Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Weekend Full of... OH LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

This weekend.. has been a CRAZY one, no lie. May I just start off by saying congrats to my friends, Amy and Fluffy, on their engagement. I got to help with it, Master video taped the proposal and I nearly cried... Actually, my eyes did get a bit moist. Not going to lie. It was wonderful to see their smiles and the huge grin on Fluffy's face. TOTALLY AWESOME. Anyways, yes. It was cool. The proposal took place in front of the whole audience at Rocky, and every seat was filled. So it was PACKED with people.

Moving along~

Today was mainly a lazy day, as most Sunday's are, and I spent most of it with Master, just laying around and snuggling and fun stuff. =3 This week has been SO out of whack it's not even funny. Nothing has felt right all week and everything just seemed like it was happening all at the wrong times. Nothing bad happened, per-se, but it just.. felt off... You know?

Anyways, I got to play Dead Space 2 a bit. Lost some sleep this week over it. XD Totally worth it too. I love it. Master isn't too keen on the game, which is understandable. It's creepy and scary as fuck, and honestly, the first one gave me nightmares a few times. Haha One of my cousins stayed over here this weekend, so it was nice seeing him again. Granted, he didn't hang out with me much, but I'm boring anyways. 

Master and I hung out with some friends on Friday night after I got done playing a bit of Dead Space 2. I had part of a drink, played darts with my big sis, Master and brother (I don't really have a brother or sister, they are just two friends who are family to me). A couple hours passed and I was ready to go home and just sleep. So I did... GOD I'M BORING~!!!

Anyways, I started talking to a friend of mine today that I have not seen in 11 years. He and I went to the same grade school together, and I had to move away because my father got remarried to my step-mom. It was rather nice being able to talk to him again, and we are planning on getting to know each other once more. I'm really excited and I hope I get to see him again some day. Sure would be nice.

Anyways, this whole post has not been put together so well, so I'm just going to end it with me saying that I need SEX!!!! >=/ DAMMIT!! I haven't had sex all fucking week, and part of last week too and I NEED SEX!!!!!!! Thank you.. that is all...


  1. Dead Space 2 just gets at a lot of my fears, and I must also say Congrats to Fluff and Amy, I was happy to help out with that.