Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video Games, Whippings, Work, and Extreme Dom?

I think so!

Well it's been nearly a week since I last posted anything, not many readers so I feel less prompted to write anything, but I have certain duties to uphold so~ Gotta do it. Plus the less I write, the more I have to share when I write next time around. Mhmm, good idea, right? You bet your sweet ass I'm right.

At any rate, since I last wrote, I have been back to work twice, and things have been (Something urgent has come up, and I'll finish this later).

Okay this is the very next night, almost 24 hours later. I had to take a very important phone call. Friend of mine lost her 7 month old kitten and needed love and support, so I found that far more important than blogging. She and her girl friend are feeling a little better this evening, but of course, there is still pain. Keep them in your prayers that they may make it over this road block soon and well. 

Anyways, this week has felt.. interesting....

Master and I are having our moments and fun times are being had in between work and Him doing school work. I feel as if His mom is still kinda being all like "Rawr! I'm Mamma T., and I am making sure my son is doing well." Which is cool and all, but Eh yeah.. you've heard this all before. It's good she is concerned that He is doing well in His studies.

So yeah, I got to play Little Big Planet 2 with Master this evening. He got it yesterday and didn't play it till this evening and we beat story mode shortly before 11pm tonight. Pretty damn awesome if I say so myself! I haven't beaten a game in one night in for-freaking-ever! Feels good. =3

Speaking of games, I pre-ordered Dead Space 2 Collectors Addition about a week ago, and it comes out on the 25th (Tuesday) of this month, and boy am I excited! The first one gave me nightmares, almost made me cry, made me jump SEVERAL times and scream like a little girl, and I'm still going back for more. Yeah, A tad sadistic towards myself because in the end all I'm doing is mentally torturing myself, no joking, and enjoying every second of it. Sure, I have lost sleep over the first game, and being that the new one is going to be twice as gruesome and morbid, I feel I'll lose even more sleep and be even more paranoid... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

(A "normal" person wouldn't be like this...)

*looks at self in mirror for a moment* Nope.. not a single trace of being normal in my body. *tosses mirror and breaks it* S'cool. MOVING ON! =D

The other day, Monday to be precise, Master was off of school because it was MLK Day and all schools are out that day, including college. We took advantage of this because His parents were at work out of the house, and I found myself feeling.. masochistic...

I turned to Master at one point and promptly told Him that I wanted Him to beat me. Now, He reacted like any typical person would, by looking at me like I was a tad crazy and He had the look of concern in His eyes. For SOME odd reason He literally thought I meant I wanted Him to strike me across the face or something. I couldn't help but laugh a little and explain that I wanted to be punished for no reason. Of course, He agreed to that and we had a nice little hour session of Him striking me with various whips, canes, etc till my ass was bright red, sore, and possibly bruised. 

It felt AMAZING. There is nothing like getting my ass beaten repeatedly till I can't stand it... and then some!

Anyways, moving on back to today.. 

Master and I took a little bit of time to take a break from playing LBP2 as we had been playing it for a few hours straight. Not too healthy. I know. At first, I was just being playful and poking at Him, nipping at Him here and there, and next ting I remember, He's got me in His grasp and I can't move. Nope. Sad part, He only had me by one arm and one leg! XD STILL couldn't get out of His grasp. If you knew who I spoke of, you'd think "He's a small guy though. There is no way he could hold someone down!" Looks can be deceiving, buddy, and with Him they most certainly are. Master can hold His own when He needs and wants to, and exercises that well when it comes to me. 

I don't know what exactly happened, but at one point, He has a hand full of my hair in His hand, TIGHT, and there is no way for me to get away at this point, 110%. And oh GOD the look in His eyes... It's that look when a Dom looks into His submissives eyes and tells her that if she makes the wrong move, that you are going to get her and get her good... with that one. simple. look. 

This side of Master rarely comes out, but boy when it does.. Mmm... *melts* =D

At any rate, it was fun not being to do anything and was pretty much helpless and useless under His grasp. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Mmm well.. I'm getting tired, and running out of things to say so I'm going to end this for now.




  1. Thanks for the update kitten. I always look forward to a new post by you :)

    I'm glad you had such fun on Monday. That's my kind of day ;) A nice beating it always a good time!!

    As for games Me & Kara bought a Wii. This is the first game system either of has had since we were 15. Neither of us are gamers. However Kara wanted to get it because of the dance games and we've seen others playing the sport games at parties. Being interactive it always looks fun. Since we host a lot of get togethers at our townhouse we thought it would be something fun to have.

    Glad to see you post!

    ~Jess XX~

  2. I'm glad you enjoy my updates! =D

    And I hope you guys have fun and all goes well. Sounds like lots of fun is had at your place. =3