Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News and Updates

Things have been boring, kink wise lately, and that really kind of sucks since I enjoy all things kink, but it's given Master and I some time to see an old friend or two, and spend some time with them. I don't know if any of you remember me talking about Hannah, but we are back to being friends again, and the last three days were pretty much spent with her. It was pretty awesome. In fact, it was like we never fought at all. We were back to being our silly selves with one another almost instantly, and this weekend was filled with laughter and such.

Definitely great seeing her again.

Master hasn't really been very dominate lately, so I'm not sure what is going on with that. I've been trying to keep things like that to myself because I don't want to upset Him. Maybe if I'm patient He'll do something on His own.. I don't know. 

I'm a little worried He has forgotten again, mainly because of past experiences and what-not. He doesn't really talk to me about anything concerning His dominance and it is something that we really should address, but I'll just give it some more time. Maybe I'll get lucky and He's been just trying to think of things or something... *sigh*... or perhaps I'm convincing myself. To be honest, I have very little faith because of all the times He's told me He'll try, and He just forgets. I'm really finding it hard to have faith in Him with this... and it upsets me...

I went to the mall on Sunday with Master and Hannah, and Hannah had been telling me all day Saturday that she thought my boobs were a lot larger. I told her there was no way, and that I only wear a 40C in bra size. For some reason, she wasn't convinced. So while we were at the mall, we stopped in at Victoria's Secret to get me sized, and sure enough, she was right. I am a between a 38DD and a 40DD. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?! So that was definitely interesting. She had a smug grin on her face the whole time and all she said at first was "You're welcome." Still makes me laugh a little.

I haven't been able to see Angel or Panda for the last couple of weeks now because of their health issues, so nothing really has been going on in that department. Kind of a bummer really, but shit happens, I suppose... I just hope they get to feeling better soon. I really miss them and wish I could see them more often. Only time will tell.

Hannah is taking courses to become a Dietitian, so she has been helping me lately with learning what things I should and should not eat, found out the right amount of calorie intake I actually need every day, and has helped me with a food course of what I need to eat daily and how much of it. It's pretty darn cool having an up coming Dietitian as a friend. She also has started in on me about being more healthy, so it's cool having a friend who cares enough to get onto me when she thinks I'm slacking. This should be fun.

I've been feeling really submissive lately, but I don't think Master has really taken notice. Then again, I don;t know...

I'm sorry.. my post is all over the place. I keep jumping back and forth between subjects and crap. This is how my thought process is on most days, which is probably why I don't blog a lot. In fact, I have been contemplating getting rid of this blog. Whether or not I would actually start over is another thing. I don't know. Master insists I don't do it, and that is probably the main reason I haven't done it yet. 

Anyways, I'm ending this post. 



  1. Being forgotten sucks.

    Mending fences is good, though.

    Jumping all around is fine. It's your blog, if you feel like jumping topics a bit, go for it. :)

  2. I'm sorry that things still aren't great with you and Evan...I wish I had more advice, or that there was something I could tell you that would make it better...Just know that I'm praying for you guys, and I hope you find a way to work everything out <3

    As for the blog, this is the way I see it: if it makes you happy, keep it up. If it doesn't, don't. Don't think about how often you update, or how much it jumps around, or how many followers you have or comments you get--just ask yourself if it makes you happy, or if it makes you stressed/feels like an obligation/etc. Blogging is a hobby--it's supposed to be fun. If it's not, *that's* when it's a problem...

  3. @Conina: Yeah, I agree. I know it's my blog, but I'm afraid of confusing my readers. XD

    @Bre: I think things are just going to take time, and Master really has a lot on His plate lately. I'm not trying to put myself down, but I think I'm being a little selfish here. Regardless, something will happen. I just have a feeling. Thanks for caring.

    Honestly, I enjoy blogging. Even if no one reads, I feel like certain things are being lifted from me, especially if I post something that is more on the negative side. It's a release for me. Last night was just not a good night.