Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CWS Challenge 3 & 4

So I'm a little behind on the challenges, therefore I'm putting these two together. They seem to practically go hand in hand anyways.

Challenge #3: Write about what is going through your mind while you are sucking cock.

Honestly, the biggest portion of the time when I am sucking on Master's cock, the only thing going through my head is trying my best to please Him. I always focus on Him 100% when going down on Him and I give Him my undivided attention. I'm so focused on pleasing Him that nothing else seems to matter. I want nothing more than to make Him feel amazing and to make Him cum. He is all that matters while I give Him a blow job.

Challenge #4: Make an ecard about blow jobs.



  1. Im behind on the challenges too! I still need to do #2! Nice ecard! Lol

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to see your responses! ^.^ I bet they will be awesome.