Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An All Around Shitty Day

I woke up five minutes before my alarm clock this morning, and decided to go ahead and get my morning shower in before I headed off to classes. I could tell from the moment I got up that I had not slept well last night, despite actually sleeping through the night. I shrugged it off though and headed into the shower, where I felt I could pass out in there as well. I ended up being late for my first class, only by a few minutes though, because I was late eating breakfast. My hair didn't want to cooperate with me....

All day today, I've felt extremely sluggish. In hopes I would be awake by the time I'd be going to Angel's house this afternoon, though, I tried keeping my spirits up. Other than being late, things were going just fine. I got two tests back today that were both marked with 100% so that definitely kept me happy. 

During my medical ethics class, though, I received a text from Angel, telling me that we weren't going to be hanging out today. Thankfully, it wasn't because she was sick this time, but it did suck to know that her toilet was messed up, yet again, and that she was going to be at her mom's. 

This didn't necessarily dampen my day, but I was a little bummed out. Trying to get my mind off it though, I ended up bringing out my kindle and reading one of the books I had on it. I was doing fairly well till I received  another text from Master. 

Long story short, if I were to go to work with Him, I was going to be away from Him, so I decided not to go. On my way out of the school, I saw two of my friends walking by. One waved back at me, and the other one seemingly ignored me. At this point, I don't know why, but I just got really frustrated. After getting in the car with Master, I started crying, but this lead my frustration further as He wasn't even trying to comfort me, even after I told Him everything that happened today. 

I ended up just telling Him not to talk to me, and in the process of Him picking me up, getting me some food, taking me to my house to get my house keys, and bringing my back here to His place, I almost made Him late for work. 

Needless to say, I'm just not feeling myself. The bottoms of my pant legs are soaking wet from where I stepped in a puddle, my feet are freezing cause I was wearing flip flops, not knowing today was going to stay cold and rainy. I have a headache. I'm here at Master's house all alone and weird noises are happening and the dogs are gone.

I just hate today. I only hope when Master gets home that we can cuddle and we can watch the new episode of American Horror Story tonight and be okay.

This sucks....


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