Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just An Update On The Past Week

Well in the past week, Moose finally bit me. The problem dog I spoke of not too long ago. I was VERY lucky I was wearing my shoes when it happened because the little bastard bit through my jeans and my shoe. So yay for having teeth holes in my jeans, but in my shoes as well. On top of that, for some reason he just didn't want to let go, and Master had to shove him off of me with his foot, and the dog was latched on so hard to me, that he literally did a flip across the room when Master finally got him pried off of me. If I hadn't had my shoes on, I'd probably have puncture wounds on my foot right about now, and I know my toes would be screwed up too.

Thank god for shoes and for Master.

Ironically enough, when he bit me, I was actually looking around for him in hopes I wouldn't step on him and have that exact problem. In the process, I'm not sure if I kicked him by accident (honestly, I never once felt my foot collide with him) and in a split second, everything went from perfectly fine to "HOLY SHIT! I have a dog trying to literally tear my foot off!!!" As I said before, Master had to pry him off of me, because me trying to shake that wretched beast loose was not working. 

That was last Friday, so nearly a week ago.

Moving along, though, I got my hair cut that same night, and got it thinned. I think it looks pretty good. Tomorrow, a friend of mine, DarkestAngel, is going to be re-dying my hair red, so yay for that. The other night I got to talk to my father about that bad incident nearly a month ago, and we've settled our differences. There was an argument between my mother and myself that same night before I got to talk to my dad, so that was pleasant. 

As far as school goes, I've been up to my ears in papers and essays with my English class, and I'm more than happy that I only have a couple weeks left in there before it's all over. Seriously... 13 papers in a 11 week quarter and a research paper to be the cherry on top. What is so nutty about this is that she isn't sure she's giving us enough to do! Trust me.. she's given us MORE than enough. And if you do the math correctly, yes, that is one essay per week, and one week we actually had to turn in TWO essays on the same day. 

Can. Not. Wait. To. Get. Out. Of. There.....

Lately things just have not been going right, but I'm hoping that when Friday hits, everything in the balance will be restored back to normal. After all, Friday is November the 18th which will be my 3 year anniversary with Master. So I'm REALLY hoping this weekend will go as well as expected and we'll be able to put the bullshit that has happened lately behind. 

Correction, I'm hoping I can put MY bullshit behind. 

Yesterday, I was really upset over some things that happened with my mom and not even five minutes after walking in the door at Master's place, I ended up having a full blown panic attack, topped with hyperventilation. I seriously think it freaking Him out, because if memory serves me right, that's the first time Master has ever witnessed me having a panic attack. (I used to have them all the time, and anxiety attacks too).


There is a silver lining somewhere, at the point. So I'm just trying REALLY hard to keep my head held high and keep up hope. I've been praying my ass off to God that he'll deliver something good my way. So yeah. I'm about ready to drop dead at this point. Include the little "x's" for eyes and the tongue sticking out. Haha..

I feel relaxation is in order for me this evening.



  1. Yikes to the dog incident--that's crazy, and I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt or anything..>_<

    As for the school and the home stuff, I'm sorry about all that, but the school stuff is almost over, and you'll get to move out eventually. Just stay positive and keep your chin up, and I'm sure things will start turning out okay again in no time. <3

    As for tonight, I'd say take a long, relaxing bath and just chill out. lol, I just got all sorts of new aromatherapy oils--I'd give you a massage if you were here...But, since you're not, just try to relax and take it easy, and know that I'm praying for you, too.

    Happy almost anniversary! ^_^

  2. *blush* a message from Bre? I'm going to have to take up on this offer some time. X3

    Thanks hon. I'm definitely going to do some relaxing this evening. I need it so freaking much. Thanks for being there for me. Love ya.

  3. Love you, too! And, anytime you want a massage, just ask! lol, Panda will tell you, I'm pretty good at it, and I mix my own massage oils and everything...^_^

  4. That sounds awesome. CAN I HAVE A MASSAGE?! lol

  5. lol, sure, next time you're over, if you like ^_^

    Just let me know if you're allergic to anything, so I don't put it in whatever oil I mix for you...that would be bad >_<

  6. To my knowledge, I really don't have any allergies except for the usual pollen, dust, and anything else that will make one sneeze and get all sinus headachey. lol

    So you're good.

    And thanks!! ^.^