Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Quick Summary of Things

So things have been a little time consuming for me lately. I have been preparing for finals, and I have tests every week, practically all week long. So studying has been coming before pretty much everything else in my life. On top of that, Master is back in classes again, so these past two weeks have been... tiring. 

Yesterday, however, I got to sit down with Angel at her house again, and we talked all afternoon long like we always do. If you haven't read my other posts, Angel and I really like one another, and we're not really in a relationship or anything. In fact.. I have no idea what to call it, because it's far more than play partners or friends with benefits. Hell.. we don't even do the "benefits" part either! GAH! Anyways, we were kind of talking about us, so to speak, and how I was embarrassed and such because I pretty much freaked out in the beginning. Not sure why I brought it up, but I just... I really want to hold her, maybe even kiss her. 

..Yes.. Kiss her too. *blush* Mrerrrr~! >.<;

So while I was there, she ended up giving me some of her nipple jewelry that she didn't think she'd ever use because she couldn't figure out how to get it on, plus she din't think she'd get her nipples pierced again. She said if I figured out how to get them on, I could have them. Well, I figured it out! ^.^ And they are pretty freaking cute! (Thanks Angel!! <3)

She also gave me something else, that I couldn't wait to use. A VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film). It's this spermicide film that a girl can put into the vagina (preferably against the cervix) and it can kill sperm for up to three hours. I have NEVER heard of this before, and I honestly don't know why. This stuff is brilliant! She only gave me one, but one is enough because this doesn't seem like something we'd keep doing. At least.. not now. 

Master and I ended up using it today, and it was the first time we had unprotected sex to the full extent till we both came. Funny enough, we planned it out, that I would cum first so my cervix didn't suck His semen into my uterus if He were to cum into me. He ended up pulling out and cumming all over my stomach, which, not going to lie, was pretty hot. I'd post the pic on here, but.. I don't quite feel comfortable with it. This blog is far more open than fl is so anyone could see it. Yeah. Not risking that. Back to that film though, another thank you to Angel for that as well. Totally made our evening. XD 

Tomorrow night, Master, Angel, Panda, myself, and my dad are all going to the Woodmere cemetery to do some ghost hunting. This will be a first time hunt for all of us, except my father who was the tech manager for the Huntington Paranormal group here. We're all pretty excited, and I will DEFINITELY make a post about it and how it went. If I get any pictures of any apparitions or anything, you can bet I will post them on here with my blog as well.  

Also, I had some glow stick fun in the car on the way home from Master's house tonight.

So as of right now, I am one happy kitty. ^.^



  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed all the fun presents! And, I know I already said on Fetlife, but the piercings look awesome on you, too! ^_^

  2. lol, and I think maybe the best descriptor for us is just "complicated"...but in a good way ^_^