Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Weekend Rocked!!

So yesterday was fantastic to begin with, and just when I thought things were going to wind down and such, today became just as awesome.

This evening, Masters' parents decided to treat me to dinner at a restaurant that I have been wanting to go to for a long time now. Hibachi Steak House. I regret one thing, and that is that I forgot my camera at Masters' house. We got to watch a guy make our meals right in front of us, and he did this thing with his cooking utensils that was pretty awesome. It was as if his utensils themselves were dancing around his hands. That wasn't the most amazing part though. He had 4 foot tall flames shooting off the cooking surface that gave heat off all around the room. It was AWESOME! (especially for a fire lover like myself, AKA: Pyromaniac)

One wouldn't think cooking would take much skill, but for him it was more like watching art made with food. To top it all off, it was delicious! Sadly I didn't finish it all, but I will eat the left over's tomorrow for lunch or something.

After we finished our awesome dinner, we drove to a spot in downtown Huntington to watch these birds flock in for the evening. This... was the most incredible, amazing, freaky thing I have ever seen. Literally thousands of birds... flying over head, and in giant flocks. I mean.. I REALLY wish I had my camera on me, you have no freaking clue. Here, I'll just show you a picture that Masters' mom took, and this doesn't even do it justice...

I mean.. that really doesn't do it justice at all. Now imagine all those birds, multiply by 5 and that is about how many we saw tonight. Now imagine that they are only a mere 7 feet above your head, and thousands of those birds are just flying all around you. That shit was crazy intense! There were so many low to the ground that a few of them flew into a near by building, but the good part was that they were okay and none of them got hurt. Granted, even if a few did, it wouldn't have put much of a dent at all of that huge mass of birds. 

They all flocked to these two tree's and the trees were so full of those birds that you couldn't even see the leaves on the tree's. The chirping was so freaking loud too. It was nuts!

I will say this much though, I am very blessed to have the people in my life that I do. Angel is one amazing girl, and she really brings a smile to my face. Another great thing, is that I am blessed that Masters' parents care as much about me as they do. Not even my own parents would have taken me out to a fancy restaurant like that, but that does not mean my parents are not supportive. Hell, my mom is paying for my schooling, just so long I keep my A's. So that is another thing I am truly grateful for. 

I know it sounds silly, because none of you live the life I do, but to know that my Masters' parents love me as much as they do, and care about my future like they do, it is just... I feel so amazing. I have no idea why, but all I want to do is make them proud of me, and I could tell tonight, 100% that I am succeeding in that category. What really got me though, and actually made me cry (good cry) was that they said they loved me, and that I was like family to them. That touched my heart in ways one could never imagine.

All in all, this was an awesome weekend, and it could not have gone better.


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