Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disc Golf and Friends

Today Master and I got to experience sun shine, and a nice afternoon at the park with Angel, Panda, Winjojo, and RS. RS and Winjojo showed us the game of disc golf and we learned how to throw these frisbee like things called discs. Other than the hot sun, and the hilly terrain, it was pretty fun! I know it was great exercise, and it is something that I am interested in doing more often. I really don't have too much to write on this, but this is something that I hope we can all do again before it gets too cold. I'm very tempted in investing in some discs now. Thanks RS and Jojo! I'm pretty much hooked now. 

P.S. We got some truffles that either RS or Jojo made and they were freaking FANTASTIC! Loved them. ^.^

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