Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, That Look. Man, Those Tears.

It drives me crazy. When He just gives me that stare. He is the sweetest person alive, but when He gets that look, I feel the danger close in real fast... and I LOVE the danger! It's just out of nowhere, really. One moment we're laughing, or maybe playing video games, and suddenly that look creeps upon His face and next thing I know, I'm being thrown down to the nearest bed/couch/floor and the sparks fly.

Ever heard of the phrase "Hurt so good"? Oh yeah... *grins* There is not a single bit of lie in that tiny phrase.

The moment I make eye contact with Him when He gives me that look... I'm drunk, I'm His, and I'm melting just for Him. It's silent.. then suddenly there is hair pulling, throat grabbing, forced kissing, loss of breath, and I'm being forced to take what ever He wishes to dish out. Whether it be Him tying me up and forcing me to cum, or me drooling all over myself while He whips me mercilessly. It happens, and once He starts, there is no going back till He is satisfied.

There have been a few times where I think to myself "There is no way this is going to get any better..." and then I am proven wrong as He takes me through another joy ride fixated on emotions, sensations and pure ecstasy. If am getting too graphic any where along the way, I am terribly sorry, but the warning is there before you view my blog. Haha!

There  is nothing like being used by your own Master. Being pushed and pushed till I break and cry. It sounds weird, but the moment He breaks me to where I am pouring the tears... I just.. I feel like we just accomplished something amazing. I LOVE that He can make me scream and cry. No one has ever done that to me, and I never thought I'd enjoy that sort of thing, but I do, and I crave for more. It's been a while since He last made me cry, and for some reason it is driving me crazy that He is asleep.. at His house and not here, beating my ass till I am bruised, and licking away my tears. I.. need it. By god I fucking need it.

And MAN those threats being whispered into my ear while He is choking me, or holding a knife to my throat... God.. I feel like I'm teasing myself just by talking about this. I'm sorry... I just fucking love how strong He is, and how He holds me down without physically HOLDING me. I.. need more. I'm greedy, I know, but there is a type of buzz I feel during these things that is rather addicting. I have never craved someone as much as I crave Master.

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