Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tragedy Strikes The East Coast!

This morning was a peaceful one in the East Coast. The birds were chirping, sun was shining high in the sky. A gentle breeze was blowing through, and the air smelt of tranquility. It was approximately 2pm when everything went from calm and quiet to suddenly... HELL. ON. EARTH!!!! 

There I was, sitting in my humble abode browsing the interwebz in my peaceful bed room. Not a single disturbance in the force, that is until 2pm. Suddenly, the room starting shaking violently, and things were falling off the desk I was sitting at. The doors and windows rattled of their hinges, falling to the floor with a loud thud! 


Children were screaming, adults were crying and pissing themselves like they had suddenly been turned back into babies, and me, you ask? I manned the fuck up and stomped on the ground shouting "YOU WON'T GET ME DOWN TODAY, BITCH!" 

And that is how I survived the 8-23-11 earthquake on the east coast....

No but seriously, this didn't really happen. I mean.. the earthquake did, but nothing fell off. Actually.. I barely noticed it.... Still this was fucking hilarious. I mean.. check out these other photos that today inspired.

Fucking. Priceless. XD

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