Monday, October 3, 2011

Off Beat, but Still Surviving

These last two weeks have been somewhat crazy for me. I'm back in school now from my two week break (which felt more like two months, than anything) so I'm getting back in the swing of going to bed early, and getting up really early in the morning. This new birth control I'm on seems to be doing its job so far, as in my mood swings are actually even lower than before. I haven't been on it a full month yet, so I'll get to that in a couple of weeks when I know 100% for sure how my body is handling it. So far so good, though.

My sex drive had kind of plummeted for a while there, and Master actually had to kind of "work on me" some days just to get me going enough to want to engage in sexual activity. To be honest, there were days where it didn't even work at all, no matter how bad I wanted it to. I'm going to blame that on the switch of birth control, though. It can happen, and I bet that switching was the reason it did happen. However, my libido is rearing its lovely head again, and I'm back to having that "horny teenager" vibe about me again. It's pretty awesome, really.

This weekend, Master's parents were out of the house all weekend because they were camping in their motor home at a near by state park called Beech Fork. Knowing that we'd have the house to ourselves again, we didn't pass up the chance for me to stay the night with Master once more. I slept better this time, knowing that no one was going to come back in the middle of the night, and it was nice being curled up next to Master all night long. The only drawback was that the room was freezing cold all night long, so we had to double up on the blankets, and it gave us even more of a reason to snuggle closer.

Sadly, Sunday morning could not be nearly as enjoyed as I had work that morning. So much for giving Master His morning blow job as I had anticipated. We've had more time to take showers together lately, which is always a nice thing. I know it may sound silly, but I feel we bond a little more each time we shower together and bathe one another and play with each other in the shower. It's always so much fun, and plus a little sex in the shower never hurts!

Recently, Master has been trying to train me to orgasm by saying certain "trigger words" or rather, a trigger phrase. Each time I orgasm, He has been saying the trigger phrase in my ear, in hopes of ingraining that into my mind some day so that all He will have to do is just say the words without even so much as touching me, and I'll cum on the spot for Him. This process is going to take a LOT of time and practice, but I have faith in us. If all else fails, at least we will have fun and we are trying something new and interesting. So excitement is always there.

Today was an interesting one for sure. There is this guy at my school that kind of flirts with me on a daily basis, and for a lack of better terms, annoys the shit out of me. Today was different though. He didn't make passes at me, he didn't even really joke too much with me. In fact, he only said "Hi" to me and that was about it. As I was sitting by the doors of the school waiting on my father to come pick me up this afternoon, he sat down next to me and started to strike up a conversation. As I looked at him, I realized just by watching him move, the way he sat, and the look on his face, that something was up. I knew that he was thinking of moving out of town in two weeks, and I also knew that there are students and teachers alike that do not want him to leave yet. Knowing this, I pretty much hit it on the dot with him.

By merely observing his actions, and remembering a few key points from conversations I over heard him engaging in with other people last week, I looked at him and asked "Something troubling you?" He kind of just nodded his head, but didn't really look at me. "I take it you don't really want to leave here, do you? You seem torn from leaving and staying here." It was at this point that he turned to me and asked "How did you know?" I just smiled and said "I pay attention. That's how."

The look on his face may very well have been that of pure shock. As if he thought he wasn't that easy to read. I didn't really stifle the laugh that came from me, and before I knew it, he was opening up to me and telling me his concerns of the day. 

After seeing that side of someone, I find it really hard to pass judgement upon a person. I think I just need to get to know him. After all, he seems really nice, he's just really flipping flirty. Point is, though, I gave him something to think about, and I hope he took my advice to heart. I know for a fact I got him to smile, so my words weren't all in vain, even if he doesn't follow my example.

The last thing that happened tonight was just that Master and I got to take another shower together. Granted, I sneaked into the shower while He wasn't looking, so when He opened His eyes, there I was, naked in front of him. Needless to say, that little surprise did the trick, and not too long after the shower, Master had me on the living room floor, using me to His hearts content. It was nice. I love when He uses me as His fuck toy, and makes me pleasure Him with my body. 

At any rate, it's getting late, my body is completely exhausted, and I'm about to pass out. 

Till next time.


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