Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Body Wand Mini: Toy Review

About a week and a half ago, Master and I made a stop at the usual sex shop, The Lions Den. I have been wanting a Hitachi something fierce, but we never have enough money saved up to buy one. So we took a step below what I wanted and got The Body Wand Mini instead. 

I love vibrators, especially for clitoral stimulation. It really helps me ease into an orgasm. Plus if I'm already having an orgasm, the vibrations typically make it more powerful for me, which of course I want more of.

So I'm thinking it's going to be something to just tie me over until we have enough money to actually get a Hitachi or else get the regular version of the body wand that has more settings and is wireless and rechargeable. (More than likely, we're going to get that one cause the wireless and rechargeable part is pretty awesome).

Boy was I proven wrong, and am I ever so glad and thankful of that. We tried it out as soon as we got back home and even though it only has four settings, each setting is more powerful than the next. The best part? It's not very loud. I absolutely LOVE this item. Everything from the soft, silicone, a neck that is flexible  the color, down to the pretty Rhine stones near the base, this toy really rocks my world, and I recommend anyone to get this who is into vibrations. 

So, on to the pros and cons list.

  1. It's only 4" long so it's easy to hide and store in small spaces.
  2. It comes in different colors
  3. It's quiet
  4. It only costs about $20, and worth every penny
  5. The neck is flexible 
  6. The head piece cover is made of silicone, so it is smooth to the touch
  7. Silicone cover is removeable for easy clean up
  8. It has four intensity settings on the base of the wand. Just takes a little twist. ;D
  9. It's splash proof
  10. Batteries do not seem to drain quickly
  11. It came with the batteries already inside the package
  1. It takes 6 LR44 batteries. I personally do not like those tiny batteries, because they are easy to lose.
  2. There is a small plastic tube in the wand that (I did not know at first) has to stay in it so the wand does not freak out and start vibrating on its own. There was no warning of it in the box, or no directions talking about it.
So it is pretty safe to say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons here. Overall, I love this little item and I sincerely recommend all you orgasm lovers to go out and purchase one. The link I listed above is for the regular body wand, but you can also find the mini body wand on that same website if you'd like to check it out. Here is a link: Body Wand Mini

If and when we get the bigger version of this, you can bet there will be a review of that one as well. ;D Thanks.


P.S. I promise this is my last post of the night. Sorry about spamming you all. Haha


  1. I never had a mini wand....look fun though. I think you talked me into buying one ;)
    Kara XO

  2. when you say it isnt very loud is it noticeable in the next room with a fan on in your room?