Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boring, but Not So Bad.

Well now it has come down to this. Master wants me to write an entry online somewhere every day to keep up with what I have been doing throughout my days when He is gone, and what better place to do it, but here?

Today has been.. well as the title states. ; "Boring, but not so bad". I did, in fact, get to see Master today, once for about an hour in between His last class and the one before it, and for about an hour after His last class of the day. It wasn't as long as I'd like for it to e, but hey, I'm just happy I got to spend that much time with Him, rather than having no time at all. Not going to complain.

Last night, before going to sleep, I was assigned three tasks of today, one of which I am currently doing. Writing in my blog. The other two chores were for me to clean my room a bit (Check!) and for me to work on my promise to Him as His slave and what I am to be to Him. (Still in the works, but at least I have started on it, and Master approves of what I have already done). Whether I post that on here or not, is up to Him, but if He just gives me the answer I'm expecting "Doesn't matter to me." Then I think I'll just keep it to myself. 

Is it weird that I am slightly afraid that my promise/oath to Him will sound just like everyone else's? I mean, I know they are all unique in their own little ways, but I am afraid that I'm just going to be saying the same things. I know Master doesn't care, because He knows that what I am writing to/for Him is out of my heart, and that is what sets it apart, but I can't help but feel like it's going to be something I've read before in the past. I'm not doing this to impress anyone except Master or anything.. Mreh. I really shouldn't think about that. I jut need to be happy that Master likes my progress. *nods* That's the ticket. 

Now I feel like I'm rambling to myself. Lol Typical me~!

At any rate, I have made progress with the tasks set for today, and I am proud of myself for it. What makes me even happier is that Master is pleased with the progress too. ^.^ So YAY~! Still need to finish my room though.. <.< 

^.^;; I can get to work on that in the morning after my shower and work until either I'm done, or till Master comes and see's me tomorrow after his class lets out... 

At any rate, the most I have done today has just been me playing online on FL and Gaia. Not much excitement here in my life since work has cut my hours IMMENSELY. Gotta go talk to them about that and see if they'll give me more hours... Mmmm..

Well anyways, I guess now I'm just beating around the bush, so back to more booty grabbin' on gaia! XD (I SWEAR it is a real game where you get as much gold as you can. Hence the name.. Booty Grab).

Till tomorrow...


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