Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Crazy Weekend!

I know, I know,, I'm making two new posts, pretty much back to back. I've gotta be nuts for this. Haha My last post was basically just about the cone fest this weekend, and I was just showing some of my favorite pictures that were taken this weekend. 

This post is being made to follow it up with all the nutty details that happened this weekend. Like, for example, I nearly got ran over this morning by some old dude with road rage! I'll get back to that later though.

As I stated in my other post, this weekend was the 6th annual Cone Fest in Ashland Kentucky of the Poage Landing Days festival. This was my second year going to this, and was a much anticipated event for me. I got to see all the skaters I've met over this past year, and it was just so awesome seeing them all again. These guys are my second family, and I'm so happy and blessed that I have these people as my friends. 

Master was skating in this event, as always, and ended up winning 1st place B class on Saturday, and then 3rd place B class on Sunday. Needless to say, I'm proud of Him, and very happy for Him. ^.^ 

Saturday, I spent running up and down the hill, trying to get all of the skateboard equipment to our spot, and everything else we brought with us. Then, I helped set up the boards, and set up the booth where the speaker was. Next thing I know, I'm running all over the place, and while running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I'm also managing to get pictures of the skaters. 

Down at the bottom of the hill, there is a police station, and the road after it, and the alley across from it, are blocked off by road blockades so that no one drives through there while the skaters are coming down the course. Granted.. those blockades get ignored.....

One thing I want to mention here before I go on a couple of mini tangents here, these guys are going pretty fast. On their boards, they can reach anywhere from 25 mph to 40 mph. So when all they have on are helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, that's pretty freaking fast, and pretty freaking dangerous. 

There were countless times this year where myself, and some of the other volunteer's had to run to the bottom of the course to keep people from driving through. Later on though, something tragic nearly happened, and I thank god no one was hurt. One of our fastest racer's named Bobby Thomas (who is labeled as the 8th fastest slalom skater in the world. Yes WORLD, not U.S.) was racing down the hill, when some lady in an SUV pulled right onto the course. Bobby was literally FLYING down the course, and barely missed having a head on collision with the car. 

About this time Momma T, Master's mom, sprang into action, and was practically climbing into the womans' window screaming at her, telling her that she could have killed Bobby, and that when a "Road Closed" sign is up, that means the road is closed and she could not go through. Personally, I applaud Momma T  on this action, and so did everyone else. I think she scared that woman senseless though, because she came back later on, apologizing left and right, to which case, Momma T only had to ask "You do realize, that was highly dangerous, and you could have killed him if you had pulled out just a couple more feet?" 

I'm telling you, these people are freaking nuts. They are rude, and they have no respect for the authority.

Luckily, no one got hurt, Bobby is perfectly fine, and everything went right back to normal.

Later that evening, Master and I went to a roller skating event three blocks down from my house at a rink called Skateland. A few local kinksters met up with us, and everyone ended up having a blast, from what I could tell. I was worried everyone was going to think it was lame, but I was happy to know that all of us had a lot of fun. Some of them wanted to go somewhere else afterwards, but Master and I had been up since 6 that morning, and we had to be up around the same time this morning, so we headed out, took our friend Fluffy home, and headed to bed.

Now.. on to what I mentioned above.

Today.. Master and I were setting up some cones at the bottom of the other hill we go to every year. This hill is huge. At any rate, the police hadn't shown up yet with the blockades, so Master and I were setting up the cones to temporarily block any cars from going up the hill, and possibly, you know.. running anyone over. In this middle of this, some old guy, I'm guessing in his 50's and his wife pull up in this gold car. He lays on the horn at me, after I've told him he can't come through, waved my hands at him saying "No. You can't come this way." I continue setting the cones down, when suddenly, the asshole floors the car and misses hitting me by a mere foot, if that... 

Readers... I am telling you RIGHT NOW, I was so close to running up to his car, and fucking it up all to hell with some of the cones I had in my hands. Master and I were yelling at him to stop, but luckily some of the guys a little further ahead saw what happened and jumped right into action. They got the man to stop and got him turned around. I'm pretty sure Lenny was about to kick his ass, and I wouldn't have been surprised the other two guys would have joined in. After all, they not only violated the road rules, but they nearly ran my ass over. Thankfully, I was not hurt either, but you all can bet that I was rather pissed for a while after that. Master was actually rather pissed too, and He looked like He was about to go off. 

The rest of the day went a lot better though, and everyone had a blast. No one got hurt and things went really smooth. After the race, everyone received their awards, got group photo's taken, said our goodbyes and well packed up and headed our separate ways back to our homes. By the time Master and I got back to His place, we were so worn out, we didn't even bother unloading the car, but instead, headed upstairs to His room where we took a nap. 

The rest of the evening was rather mellow. We sat around the house, talked and had dinner with His parents, and just relaxed. It was sad to see everyone go, but we were very happy to be home where we could just chill out for the rest of the evening.

This weekend was fantastic, and other than a few bad things here and there, it could not have gone any better.



  1. I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend! And that you weren't run over! I can't believe how inconsiderate people are sometimes, yikes...

  2. Thanks, and I can't believe it either! When I told mom last night she was like "Whoa~ that is not cool..." LOL She wasn't too happy about it either, but she was glad I got home safe. ^.^