Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Fantastic Saturday!

In fact, fantastic doesn't do this day justice. Magnificent? Wonderful? How about all of the above?!

Today started off amazing. I looked online to check my final scores, only to find out that I got a 3.75 GPA with Three A's and a B+. That made my day right off the bat, and what made it even better was that both of my parents were really proud of me, as well as my family, some friends, and my Master's parents. This day got even better, though.

Later on, Master and I got to enjoy a shower together, and have fun messing around with one another and such. After the shower, we went out for steak at UNO's. Best. Treat. Ever. Rare steak as a reward for doing so well on my first quarter? Awww yeah~! It was amazing, and tasted so freaking good.

After that, we headed to Master's grandma's house where we got on the V-Strom, and rode it all over Huntington. (In case you have know idea what I speak of, it's a really comfortable motorcycle). The ride was nice, and it felt great to be on the back of a motorcycle again. After that we headed back to His house where we fed the dogs, and engaged in somewhat aggressive sex, where Master took me from behind and used me. 

Not too terribly long later, we ventured to Panda and Angel's place where we watched A Game of Thrones, played some board games, and watched more Game of Thrones. Things, however, did get interesting. While playing the games, Angel leaned over to try and kiss me, in which case I really was not paying attention cause I was looking towards the table/floor. I missed my chance for a first kiss with her! 

Not going to lie, I felt bad, because I really was not trying to ignore her, I was just putting my head down cause I was blushing and such. Things turned for the better though. I was told that if I won a game of Apples to Apple, my prize would be to kiss her. Needless to say, I won the game, and earned my awesome prized fair and square.

I knew they all expected us to just give us a quick "peck" on the lips and that just be it, but I knew from the start, it was not going to happen that way. When she leaned in, I pulled her closer to me, and kind of held her face as I kissed her somewhat passionately. Poor Angel, she thought she did a bad job. Honestly, I've kissed some bad kissers in my short life, and she does not even deserve that title. Sure it was a tad awkward, but honestly, her kisses were soft, and sweet. I loved them!

This, of course, took both of our Masters by surprise, and I remember hearing Panda go "Whoa~! Oh wow!" or something like that. I was more focused on Angel. XD

Afterwards, we sat on the floor to watch more Game of Thrones, and we kind of nuzzled one another here and there. I wish I had put my arm around her and held her or something, but I didn't know if she would have wanted that or not, so I just sat next to her and was happy with the accomplishment we had just made. 

After the next two episodes, Master and I got ourselves together, and was headed out the door, when Panda told Angel to give me a goodbye kiss. I didn't object, and the goodbye kiss was sweeter than before. *glows and beams with pride* Yay for kissing the pretty lady known as Angel!!! x3

Needless to say, I will be going to bed tonight with a smile on my face. This was the best Saturday I have had in a long time. 

I will say this much, before I end this post, it is really nice to know that Angel and I have become this close. I really trust her, and I'm just so lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life. I hope many kisses and snuggles and such end up being more to come. ^.^

Goodnight world, and God. You have done me well today, and I thank you.


If you wish to see Angels' view of yesterday, here is her blog post about it. ^.^


  1. lol, as Panda will confirm, I happy-spazzed while reading this...I was like "eeeee, she said my kisses were soft and sweet!!"

    I had a lot of fun, too, and I'm sure there will be lots more good stuff in the future...^_^

  2. X3 You're not the only one who spazzed! LMAO Love ya hon. <3