Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Good News

Alright, last week I had posted about telling Angel that I liked her, and all that jazz. The next step was for her, her Master, my Master, and myself were to all talk about it. Set limits and such as to what was acceptable and not acceptable. Master and I were supposed to go over there yesterday evening, but Angel had not been feeling to well, as her endo was really kicking her ass yesterday. (Poor girl, I really hope some day that she can find a way to get rid of that problem, it really does take a toll on her sometimes).

Knowing that the pain for her can be really excruciating at times, I told her she should rest, and not worry about cancelling plans, so she ended up going back to bed and rest it off a little bit. I was glad she did, because the way she described the way she was feeling yesterday, it sounded like she was pretty miserable, and I really hate seeing her that way.

Anyways, getting to the point now. (Sorry~!) We ended up talking about it, briefly, over fet last night and turns out we had the same views all along. Everything was to be non sexual (which is great with me, as I didn't want it to go that way anyways) and that we were allowed to cuddle, kiss, be play partners and stuff like that. The cool part, is that we're already so close that we've kind of played together before, and I mean, kissing and snuggling didn't really seem that far off anyways. lol 

So gladly, we agreed that would be as for as it goes without making it into a relationship, and that way everyone can be happy. ^.^ So now~ I guess we shall see where this goes. Hopefully well. ^.^ *smiles like a dork*

I'm pretty excited.


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