Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Power of Music

Music is an art. The kind of art that can make one feel certain emotions. It can makes us feel sad, happy, violent, or sensual. Music brings out the primal versions of ourselves and shows us a new world around all of us. For example, the song Asphyxiation by Genitorturers (which I am currently listening to) gives me the sense of somewhat aggressive, passionate sex that involves doing just that, asphyxiating someone. The lyrics are powerful, and the instrumentals are just as strong. I almost can envision myself as the person within the song.

It's a release that we can only have when we hear these songs, that is without actually doing it.

For me, music is everything. When I listen to music, I feel as if a part of me is in that song and that I am somehow releasing a burden or certain emotions. I feel empowered by the music I listen to. I feel something inside of me that is so invigorating and powerful there are no words to describe it....

It's like for that short amount of time, I become this animalistic version of myself and I experience certain emotions that in otherwise a normal situation I wouldn't normally feel.

I have this relationship with music that gives me a certain type of energy. Perhaps this may seem odd, but I feel as if I am more of *myself* when I hear my music, and sing along with it. I actually LOVE scenes that involve music, as it fuels my energy, and I can probably achieve a higher amount of pleasure along with the flow of the songs.

For example, the same song I listed above was playing while Master and I were playing with one another. As soon as the chorus hit.. it was like magic or something... I remember it now. Those words echoing in my ears.

As the cord pulls tighter, face is bleeding whiter and whiter!
As the cord pulls tighter, spots in hell burn brighter and brighter!
 Doesn't seem sexy, I know, reading the lyrics along, but listen to the song, and if you're into that kind of thing, you'll understand better where I am coming from. 

Anyways, it was spot on. The chorus hit, and Master grabbed me by the throat and began choking me. I couldn't breathe, and He persisted, fingering me as hard as He could, and I have never came like that before, or since. This particular orgasm was strictly different than any other I had experienced, and it was simply beyond bliss would ever dream to be. Magical doesn't really do it justice, but we'll go with that anyways.

My point is, music speaks to me in ways no mere human being can. It's more than the lyrics, itself. It's also the instrumentals. The way it sounds. The way it clicks with my body. So if you ever see me smiling while I'm listening to any song, it probably means that I've made some sort of deep connection with the song.

Granted, not all songs make me feel like that, but maybe I have gotten my point across. Maybe not. This was mainly meant for a special release for me. 

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