Monday, June 6, 2011

Exposed and Embarrassed

Well... shit kind of went down today, and maybe because this happened to me, I feel like it's more awful than it really is, but in all honesty, this is a little nerve wrecking for me. I'm going to do my best to not blow this out of proportion, but I will be (as usual) typing this out from my point of view.

To be as straight forward about this, one of my friends and his friends found my fet life profile today. Said friend of mine does not have a profile on there, but his friend does. Needless to say, I was shocked and worried. My friend told another friend of ours about this (just said that he found some odd pictures of myself and Master on there, but didn't describe them to him as anything else other than "once you see it, it can't be unseen").

I freaked out.

I immediately jumped into action and started deleting photo's on my account that were on the risky side, and took off almost every single photo on my Masters' account as well. 

Eventually I got a hold of said friend and we talked about what he saw, and turns out he wasn't as freaked out about it as what I thought he was. He said he didn't hate me, that he didn't lose any respect for me as it was my business and not his, and that it was mainly a shock factor that Master and I were even into the sort of things that were posted. 

One of the things he said to me was that he found himself asking questions like "Wouldn't that hurt?" or "how did they do that?" And stuff like that. Also, said friend and his girl friend are on the kinky side and have done similar things (minus the anal beads! Haha!) so that was a shock factor for me.

Now, this part I'm going to post for Angel, because I know she was concerned about this and seemed a little upset, if so, I understand and I didn't blame her.

Back up to when I said that he talked to my other guy friend about it. At first, this had me REALLY worried and a bit on the upset side, but I kept my calm about that one thing in hopes that it wasn't nearly as bad as what I thought it was. I asked him why he went to my other friend about this and not to me first, and the answer I got was rather simple and reasonable. 

He had no idea how to talk to me about it, and he knew my other friend has known about Master and I and parts of our relationship. I tell him everything because he's like a brother to me and I trust him that much. He figured the best way was through him because he figured that if he came to me about it that he'd seem like we was being a total creep about it and just didn't want to upset me. 

We talked this out and made an agreement that if anything like this ever came up again, that he would come straight to me, no matter what.

I informed Master after He got off work and told Him everything that happened.

Luckily I remembered that there is a feature on there that I can select which photo's I want seen by friends only and by all who are on that site. So for anyone who is not friends with me, they'll never see those naughty photo's. Which means he won't be able to view my pictures ever again. Thank god for that.

Anyways yeah. That scare is done and over with and everything is okay now.



  1. I'm *so* glad everything worked out as well as it did. And I'm glad that they didn't tell the other friend out of meanness--that's what I thought happened, from the short back-and-forth texts we had...I understand that something like this would be horrifying (I've had nightmares about vanillas finding out about me), but it seems like everything turned out okay in the end, which is good ^_^

  2. Oh god me too! XD I was freaking out so much I was crying at one point. I mean. If it EVER got to my mother.. shit just.. well things would never be the same between us ever again.