorns. We do not condone violence, but if one gets a horn to the eye, well you shouldn't have been poking that unicorn in the first place.-


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