Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surprise Scene

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I have not felt like I was floating like this in a long time. It feels amazing.

Today, Master decided to surprise me a little with a nice scene. One that we have never done before. First, Master had me lay face down to give me a nice relaxing back massage. He used this device that has two balls sticking out of it that vibrate when it's turned on. Needless the say, the vibrations on my back quickly set me in a relaxed state.

After the massage, He had me undress all the way and suggested that I pull my iPod out and make a playlist for this particular scene. Some of the songs included; DirtyLosRein Raus, Zydrate Anatomy, and Set It Off Like Napalm. He then blindfolded me and taped my headphones into my ears.

As soon as the music started playing, He jumped straight into action. Since I was blindfolded, I wasn't aware that He had put a pair of the gloves I had in my purse on. (You know, the kind you get at a doctors office?) As soon as I felt Him touch me with those on, my body immediately reacted to His touch, and thus began the tingly sensation flowing through me. He started touching me all over, toying with me and putting his gloved fingers into my mouth, making me lick and suck on them. He eventually worked His hands down to my thighs, gently caressing me, and worked his fingers into my already soaking pussy. 

He rubbed the inside of my cunt, writhing His fingers in and out of me, slowly, making my body give into Him and begging for more. He then withdrew, and rubbed my juices all over my chest and stomach, making sure He put every last drop on my body. Master got started on my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, fondling with my nipples, which caused my body to writhe underneath Him. 

I remember starting to feel worked up by this point, when He kind of started gently smacking my face and pushing on my face, occasionally holding my face as to say "don't move". Normally, this would have pissed me off, but in this particular situation, I was actually loving it. He was starting to rough me up, and it was something that I definitely needed, and wanted. 

He continued to work his fingers around my clit, till I was close to cumming, in which I quickly took over and forced myself to cum for Him, letting out moans that stifled the music play in my ears. One powerful orgasm down, and He had barely touched me.

I felt Him move away from me for a few seconds, before He placed Himself, sitting on my thighs. I felt His slight movement, but I had no idea what was about to happen next. After all, I was blindfolded and had music playing in my ears the whole time. Suddenly, I felt an all too familiar substance being pressed to my lips and around my lips. Master had placed duct tape over my mouth. 

He then ran this small square package down my chest and stomach, it wasn't before too long that I realized He had got a condom out and placed it upon His cock. He then started the fuck me. My only source for a breath of fresh air was if I were to breathe through my nose. What made it even better, is that my moans were stifled by the duct tape holding my lips in place. 

He nipped at me a little, and licked my neck and ears, causing my body to work itself even closer to His. I was loving every single bit of it, and craving more. It wasn't too terribly long before He and I were coming together. Not as powerful as the first, but still a good orgasm, none-the-less. He got up from the bed, lifted my blindfold, and I saw Him mouth the words "I'll be right back." He then placed my hands on my soaking wet cunt, and I could tell that He wanted me to play with myself some more. 

I began working my fingers in circular motions around and on my clit, bringing myself to a third and far more powerful orgasm. Just as I came, though, Master had already been back, and He began working on my clit again. This resulted in my back arching up towards him, and my body becoming stiff with pleasure. He then let go of me and guided me back to the bed, where I was made to turn over on my stomach.

Knowing what this meant as well, I got on all fours and proceeded to position myself the way Master likes. My back straight, my ass sticking in the air, and my legs partially spread so He could gain access to my cunt at any given time. He then proceeded to hit my ass with what I perceived to be the bamboo cane. I was so out of it by this point, that even the hard swats caused me to moan and wiggle my ass with excitement. It didn't even hurt. He alternated a few other stingy and thuddy toys, but being as dazed as I was, I couldn't make heads or tales of what they were, how long He hit me with them, or how many times He hit me all in all. 

He even started taking whacks at my cunt, and according to Him I was "eating it up and loving it." and to be honest, I really think I was. I didn't even care that He was hitting my cunt pretty hard, it all felt great, and if I had had it my way, it wouldn't have ended so soon. Sadly though, Master had things to take care of, but He promised me another scene here soon that will be even better. (Like that matters, this scene was hot). 

So here I am, a couple hours later, still floating and feeling like I'm in heaven. Everything was in perfect harmony this evening. The music, being blindfold, not being able to talk, all the sensations were heightened. I.. don't even know how do describe it any better. This is the most amazing I have felt in a long time. I know one thing is for certain, this is one scene that I sure as hell would not mind repeating a few more times in the future.



  1. Your scene sounds so Hot!! I recommend adding bondage, ice, candle wax and feathers next time you try this :)
    Another thing that drives me nuts when I do a scene like this is when it's broken up. Scarlett will restrain me then leave me alone for 15 minutes or so. All of a sudden I'll feel her touch. After teasing me for a little while, she'll stop and leave me alone again. Could be 5 minutes or 30. Every time is different. These end up being very long bondage scenes for us which I love :)

    ~Jess XX~

  2. Sadly, we don't have a long length of time for that, but someday! Thanks for the tips. And it was very hot. Master has promised me another scene today, so~! =3

  3. Yes, when you have a lot of time I recommend a long scene. It will drive you nuts but when you finally have that orgasm it will feeling like and explosion inside :)

    ~Jess XX~

  4. ;D Luckily, I know exactly what you speak of, and it was AWESOME!